Oh mother of Merlin! Why am I doing this? Please tell me why?
Well, this is the Marauders hung over from James' stag party. basically no originally here. Just me fucking around. Hope you enjoy!

Disclaimer: I don't own the Marauders or the Hangover. I'd be a rich bitch if I did...

Alice tried to put the finishing touches on Lily's hair. Only if Lily didn't stop fidgeting with her phone.
"Lily Relax. They're big boys."
"The wedding is in five hours!" She growled and tried another number. Damnit. Remus' voice mail. She hung up and tired Peter.
"They're probably on a winning streak. You know how Sirius can get. He's doesn't like his concentration broken when he gambles." The Maid of Honour rolled her eyes.
"But still..."

They both jumped at the vibration of Lily's phone.
"Hello?" She answered.
"Hey Lily... It's Sirius..." Came the voice from the other end. He sounded distressed beyond compare. Sirius never sounded like that. Something was wrong. Lily stood up and stomped her foot.
"Sirius, where the hell are you four? I'm worried sick!"
"Yeah Listen..." Sirius sighed. "Uh... We fucked up... The stag party, The whole night it... Things got out of control and... we lost James..."

"What?" Lily breathed.
"We can't find James."
"What are you saying, Sirius? We're getting married in five hours!"
"Yeah..." Sirius looked back at the car. Both Peter and Remus were covered in dust and blood. The Car was an absolute wreck and so were they. This went all wrong. They just wanted to have a little fun but this... not like this. This was bad.

"That's not gonna happen..."