Rotten and Cursed

She was aware of the looks she got, the whispers and gossiping about her, and the bullying attempts she kept secret from her mafia parents.

But that didn't stop her from cutting herself to stop the pain. She would hide them with illusions, and watched and dreamt her older brother walking away, giving up on her.

And that didn't stop her mafia parents from trying to get her help, but Mao denied them and lied that she was fine.

Stop the pain.

Please! Just end it already.

Mao merely pushed them away, waiting for death to claim until she met a certain girl. Then she snapped, her indigo flames whipping out and creating illusions of her darkest fears and secrets.

However, the girl fought through them for her. Her brown hair turning a golden blond, her eyes a gentle orange, a orange flame on her flame, and flame-covered gloves that left scorches on the illusions.

Someone like I don't deserve to be saved.

Just leave me.

"Mao!" Her voice cried, and the flames disappeared as her chocolate brown hair and sepia eyes returned. "I'm here! I'm here for you! Take my hand!"

Mao's purple eyes looked at the welcoming and delicate hand, and the tears came crashing as the hand grasping her own and yanked her into Amami's embrace.

"We'll fight them together. I promise," her voice drifted into her ear, and Mao felt happy to know someone was willing to illuminate the way for her.