A/N: Major Spoilers for Season 4 ahead.

X is for Xenodocheionology

She knew the story behind every inn, motel, and hotel within a two hour radius of Neptune.

You had a lot of free time to read up on the history of the places you staked out for hours on end.

But it's more than who built this, who runs it, who is cheating inside it. She felt a deep connection with a lot of these building because they told her own history. These places are a part of her. The good, the bad, and the ugly. The low class to the five star. She's been all those things. She's had moments at all of those places.

This is the motel where I kissed Logan for the first time.

This is the inn where Maddy came into our lives.

This is the hotel that I basically lived in Senior year.

This is the inn where Logan and I would go when he came home and needed to escape the world.

This is the motel where we pulled over because we couldn't keep our hands off each other.

This is the hotel where I held him as he cried.

This is the motel where I stayed when I could stay in our home anymore. When I couldn't bear to look at our things and keep waiting by the door wondering when you'd come home.

Y is for Youth

He'd always known their story was epic. She didn't think he quite meant this though when he'd waxed poetic all those years ago.

He was always so clever. Even when they were younger there was no one else who could keep up with her.

She doesn't know what she's going to do now. All those years wasted. She'd put him off for so long. Had run away from him for years. Had pretended he didn't mean anything. Was just a tragic mistake of her youth.

Years spanned. Continents crossed. Blood shed. Lives lost.

But she never thought his. She never thought she'd have to live in a world he wasn't in.

There is no one left to share her history with now. No one she could check her references with anymore,

Dead Lily Kane. Dead Logan Echolls. Gone Duncan Kane.

She was alone in her memories of youth.

Zip code

She couldn't be here anymore. Couldn't stand to stay in this stupid, cussing town for one more second.

She thought it had been bad when Lily died. Or when her mom left. Or when her sex tape leaked. Or when her dad lost the sheriff election yet again.

Or when Logan.


God she hated this town.


"I'm going to move the car," he said smiling to himself as he grabbed the keys, still wearing his wedding suit.

'Married,' he thought opening the door, 'finally married to the woman I love.'

"Logan." Veronica called as he walked out the door.

"Yes wife?" He grinned. He loved the sound of that word coming out of his mouth.

Veronica poked her head out the bathroom door, "I think I need help washing my back," she smiled coyly.

"I suppose I could just eat the cost of the parking ticket," Logan mused, closing the door as he started taking off his jacket.

Veronica beamed at him, curling a finger towards him.

He took off his shirt and wrapped his hands around her body lowering his nose so it brushed against hers.

"I'm the happiest man in the whole world."

"I love you Logan," Veronica whispered against his lips.

She leaned up to kiss him. They didn't notice the bang as the bomb in Veronica's car went off. It was only after their shower when they heard the sirens that they had any idea how close things had come to going all wrong.

A/N: So 8 years... look how time flies. Finished the fourth season and just had to write my feelings out because no one I know is up to date. Well here are my emotions. I don't know if I'll be able to watch another season of this show without Logan in it.