Receptive and Envious

Like his father, Takumi was rather popular with the ladies, excellent at sports, and had a couple of failing grades in some courses; but he always had an eye for one certain girl. He always received chocolates from other girls but never from her. He would see her coming to school with one but he never saw her with it afterwards.

He always watched out for her, cheered her on from the dark, and wondered sometimes if he would ever get time to talk to her, get close, and eventually start dating.

But those wonders were shattered when Arashi stepped into the picture.

Everyone knows that a girl and boy fighting is a sign of a growing relationship, and it irked Takumi but he hid his feelings well behind a smile.

They would never know he loves her, they would never know he hates it when she is talking to other guys, they would never know that he wants her and only her, and they would never know that he felt so envious that Arashi had Amami's attention to himself.

"Hahaha! Stupid Amami!"


"Disgusting cootie-covered girl!"

Takumi stopped walking when he heard the insults, and slowly wandered over to them without thinking. He watched, brown ginger-specked orbs trained on a small and petite figure being pushed around and spit on.

"Hey, stop it!" Takumi shouted, watching their reactions.

One of the boys glared at him and removed her backpack from her. He threw the backpack into the tree where it got stuck.

"Take that!" He shouted, and the three of them rushed off, laughing.

The girl crouched down and cried pitifully, causing Takumi to frown and approach her cautiously. He placed a hand on her shoulder, and she moved, looking up at him with watery sepia eyes. Takumi blinked at her, and smiled comfortingly.

"I'll get your backpack for you," Takumi said, and removed his own. Slowly, he began to climb.

"W-we can just go get the teacher." She mumbled, and Takumi grinned at her.

"No, it's okay! I'll get it." He climbed his way to the plain backpack, and grinned when he grabbed it. "Got it!"

His foot shifted a wrong way, causing him to lean backwards and out of the tree. The girl below him let out a cry as he landed on her. Takumi groaned, and she moaned in pain.

The taller boy lurched off of her, and, in a panic, helped her stand.

"A-are you okay?" He asked eyes wide. She smiled at him, inclining her head.

"I'm okay," she said, taking her backpack and thanking him with a bow. "I'm off now!"

When she was almost out of his view, he yelled," I'll repay this debt for stopping my fall!" And she turned around and beamed.

They will never know.