Unrequited Love:

It took what felt like days to get the bullets out of Roy's chest. Riza did not pretend to know much about such complicated medical procedures. Still, she did all she could, operating on pure adrenaline and trying to pretend that the dying man on the table was not Roy Mustang. Riza took orders from the doctor, focusing only on the task at hand. Riza was good at following orders. That was something she had always done and she tried to take comfort in that small familiarity.

With Fuery's help, she was able to create a makeshift blood transfusion for Roy. The Lieutenant Colonel and the First Lieutenant had the same blood type and it was imperative that Roy received some amount of blood before the doctor attempted to remove the bullets. Jean sat on the table beside Roy, his hand clutched in a fist and his arm elevated as high as was marginally comfortable. Riza could tell the man was thankful for a more passive way to help. Most people simply weren't comfortable with sticking their fingers inside their friends.

Unfortunately Riza had no other option. Once the doctor declared that Jean had supplied all the blood he could safely give, he asked Riza to spread the first wound as far open as possible so that he could clearly see the bullet.

She swallowed hard, but obeyed all the same. The flesh was warm beneath her gloved fingers and she desperately prayed that Roy wasn't fevered from his condition. The doctor muttered something about a shattered rib and Riza felt herself start to swoon. She didn't want to imagine crushed bone beneath her fingers. It was much simpler if she thought of the bullet like a splinter; something that couldn't cause lasting damage. She had no clue how the doctor would deal with that, she only hoped that he could.

Riza closed her eyes as the doctor's tools gripped the imbedded bullet and twisted it free. Still, she couldn't block the squish and slurping sounds from her mind. More warmth flowing over her fingers snapped her back to attention and quickly she helped the doctor stitch what could be sewn shut and pack the rest of the wound.

The second bullet came free much easier and seemed to have caused much less damage. The snowy headed surgeon had used all of his bandages on the more serious wound and so he ripped up the remains of Roy's shirt to try to staunch the remaining flow of blood.

When it was finally finished, Riza allowed herself to look at Roy's face. Sweat beaded at his brow, confirming Riza's fears of a fever. Somehow her hand found the handkerchief in her pocket and dabbed gently at the clamy skin. He was so pale. He didn't even look like himself. Riza felt as if she were staring down at a ghost.

Tears rimmed the corners of her eyes and now that the adrenaline had subsided, fell freely and ran down her cheeks. Who could have done this? How could she allow this to happen?

Havoc turned to acknowledge her and placed a steady hand on her shoulder. Now that they had done something for Roy and stitched up his wounds, he felt an unexplainable and inordinate amount of relief.

"You've done all you can. Something should be here any moment to transport him to the hospital."

Riza nodded slowly, trying to calm herself for Fuery's sake. The poor man was openly sobbing and making strange little animal noises as he hiccupped through his tears.

Before she could move to comfort the man, a knock sounded at the door. A soldier Riza vaguely recognized waved a team of paramedics into the room and announced that an ambulance had arrived to transport Roy to the hospital.

The weary band of subordinates trailed closely behind Roy's stretcher, making their way cautiously out of the building and down the slippery stairs. The rain had reduced itself to a fine mist and Riza noticed her umbrella still laying open and abandoned on the street as she sidestepped a puddle. She bent quicly to retrieve it and continued to follow the others.

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