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Chapter one - Please

"My life probably started when you burst through that door." He whispered, in her ears, inhaling her fruity scent. It was refreshing, and had a gentle edge to it "Literally." He smiled, staring into her ruby eyes, and stroking her soft cheeks. He held her tight in his arms, their scent mixed. It was a mark that suggests she belonged to him, only him.

He kissed her eyes, and he could feel hot tears forming as he sucked them away in his kiss. He repeated to the other eye. He brushed her fringe to the side as he does, to reveal her goddess-like features. Her sharp and tall nose bridge inched up to a beautiful tip, shimmering in the moonlight while casting a soft shadow on her porcelain cheeks.

She opened her eyes before closing them again. And he kissed her eyelids, as gently as he possibly could, before brushing his lips over her eyelashes, and pulling it up to her brows, kissing them. He believed that if eyes are really the windows to one's soul, she would have the most beautiful soul on earth.

"I love you, Tifa" This time, he had trouble controlling his own tears.


Seven-year old Cloud stood silent, against the cold wall. The wall mirrored him, abandoned, punctured and torn. In fact, it reflected all the other children here. This – is an orphanage after all.

His thoughts often carried him around the world. And he was. Until the main door into the hall budged open and the hinges fell. What a force, he thought. Cloud had little concern to whatever was going on, yet he had to acknowledge that the sudden collapse of the door perked his interest. Only slightly though.

A girl his age – or younger – with dark brown, almost ebony hair contrasting her pale skin and red eyes ran into the room. She was clad in a blue dress, that stretched to her calve and hung loosely from the shoulder straps, perhaps a little too big for her. Though he did not exactly know what made people look good, he had to admit that she did, look quite pleasant in serene blue.

Before he knew it, she came running, towards him, her eyes squeezed into a tight slip, her nose wrinkled. She looked ridiculous, he mused. Perhaps she was not that beautiful after all… Wait, what does beautiful actually mean anyways?

The lights went off at the next thunder clap, and he was thrown off. This was a common scenario, for when it rains, lightning and thunder often sacrificed the orphanage's electrical supply and / or roof in their macabre par de deux. Often, news of people being mauled by monsters ran over by cars and dying in accidents fill the front page. Storm in Nibelheim is nothing like anyone could ever imagine.

However, he was not being thrown off by the storm. It was that new girl.

"Ugh… What the hell…" The force had thrown him off his feet and directly into the wall he had been leaning on. He had to struggle to get his hand free from whatever –whomever- that was crushing him, to rub his head. It's going to swell, he thought.

He waited for a while, trying to ignore the deadweight on him. He thought the hit must have caused him some nervous system breakdown or disorder, that made him tremble unknowingly. But it was not him, that thing atop him is shivering.

"Get off me." He snarled, when that thing on him did not budge.

It felt like he was pinned down for hours when it was only a mere few minutes. Whoever this is, she will get hell from him, he swore. Hell hath no fury like the Cloud scorned.

When she did not even flinch at his yelling, he was forced to peel her off him, but after a few attempts, maybe a gazillion, he gave up wrestling the unmoving load.

He stared. If looks could kill, there would be a mass genocide. Especially those wearing blue.

Her cheeks were flushed red, and her eyes were puffed. She probably cried… Well actually she did cry, considering the wet stains on his shirt. He just hoped that there was no mucus.

She stood in front of the class, the images an hour ago kept replaying in her head. She had clung on to an unknown girl for more than half an hour, during the blackout. The girl probably hates her now, considering the murderous stare. Tifa studied the look on the girl's face; she had pale and shiny blue eyes that seemed to glow in the dark. Her sharp and spiky blonde hair jutted out haphazardly from her head, and an egg-shaped face, completed with a beautiful sharp chin that arched out just slightly, perfectly complimentary to her features.

Tifa tried to smile at her. Perhaps she could make a new friend, just as long as the girl did not hold it against her for clinging on to her the moment she entered the room. Tifa ran into the room after hearing the first thunder clap, and when she entered, she had thought she was safe, thus stopped by the door, before the second thunder roared and all Tifa could remember was that she ran and bumped into someone. Well, that someone that wants nothing but Tifa's severed head. Or so the look conveyed.

If he were to use a metaphor on how angry he was, it would be more than fuming. He would not be on fire, but he would be regurgitating larva. How could she smile to him like nothing happened? She pounced on him and held him stationary for around 30 minutes. Any sane person would not dare to smile at someone he or she abused, so easily.

He shot her a look that he had been proud of. An icy-metallic, hostile look, which would usually drive people away from him. Apparently, anything of normal sense did not make sense to her.

"Silence please, young ladies and gentlemen, we have a new family member." Ms Elmyra announced. Elmyra was their foster mother, teacher, household helper, consultant, doctor and everything an orphanage's headmistress is. " Tifa Lockhart will be joining us here today. Please take care of her"

Elmyra placed her warm big hands on Tifa's shoulders, the same reassuring gesture she made to every other new family member, Cloud thought. He once felt that hand too, rather than assurance and comfort, he felt a warning surging through.

His train of thoughts was broke off by her smile. She had, once again, smiled at him, regardless of their circumstances. Something he cannot stand, and probably never could, he noted. From now on, he just had to stay away from her.

After the introduction, he immediately turned away and walked out the door, planning to skip the lessons for the day, and rest in his bed. He thought about what explanation he could give to Elmyra when she questioned. He would swear that he saw a cat jump off the second floor of the orphanage and thought it has died. He then rushed down to search for the cat but the cat was nowhere to be seen. After which he set out for a short adventure to rescue the injured cat. He knew – for sure, that Elmyra would be more than pleased to hear that. She would praise him for being caring, and would use him as a role model, then turn to the class and tell them to be curious about learning, and yet not lose the golden heart they possess, like him. But of course. Everyone else would have known the truth.

He strolled down the corridor; some of the light bulbs had blown. His footsteps caused ripples in the water puddles accumulated from the rain. The world beyond the bare windows of Nibelheim home appealed to him. Soon, soon, he would be away from this cage, no longer looking out through these peeping holes.

Sometimes he would wonder why his sixth sense is abnormally good, for when a leech crawled towards him, he had immediately caught it.

"Are you a stalker?" He turned around and asked.

"Stalker?" She tilted her head, and opened her eyes wide; her rose colored eyes stared into his cold oceanic eyes. Half of her body was hidden behind a pillar, directly beside the pillar, was the door to the main hall where she was introduced.

"… Whatever." He turned around. Explanation never fascinated him. If it was possible, he would rather not talk in the first place.

"Where are you going?" She asked, from her voice, he knew that she had not stepped away from the pillar. "Take me with you!"

She ran towards him, splattering the puddles of water behind her, wetting the hem of her dress.

He had no idea why it had to be like this, but she was trailing behind him, a conscious meter. At the turn before his room; of which he shared with 3 other boys, he turned to her.

"Go away, ugly." He almost snarled, but it was not like him to be irritated so easily. He glared at her, knowing that if he kept this up, he would scare her away.

"I know I'm not as pretty as you, but… I feel a certain connection to you… You're like… a really pretty big sister that I never had…" She trailed off.



In his head, he could see stars and planets all spinning off the cosmos. What the hell did she just say? SISTER?

After a few minutes of silence and her hopeful glances, he finally felt that something within him snapped, almost audible.

"Im. A. Male." He emphasized every syllable in his sentence, the distances between closed, and he was looking directly into her eyes, their noses almost hitting. "Now, Fuck. Off."

He could see her pupil widen and her eyes darken into a shimmering red of night. Just a little more, he thought as he slammed his fist into the wall beside them, the impact created a loud thud and he could see her jump a little. "Why? You wanna check?" He tucked at the waistband of his trousers, and looked deeply into her eyes. Tears were forming and they too, glimmered like gems.
She did not need a second cue as she vanished back to the hall, her feet wobbled slightly from the scare, but she did not fall.

While he was lying on his bed, taking a nap, a distant memory haunted him. The words she used, "Take me with you!" triggered a dormant part of him. Somewhere within his heart, there was a locked chest. Family ties, seem to haunt every one of them in the orphanage. They all had a certain connection indeed.

Wretched connections, making them seek familial ties and comfort in each other. He will not. He was fine by himself, let time pass and he will continue to be stronger. He had to. At least, he will not accept these wound-licking animal ties.

Yet the smile of the new girl was imprinted in his mind. How could someone be sobbing and trembling just a moment ago, when the storm raped the land of Nibelheim, and yet smile, so sincerely to a whole house of strangers. It was as though she had locked her pain away, and drowned it.

Either she was an optimistic fool, or a psychotic lunatic.

He was never curious, but he had thought of her for longer than necessary. Nevertheless a natural thing, if you thought about how she had pounced on him.

He woke up by dinner time. The lights around the orphanage flickered every few minutes, but the puddles of water had dried up, just leaving a damp grey stain on the floor, with some muddy footprints.

The dining table was a simple wooden round surface, just barely above ground, perfect for the young children. Though Cloud sometimes felt humiliated for being treated his age, he would continue to sit where he should, with four other children, now five. Rude, Rufus, Zack, Aerith and the new Ti… Ti-something. The new girl, that is.

He noticed that the new girl had become quite popular among the children. Rude was totally infatuated with her, Cloud noted. Rude would steal glances at the leech and blush. The repetition of his actions was enough to fascinate Cloud. Rude had always been quiet, it was so unnatural of him to be crushing on some new girl. Zack and Aerith were busy with the new girl too, Aerith helping her with some of the dishes, whispering secrets in her ear. Probably something about Elmyra's cooking.

Rufus, on the other hand, remained silent, though it was obvious that he was blushing, he dare not approach the new girl.

Zack was the first to notice that Cloud had been observing. Though some occasion he does, but that does not mean he always do. Perhaps Cloud had a little interest in the new girl; zack decided to investigate.

"Beautiful girl, eh? Our two Rs are totally into her."

"Not interested." Cloud spat.

"Wow, you almost sound jealous."

"…" Cloud sighed. "Please."

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