Red Riding Hood

Summary: It was a love that was never meant to be

Characters: Luxembourg (red riding hood), Germany (the wolf), and the Netherlands (grandma! XD)

Pairing: GerLux (OTZ at the time)

Genre: I unno, somewhere between romance, fantasy, and gore-ish

Author comments: this was inspired by a pic, and I'm only the lazy author translating it into pretty writing~ if you don't like it then don't read it~

He was the wolf leaning against the tree. She was the girl in the red hood, carrying the basket of sweets to deliver to her grandma. Somewhere along the way she got lost, and looked around. She saw a tall man with strange ears ahead, and called out his name. His ears twitched at the high pitch of the girl's voice, and he turned his head towards her. The girl got closer to him; her eyes soft grey eyes quickly met with his sky blue ones. Her eyes said that she was lost and needed guidance, so he said…

"And why should I lead you?" with a cold tone.

But the girl smiled with a faint hint of red spreading across her cheeks; "But you seem to know these woods better than I, and I will give you a cupcake after you lead me"

Seeing the girl smile at him, he couldn't help but feel his face heating up, and he muttered "…Fine" under his breath.

The girl's smile widened and she took his hand, their faces both as red as the apples growing on the trees.

Somewhere, in the bushes, red riding hood's grandma was sitting silently with a rifle in her hands, through the sniper scope she aimed with a professional's accuracy, and shot their entwined hands. Maybe that will teach her niece to never play with the animals in the forest.