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''Courage is resistance to fear, mastery of fear, not absence of fear.''


In the middle of the night, a scream was kept blocked in the confinements of the Cross-household in one particular room. The smell of blood hidden by the barriers placed by the silver haired hunter.

Stood in the darkened bedroom, a crazed Kiryu Zero.

Lips within his teeth, pulling… drawing blood, hands scratching at his arms and upper torso…

The smell of blood was in the air, a scream of despair, a cry of loneliness as the hunter curled inwards in a foetal like position to keep himself together. A fruitless attempt at something that was driving him out of control… of himself… of his life…

The hunter lay on his bed hunched, crimson eyes opened wide, tears streaming down his face, legs drawn in and dragging his long, elegant, blooded fingers through his silver locks to keep the pain in however only succeeding in spreading the red with only one thought running across his mind…

"Need to be free…

free from this life…

free from this world…"

Moonlight shone brightly against the dull blackness of the night creating a glow. Nearby a dark haired pureblood stood in all his grace, in his bedroom at the moon dorm staring at the skies with an uneasy feeling deep within.

Unknown to him that a nightmare was just starting!


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