D is for Deal

Logan hadn't been this scared since the first time his dad had beat him. "God that was a long time ago," he thought to himself. Logan was in Keith Mars's office waiting for him to get off the phone with a client. Logan's leg bounced nervously as he tried to avoid Keith's prying glances. After what felt like an eternity Keith finally started wrapping up the conversation.

"Will do, okay good bye." Keith hung up the phone and returned his attention to Logan.

"Sorry about that, now why did you come to see me? You know Veronica doesn't work here anymore right?" Keith joked trying to lighten Logan's mood.

"Yeah actually I was umm I was hoping to ask you something." Logan managed to get out.

"Okay." Keith waited.

Logan stood up and began to pace the room shaking his hands out as he walked, "Well you know Veronica and I have been together for a while now and things have been going really well. I mean we've stayed together with out breaking up in a long time and," Logan sat back down and looked at Keith.

"Sir, I love your daughter more than I've ever loved anything or anyone in my life. I turned my life around because I wanted to prove to her that I was someone more than just a trust fund baby. I started my own company; I have more than enough to provide for her if she ever feels the need to quit her job, which I'm neither pushing her to do nor asking her to. I love your daughter and I would be honored if you would give me your permission to ask your daughter for her hand in marriage."

Keith had known where this conversation was heading the minute Logan had stepped into his office. What he hadn't known was whether he would tease, scare, or be nice to Logan in return. He decided he was being generous today.

"You know that if you hurt her in anyway physically or emotionally I will personally come after you and make sure you can never hurt anyone ever again."

"Of course but I have no intention of ever hurting Veronica. If I ever do hurt Veronica I will give myself up to you so you can dispose of me at your leisure."

Keith stared down Logan for a minute, not breaking eye contact.

"Well I think that's a deal I can live by. You have my permission to ask my for my daughter's hand. But you know just because I said yes doesn't mean Veronica will."

"Oh I am more than aware of that."

"Does she have any idea?"

Logan laughed and rubbed his hand over his face, "Honestly, this is the hardest thing I've ever tried to keep a secret. It's like she knows I'm not telling her something big and she keeps trying to weasel it out of me. So if she calls you in the next ten minutes she definitely knows. If not then I may have a chance of keeping this a secret until I ask her on Saturday."

"Well best of luck. I'll let you know if she knows." Keith stood up and offered his hand to Logan.

"Thanks," Logan got up and shook Keith's hand. As he walked out the door Logan turned back towards Keith, "Just so you know it means a lot to me that you allowed me to keep seeing Veronica even when you couldn't stand me. I know I was a piece of work back then but I appreciate it."

With that Logan turned out of the office and started to plan out the rest of the details for Saturday.


"You are dead to me dude! Dead to me!" Dick yelled from the phone.

"Yeah I know Dick, I know." Logan mumbled.

"Why would you tell Mac before you told me? I'm your best bro, dude."

"Well I needed help picking a ring and you know she is a girl who happens to be Veronica's friend…"

"I have awesome taste in jewelry Logan, you've seen my pimp cup."

"Well that's not exactly what I was looking for."

"What ever dude. You owe me, I better be your man of honor or what ever or else you are dead to me bro!" Dick slammed the phone down.

Logan sighed and put his hand to his face. How was he going to tell Dick that Duncan was actually coming back to the States just for privilege of being the best man.

E is for Emotions

Veronica had never been one to show her emotions easily. She preferred to cry alone in the shower than out in public. She was more likely to puke than cry during a romantic movie. But lately she had been crying at the drop of a hat. If the milk ran out tears streamed down her face, those poor African children commercials, sobs. Don't even get her started on sappy romance movies. She didn't know what was going on. Logan became concerned when he found her in front of the fridge crying over the fact that they didn't have any ice cream. He'd asked what was wrong and Veronica hadn't been able to give him an answer. She turned into his arm and kept crying about the fact that there was no cookie dough in their freezer. Logan patted her back and led her out to the car. She cried softly in the passenger seat hugging her knees, barely noticing that the car had stopped.
"I'll be right back okay?" He squeezed her knee and kissed her on the head before exiting the car.

Veronica continued crying until Logan got back into the car.

"Hey babe, look what I got." Logan held out a large cup of cookie dough ice cream sundae out in front of Veronica.

Veronica sniffed and wiped her eyes on her sleeve. She looked up and smiled when she saw the ice cream.

"Oh Logan! Thank you." She gave him a huge hug and reached for her sundae.

Veronica happily ate while Logan stared at her in silence. When Veronica was licking her bowl Logan cleared his throat.

"Umm is there something we need to talk about?"

Veronica looked up at him puzzled and cocked her head to the side, "No why?"

"Well bumpkin, just now you were crying uncontrollably until we got some ice cream into you. That isn't usually the reaction you get when all the ice cream in the house is gone. Anger and pouting is more your style. And normally I would think you were just having 'woman problems' but this has been a regular occurrence for a few weeks now. So do you need to tell me something?"

Veronica looked at Logan and thought for a few minutes trying to puzzle out exactly what Logan was saying. Logan looked at her face as it went from befuddlement, to comprehension, to shock and awe. Veronica's eyes were wide as she finally figured out Logan's question.

"We may want to stop by a drug store on our way home."

Logan nodded and started the car.

"Just so you know," Logan said as he tousled her hair, "I solved this case before you did."

F is for First

They had been through a lot of firsts together, first car smashing, first drive by shooting, and who could forget their first prison visits. But this first was going to be different. This was their first year anniversary. They had been together for an entire year without breaking up. It had taken them till the end of the senior year but they had finally gotten the hang of it. Logan had wanted to go all out for, in his humble opinion, the most momentous occasion ever. Unfortunately Veronica had nixed all of his celebratory ideas from flying to Paris to having their names written in the sky. She just wasn't a romantic that one but at least she was his.

After hearing all of Logan's ideas Veronica decided that she would have to take the plans into her own hands. She made sure her Dad would be out of town on a very lucrative bail jumper, that may or may not exist, picked up the dinner ingredients, and bought a very sexy lingerie set. She had insisted that they would not exchange gifts because working the night shift at the help desk put you to a slight disadvantage gift giving wise in comparison to one of Forbes's Top 500. She still didn't understand how Mac and Logan's website had managed to become one of the web's top money making websites. Some things were better left not thinking about. She cleared her thoughts and realized that Logan would be over in a few hours. She quickly started making their anniversary meal.

Logan refused to not buy Veronica a gift. It was their first anniversary and if she was going to take all the fun out of it by insisting they have a normal dinner date he was going to insist that she have a present. He had spent a lot of effort thinking about what to get her. Spy gadgets seemed lame. He knew she would make him return a car or plane tickets. He was about to give up and just buy a I Wuv You Bearry Much Bear when he thought of the most genius idea ever.

Veronica had made the dinner, showered, and had actually taken the time to make sure she would knock Logan off his feet. She doubted he would complain about her "lack of romantic sensibilities and feminine wiles" when he saw her tonight. She ran into the bathroom to do a final makeup check when she heard her phone ring. It was Logan.

"Please tell me that you're just calling to say that you're running a little late and called wanting to be a chivalrous gentleman."

"What are you talking about? I am always chivalrous. I brought chivalry back and you know it."

Veronica sighed, "Well?"

"I need you to come downstairs. I'm having some car trouble and would love the man in the relationship to help little ol' me."

Veronica laughed and lowered her voice, "I'm sure I can lend a hand."

"My hero! Now hurry up and get down here it's embarrassing."

She shut her phone and walked down to the apartment's parking lot. She didn't see Logan's Range Rover anywhere. Just as she was about to call him, Logan out his arms in front of her eyes.

"Guess who?"

"Very funny Logan. Where's your car?"

"Oh that, well that was a ploy to get you out of the house."

"And why prey tell did we need to get out of the house?"

"Well Watson since you're asking I have a surprise for you."

"Since when are you Holmes? Did you say surprise?"

"Yup, now walk with me and I'll show it to you."

"Logan… I thought we agreed…."

"Shh aren't you somewhat excited? Don't you want to know what I got you?"

If she was honest with herself she was slightly curious. She did love figuring out surprises.

"Is it a car? Oh or a swimming pool? Hmm a trailer home? Oh Logan you shouldn't have."

Logan chuckled as he lead her to the back of his car.



Logan pulled his hand away from her eyes and placed them on her hips. It took her a second to adjust to the sun but when she did she saw…

"A Pony?"

"Yup!" Logan was grinning like an idiot, "Her name is Sugarpuss, but I mean you can change it if you want."

Veronica looked at the small pony in the trailer attached to Logan's car. He had gotten her a pony. A real live pony.

She turned around and looked at him.

"Logan where am I going to keep a pony? It's not like I can keep her up in my room and hope Dad doesn't find out."

"Veronica, give me some credit. I bought her board and food at a stable near Hearst. She'll have her own pony room and you can go visit her and take lessons on other horses till she is big enough for you. Aren't you excited?"

Dumbfounded was more like it.

"I just wow. I mean I kept asking for one but I never thought I would actually get a pony. I don't know what to say."

"Veronica Mars speechless that alone was worth it."

Veronica went up to the trailer and held her arm out to the tiny pony. It was a chestnut color with a silky black mane and it had a white spot on its forehead that if you squinted looked like a heart. It was the cutest thing in the world.

"Logan. I can't believe you bought me a pony. You should return her to her owner and get your money back."

"Is that really what you want?" Logan asked quietly.

Veronica pet the pony some more and watched as it leaned its nose into her palm. She looked over at Logan's dejected face and back at the pony.
"No I want to keep my pretty pony but only if I can change her name."


Veronica jumped up into Logan's arms and squeezed him with all her might.

"Thank you for getting me a pony! Can we go to her stable before dinner? Please! I'm so excited!"

Logan laughed as they climbed into his car and drove their pony to her new home.