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Chapter 13

Rachel leant her head against the closed door, thoughts racing through her mind. Glancing nervously down at her skirt she looked towards the lounge as she drew in a deep breath, steeling her shoulders in resolve. She was Rachel Berry after all, why couldn't she be as brave and fearless in the bedroom as she was on the stage? And it was Finn, her kind, trusting boyfriend who never made her feel inadequate, and who had in fact just declared his love and desire for her in the sweetest way possible.

With a small smile she hooked her thumbs beneath her skirt and shimmied a little, biting her lip in nervous excitement as she watched her panties drop to her ankles. Bending carefully to pick them up she pursed her lips blowing out a slow breath before marching purposefully back into the lounge.

"Look Rachel, I'm still not really sure what's going on here," Finn stated leaning forward as she came to stand before where he was seated on the lounge, "but I agree with Santana, we need to talk about this….." his words faltered as she unexpectedly dropped a scrap of lace in his lap, his fingers instinctively reaching for the object as his brow furrowed in confusion. "I don't…."

Rachel watched the play of expressions across his face as after a long moment he realised what exactly it was he held in his hands. Biting her lip to stifle a giggle at the way he stumbled over his words she silently high-fived Santana as her boyfriend's anger turned to something else entirely.

Rubbing his fingers together with the delicate material between them, he stared in wonder before his eyes rose slowly to focus on her short mini before traveling up to meet her own, lingering briefly over her now heaving breasts on the way. Face flushed and eyes questioningly excited, when that small dimple and half smile appeared on his lips Rachel realised that she had never loved him more than she did in that moment.

"Rach, ….I…." he breathed, his words drifting off into nothing as the look between them intensified. Placing a finger against his lips, she leaned down slowly, eventually replacing it with her mouth as she applied a gentle pressure.

In a heartbeat his hands were on her hips dragging her down to his lap before his fingers wound their way to her jaw, caressing determinedly as he pulled her mouth closer to deepen the kiss. The temperature in the room seemed to escalate ten degrees as their lips parted then merged together, tongues hungrily seeking each other as their bodies instinctively did the same. The only sound was that of laboured breathing as every now and then they came apart for much needed air, before diving eagerly back into the fray.

Rachel could feel him, already hard against the outside of her thigh, as she squirmed slightly in his lap. With a firm hand he gripped her hip, pressing her closer, the sensation causing both to moan as she then slowly and deliberately started moving herself against him.

Finn could hardly believe it, the closest he'd even got to grinding on her was a couple of days before in the school hall, and here she was, literally all over him, deliberately rubbing her thigh against his hard on, and pressing her boobs to his chest. His eyes sprung open suddenly as he realised how close he was to a mailman moment, but the sight before him didn't help at all; not only could he see straight down her blouse to the creamy swell of her breasts, but the glimpse of smooth upper thighs and the shadowy promise beyond her brief mini tempted him almost beyond his control. Especially when he caught a glimpse of discarded lace on the sofa beside him…

In an act of self-preservation he moved his hand to her legs, trying to still her, a move that had the opposite effect as she echoed his movements, placing her hand over his and pushing it slightly higher up her thigh. His fingers edged beneath the hem and instinctively his thumb caressed the soft skin in slow circles, their comparative size difference meaning it landed in the dark, warm and tempting space between her upper thighs.

Sucking in a deep breath he tried to focus on what Santana had told him the day before and not get distracted by what lay in his hands….the smooth, hot, soooooo soft skin of his girlfriend's upper thighs…..

But damn if it wasn't hard.

And as she moved her lips to his neck, and murmured in his ear "touch me, Finn", he almost choked on the gold plated invitation. His hand automatically went higher, his palm encompassing a smooth hip as his thumb dipped into the sweet juncture of her thigh, rubbing back and forth over the soft skin. In response she literally squirmed in his lap, her thighs rubbing together, her tongue traversing his collarbone as she applied her lips and sucked hard.

Damn…that's gonna leave a mark….

Mentally shaking himself, Finn worked hard to restrain himself from going against every urge in his hormonally charged teenage body. What he really wanted was to simply hike up that mini, part those sweet thighs and bury himself deep inside over and over, but Santana had practically hammered it into him that he had to take it slow. How the hell was he supposed to manage that when Rachel had gone from zero to completely turned on in less than two minutes?

And yeah, despite what he'd said earlier –Rachel totally rocked the sex vamp thing.

With a deep shuddering breath he recalled Santana's advice….best way to distract yourself from arriving early - focus on her.

Unwittingly the words Puck had uttered following that statement came to mind…

"yeah and don't pansy ass around making your move – think of it like football, hesitate and you get blindsided - game over. Know your play bro and go for it….."

That he could do, he was the quarterback after all.

As smoothly as he could, he shifted their combined bodies, laying her down on the sofa, his own body coming to rest alongside as he brought his lips down to meet hers in a deep, passion filled kiss. Her response was immediate; threading her fingers through his hair, she pulled him closer and sucked slowly on his tongue, her thighs rubbing together in anticipation of something more. Groaning in response, Finn's cock developed a mind of its own, twitching at the encouragement and forcing his hips into a gentle thrusting motion as his leg slipped between hers. A moment later and she was matching his rhythm, undulating her core against his thigh, the damp heat burning through his light khakis and into his already overheated skin.

Their lips parted as both savoured the new sensations, sucking in heavy breaths in an attempt to deal with the overwhelming friction their bodies were creating. Finn cursed inwardly as he inhaled steadily, I mean Puck and Santana's advice was awesome and everything but it didn't really factor in that Rachel could turn him inside out without even trying.

Case in point, they were barely moving now but just the sight of Rachel's body entwined with his own was doing him in; with cheeks flushed and eyes closed her breath came shallow and uneven as she clearly savoured the pressure of his thigh firmly wedged against her. Chest swelling in pride at being the cause of her excitement, his raging desire inexplicably turned to something more tender. Her eyes fluttered briefly as he kissed her gently on the brow, his lips lingering as he felt an unbidden surge of love. As she lay struggling with the sensations coursing through her body, arching into him in a mindless search for satisfaction, he marvelled over the feelings he had created knowing in that moment exactly what he needed to do. All nervousness gone, his fingers deftly undid the buttons on her blouse, slipping inside to tease the warm, pliant skin. Her eyes popped open in surprise but her gaze was hooded, then encouraging when she diverted it to where his hand lay. His firm hand on her breast was new territory but with a deft flick of her fingers she welcomed him, releasing the bra clasp between her breasts (a move he was eternally grateful for given that Santana had had him practising on garments that hooked in the back, a skill he'd barely mastered anyway).

As their eyes met again hers dropped to his lips and he followed her invitation, kissing her deeply, his hand gliding confidently across her ribs, taking her now bare breast in his palm and squeezing lightly. She moaned against his mouth, her tongue languidly moving against his as her body stilled as if waiting for something more. Finn couldn't help but take a moment to savour, her breast smooth as silk as he cupped its fullness in his palm, his thumb rubbing slowly over the nipple, her body arching into his touch in response. Every pass of his thumb seemed to elicit a moan or held breath, and Finn knew he must have been doing something right when she threaded her fingers through his hair, guiding his lips lower until they met the gentle swell near her heart.

Santana had told him to look for the signals, and right now he was getting a huge fucking green light. Ignoring the urge to fist pump his own success, he heeded the urgency in her movements, his hand resting on her ribs as his tongue moved confidently over the sweet, tender flesh. Rasping slowly over her peaked nipple elicited a throaty moan, closing his lips over the tight bud and sucking lightly bringing a response that sent Finn's eyebrows shooting into his hairline.

"Fii…FUUUUUUCK….." she cried out, her voice a mix of pleading torment as she pushed her chest against his mouth and ground her core hard against his thigh.

In all their years together Finn had never heard Rachel swear, even in the middle of a huge diva tantrum she always managed to maintain control of her language, her verbal dexterity bamboozling even the most eloquent opponent. The fact that he had reduced her to this, a quivering, mindless mess, caused his chest to puff with pride. Further encouraged, his mouth closed over the fullness of her breast sucking a little harder as his tongue worked her nipple relentlessly. Increasingly her breath came in short pants, fingers clutching at his back as they fisted his T-shirt into a twisted mess, her nails occasionally digging into the flesh as her hips rocked steadily against him. Sensing the time for exploratory teasing was over he quickly slid his hand between her legs, pressing his fingers firmly against her in an attempt to satiate her growing need. It was hardly enough though and she undulated against him demanding more. Sliding a finger between her moist folds he marvelled at how warm and wet she was, slick with a need and desire that he had created. Closing his eyes to focus on the sensations at his fingertips, he slowly traversed the sweet flesh, familiarising himself with the feel of her body. His lips stilled as he concentrated, his fingers coasting over what was obviously her swollen clit, before continuing on to her entrance, one finger dipping slightly inside. Mentally high-fiving himself for getting all the parts right on the first go, he repeated the action several times, noting the way she pushed against him as his fingers passed her clit before calming as he descended lower, his finger venturing deeper inside with each pass.

His confidence growing by the second, Finn worked his fingers against the swollen bundle of nerves, starting slow, gradually increasing his speed and pressure as he felt her body react, all the while laving his tongue slowly across her nipple. As he listened to the cadence of her breath and the heavy thud of her heart beneath his ear, he closed his eyes and immersed himself in the moment, Santana's words suddenly making sense…

"sex is a sensory experience, one of the few human actions where we rely almost completely on our senses to guide us. How good it is depends on how willing you are to give yourself over to that, to tune your senses to what your partner's body is telling you…"

And at that moment, he was pretty sure Rachel's body was telling him she was close, like really, really close. Her body now moved against his hand in a sweet rhythm, her fingers threaded through his hair held his lips firmly against her breast as her breath came in hard pants punctuated by moans and the occasional muttered curse. All of a sudden her breath faltered and held; slipping two fingers deep inside and curling them slightly, his thumb worked her clit as he gently grasped a nipple between his teeth, tongue teasing the surface before his lips closed over it sucking hard.

For a moment he thought he'd been too forceful because the earth shattering scream she let go just about deafened him, but as he felt a new pulsing sensation around his fingers, her body suddenly limp in his arms, he knew he'd totally just rocked her world.

Almost smirking in satisfaction he eased the pressure, withdrawing his fingersand moving them slowly against her as he pressed gentle kisses across her bare breast easing her down from the intense high, her short breaths eventually evening out as her fingers released their death grip, stroking slowly through his hair. His lips moved tenderly up her neck, light against the flushed skin as his fingers drew her blouse across, buttoning it loosely before resting lightly against her ribs.

"Mmmmmm," she murmured, her eyes hooded and sultry as they met his.

"You OK?" he whispered, his ears still ringing slightly as he smiled down at her, their noses rubbing together. She merely nodded in reply, too stunned to voice her thoughts as she looked at him tenderly. He kissed her temple, his tongue dipping lower to trace the shell of her ear before sucking gently on her lobe.

"I wasn't quite sure," he whispered teasingly as he readjusted their positions so they now lay side by side his hand lightly squeezing her hip, "you know you were swearing like a trucker for a while there…."

Rachel blushed, smacking him lightly on the arm as she buried her head in his shoulder. Lifting her chin he kissed her tenderly but deeply, their tongues now moving languidly together, the previous urgency now gone. His hand roamed to her behind squeezing lightly as he pulled her flush against him, his own arousal still very much evident as it pressed against her belly. She wiggled against him slightly with a saucy smile causing him to growl in response as he pressed hot kisses to her neck, his hand slipping up the back of her skirt to rest on her bare backside...

Which is how her daddy found them a moment later when he burst through the front door in a panic wielding a baseball bat in one hand and a taser in the other, screaming at the top of his lungs...

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