Christian groaned as the shrill sound of the phone rang in the distance. Cracking one eye open in the darkness he groaned as it continued to rang in the distance. Rolling over, he went to cuddle Lissa only to get nudged in the stomach by her elbow then ordered to go answer the phone.

Grumbling about women and phones, he slowly padded to the kitchen where the phone was connected to the wall. Roughly picking it up, Christian let out a sleepy 'hello'.

"Oh, it's you. Good. Christian I need your help."

It took a while for him to register the voice and when he did, he cursed the man. Dimitri Belikov knew better than to call him this early in the morning. God, he thought as he looked out the nearest window, the sun was still shining.

"What?" he mumbled onto the phone as he leaned against the cool wall. Please, don't make this long!

"How do you make breakfast in bed?"

Christian hung up.

Dimitri looked at the phone in confusion as the sudden dial tone answered his question.

Great he thought, running his hand through his hair. He was planning on asking Christian how to make breakfast in bed today since it was Rose's birthday today. Even if he knew how to make black bread, he could safely say that his culinary skills are limited to baking black, bread, making a decent cup of coffee and anything that has the word 'instant' in front of it.

Sighing, he carefully placed the phone back onto its hook and tip-toed to the kitchen and surveyed the room.

When he bought this house with Rose, he never really paid attention to the kitchen other than the fact that it had a working oven. Now, looking at it in a different light, he could almost say it looked cheery. The light blue cupboard in the kitchen had a white trimming running along them, reflecting the sunlight that came streaming through the window that was in front of the sink. The window showed them the view of the small garden they had outside. Even though none of them really cared for the garden, a wild rose grew among the long grass. Dimitri always joked that the house was calling out for her and was planning to take her away. That earned him a slap on the arm and a whole making out session to get back in her good graces.

Sighing at the thought, he turned back to the living room and sat down on the couch with a plop. What was he going to do now? The only person he knew who can cook anything decent and up to restaurant standards was Christian and the boy hanged up on him!

Okay, okay, calm down Dimitri. You can work this out. If you can plan a full on attack in a cave filled with Strigoi, you surely can make breakfast in bed. Okay so what do you do when you plan an attack? You gather information by researching. What's the best way to search things? Through people, books and the INTERNET!

No longer was the though in his mind, Dimitri rushed of towards the laptop that sat in their bedroom and boot it up. Glancing back at Rose, he saw that she was still asleep. The image of her sleeping somehow softened his heart. It always has. She looked so peaceful and cute when she was asleep like the little kitten pretending to be a tiger fell took a nap. Though, Dimitri thought wryly, that is the opposite in this case for Rose. It was the tiger pretending to be a kitten, but he guess he loves her both ways.

Turning back to the laptop so that he didn't face the temptation of jumping back into bed with Rose, he watch as the laptop loaded windows then sneaked out the bedroom with the laptop in hand. Opening the Internet, he quickly typed in How to make breakfast in bed?

A million of links popped up which left him a bit clueless. Clicking on a link that looked trustworthy he watched as it loaded.

Okay, so it says here: The Surprise is the thing. If you share a bed with the person you're cooking for, you should have an excuse ready. Good. I got that down pat.

Next. Show the love: If you're making something with love, let it show. Heart-shaped cookie cutters are just the thing to make romantic pancakes. Okay. I can do that. Uh how do I make pancakes?

Panic began to rise up his throat when he saw a bar on the side with a title: 15 Breakfast In Bed Recipe Ideas.

Phew he thought in relief. Good God, this website had everything.

After a few moments of scrolling through recipes and finding ingredients in the kitchen, Dimitri set off to make the western omelette with his special coffee and toast with strawberry jam.

Grabbing some stuff he never knew existed in their kitchen; he placed them in the island in the middle and began to read the recipe to himself.

"Three large eggs," he muttered as he cracked them into the large glass bowl. Cracking eggs were an easy task for him since he had been cracking eggs to make black bread. Speaking of black bread…

Grabbing a piece from the bread box, he placed a corner and began to munch on it as he cracked the rest of the eggs.

He continued to munch on the bread until he finally combined everything and heated up the pan. Placing the butter into the pan, he watched in fascination as he melted into a pool.

Looking back to his recipe panic rosed up to his throat this time.

Cook the same as you would any omelette.

What does that mean?

This was the first time he ever made an omelette! There wasn't 'any' other omelette he made.

Scrambling quietly across the house after turning the stove off, he grabbed the phone and dialled Christian again.

Christian once again woke up to the annoying sound of the telephone. Was it too much to ask for people to call at waking hours?

Grumbling and mumbling a few cusses under his breath he picked it up and barked 'Hello!' into the receiver.

"Good Christian –" This lead him to groan out in frustration.

"Do you know what time it is?" He practically blew into the phone.

"Yes, in fact it is –"

"That was a rhetorical question."


Sighing, Christian gave a small mental wave to getting any sleep again after this. He might as well go make a cup of coffee and brush his teeth. Picking up the cordless phone, he made his way to the kitchen with it pressed to his ear.

"What do you want Dimitri?"

"Well, you see today is Rose's birthday and –"

"Shit, I didn't get her anything. Do you think she'll accept a 50 in cash instead?"

He was obviously ignored since Dimitri continued on as if he wasn't interrupt.

"Well, it's her birthday and I was thinking about making her an omelette so I was reading the recipe and I'm up to the cooking part and I –"

"Good God man, don't tell me you cake make and omelette!"

Dimitri on the other side of the phone call and who was whispering furiously into the phone heard the boy's laugh on the other side.

Scowling, he said, "It's not that funny Christian. I, a person who is trained to fight and kill things, was not able to fit in 'culinary science' in filled my overflowing schedule of saving your asses, to learn how to flip an omelette."

"Ha. Ha. But surely, you know how to – at the very least – make scramble eggs."

Christian's answer was filled with a brief silence.

"Just tell me how to cook an omelette."

Letting out another sigh as he took a sip of his coffee, Christian ran a hand through his hair. This is going to be a longmorning.

Nine eggs, 3 tablespoons of butter, onions, ham and green pepper later, Dimitri slump against the kitchen counter in defeat. Looking over at the miserable pile of failed omelettes, he cringed. The first one, he didn't understand what Christian was saying so that one got burnt. The second one somehow turned into a scramble and the third one… well, if you eat it, Dimitri was sure that the toilet would be your best friend for the next few hours if not a few weeks.

"I caught cook," he mumbled into the phone.

"That I gathered," Christian replied with a long sigh.

"Okay," he said as he straightened up. It was Rose's birthday and he wants her birthday to be perfect. "I only have enough eggs for one last try. Wish me luck."

"D-man, not enough luck in the world will save you, but I wish you luck. Do me proud grasshopper!"

Dimitri raised his eyebrow at this, which Christian must have known because he said, "What? I always wanted to say that!"

Shaking his head a bit, he put the phone down, clicked on loud speaker, lowered the volume and began the process again.

He mixed up the ingredients that he is now used too that he didn't need to measure. Turning on the stove once again, he glared at the frying pan.

You will work for me!

Pouring the mix in he waited for it to cook. Watch as one side began to grow firm, then tilt it sideways so that all the wet batter went on the other side. Yes! He got that part right. Now was the hard part.

If the base wasn't form then this is where it turns from omelette to scramble eggs!

Praying to whatever kitchen god or goddess up there, he folded it in half.

Then it was done.

He did it.

I'm so happy.

Dimitri felt something prick at the back of his throat and was it tears he felt coming out of his eyes. Wiping it away quickly, he flipped the omelette then whispered into the phone, "I did it!"


Dimitri could hear Christian singing 'We are the Champion' then shutting up when he heard Lissa screaming in the background to shut up. "Sorry honey!"

Letting out a quiet chuckle himself, he turned the stove off and slid the perfect omelette onto a plate, then placing onto the tray he set up when waiting for Christian to pick up.

Looking back at the clock, he saw that he had thirty minutes to get this thing down and that wiped the smile of his face.

Quickly saying a goodbye to Christian and promising him that yes, he will take a photo of it to keep as memory, he got straight to work. His special coffee was easily done due to practice and the toasts and jam was just an easy pop in the toast and grab from the fridge.

Once he got it all done and onto the tray, he noticed that it looked a bit… boring. It didn't look romantic and it wasn't definitely showing 'showing the love' as the website said. Looking around frantically, he looked for something that might make it look romantic.

Maybe he could cut the toast into love hearts?

No, not enough practice and his knife skills are limited to stabbing only.

Fold the napkin into one of those flower things in those fancy restaurants?

No, still not enough practice.

Then the answer came.

It was right in front of him all along.

A reddish and pinkish wild rose, stood blooming in the middle of the yard filled with long grass and weeds that he had promised Rose that he would start mowing, looked as if it knew it was the answer and it indeed looked like and angel had guided him to it because there was even a splash of sunshine directly at it.

Running out of the kitchen through the back door, he glanced at his watch. He had approximately eight minutes to get this rose inside, find a vase then fill it up with water and get it into the bedroom for Rose.

Wading through the thick bushland like yard, he finally reached the rose but the hard part was picking it. It seemed like the bloom didn't want to end its beautiful existence yet since he was yanking at its stem like a tug-of-war game.

God damn it!

And, funnily, that was how Rose found her love: yanking at the poor plant with all his strength in the yard, still in his pyjamas and dishevelled hair grunting like he was pulling a tonne of brick behind him.

Sighing at him at how innocent he seemed sometimes, Rose grabbed a pair of scissors and went out to help her husband.

Dimitri continued to yank at the damn flower.

"Why won't you move?" he asked the plant as he glared at it, panting and bent to his knees.

He was so disturbed by the plant that he didn't notice that Rose had walked up silently behind him, until he saw her walk up and cut the stem then handed him the rose.

He stared at her then curse silently. Damn she's awake.

"What are you doing this early up?" She asked him, raising an eyebrow and waving the scissors around.

"Happy Birthday?" he tried as he smiled then handed her the rose.

"Aw, you got up early to have a fight with the plant for me? You shouldn't have!" laughter filling her voice as she took the rose and smelled it.

"Well, actually got up early to try and make breakfast in bed for you," he pointed at the rose. "That was supposed to go on as decoration. I'm sorry I didn't get to feed you in bed."

Rose's smile softened as he said those words and wordlessly hugged him, her head resting under his chin.

"I love you, my silly little Dimitri."

"I'm not silly," he joked, feigning anger.

"No, you're the silliest!"

He let out a mock sigh. "Good, I don't want to be silly. Silly is too bland. I have to the best in!"

Giggling at him, she whack lightly at his chest.

They stood there in the yard for a while, deep in thought and still in their pyjamas when Rose suddenly said, "Come on, let's go eat that lovely breakfast of yours. We don't want it to go cold now do we?"

Nodding, he followed her into the house like a lost puppy.

Even though the world viewed him as a hard-ass, I-don't-take-orders type of guy, he would follow to the ends of the Earth with her. After all, Dimitri Belikov was deeply, madly, uncontrollably in love with Rose Hathaway and he wouldn't have it any other way.

"If you walk in faster, we can share the shower."

He was in the house it a flash.

AN: HAPPY NEW YEAR PEOPLES! 2012 is going to be a blast. The website that Dimitri used was mrbreakfast . com. So if you want to make the omelette it's right there. The recipe does explain how to fry it underneath the "Cook it as any omelette". Dimitri just didn't read it because he was still sleepy.

Best Wishes for the new year,