Regret and Redemption

He watched in paralyzing shock as his best friend's body fell to the floo y. Then something inside of him was ripped to shreds. Arashi lifted and aimed his gun at the red-eyed man before him. His green orbs narrowed into slits as his hand trembled to cock the gun and pull the trigger.

The scenery was nothing but blurs as the expensive car hummed a rhythm. Other cars passed by also as blurs, but nonetheless he didn't pay attention to this. His thoughts were attached onto only one thing, and Reborn couldn't help but to send the young boy glances.

"You bastard!" He roared, rage lacing his tone, and the man cackled in sick amusement. "I'll kill you!"

"Then do it!" The man taunted," Do it! Ah, but you can't! Because your best friend trusted me more than you!"

"Shut UP!"

"Arashi," Reborn's voice somehow managed to bring him back to reality," we're here."

Stepping out of the car, Arashi took in the picture before him. It was a two-story house with a cream boards and a red roof. It had a balcony and a cement wall blocking it from outside with teal gates as its only entrance aside from the brown door separating the inside from the out.

"This is Sora's old home," Reborn murmured. "Where I met Dame-Tsuna, and where we'll find the new Undicesimo. This seems so nostalgic."

Arashi closed his eyes to collect his thoughts. He walked with Reborn through the teal gates, and he felt his mental shield begin to crack.

"Oh, Reborn!" An old woman with light brown hair and brown eyes greeted them cheerfully at the door," It's good to see you again! Oh, and who's your friend?"

"This is Gokudera's son, Arashi," Reborn answered, and when she saw the grim look on his face, she frowned.

They took it to the kitchen where Sawada Nana practically broke down into tears. His heart nearly stopped, and you would have seen the surprise on his face if he hadn't prepared himself…

Because she looked so much like Sora.

"Arashi," Sora croaked," protect Amami. And the others and make sure they're safe. Always be by her side when she cries, she's in pain, be there for her like I, her older brother, was supposed to. Become her older brother for me."

Too bad Arashi's voice disappeared on him before he could say that he could never be her older brother because he was irreplaceable.

And he couldn't cry when Sora's sepia eyes shut, his lips curling into a peaceful smile and his body turning cold though the hand that Arashi had been grasping had remained warm.

Maybe… this is my redemption, Arashi thought as he watched her. I will protect her. I will not fail this time. Not when she seems so close yet so far.

Arashi could have sworn he heard Sora's last words, but his sobs drowned them out. A yell of despair tore Arashi's vocal box as footsteps pounded behind him. Hands reached out and ripped him from Sora, and he heard shouts of orders and Scarlet's half-sobs and half-screams.

"Thank you, and take care."