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Sorry that it's been so long but I just have not had enough time to write. I recently finished one of my stories so I decided to start focusing on this one and so on. Hopefully they will all soon be done. Vote for the next one on my poll if you want. Anyway, on to the story

Disclaimer: As much as I would love to own Harry Potter, I don't so in all, I don't own.

Harry POV

Ever since Cedric and I have decided to work together, Hermione and Ron have been acting upset with me, and I'm sick of it. This tournament is a lot more stressful for me then for them.

I mean just the other day I found out I'm supposed to take someone to the ball. I mean really? I cant even dance! Thankfully, Cedric has agreed to teach me.

However, before he can teach me I need to find a date. I see Cho, take a deep breathe, and then quickly run up to her and ask her.

Two Hours Later:

Cedric walks into our meeting room laughing. "I can't believe you asked Cho!"

"You could have told me you were bringing her."

"That would not be as entertaining as this."

"Oh sod off."

"Come on, Ill help you find a date, and then Ill teach you how to dance."


"Harry. . . "


"And, Ill let you dance with Cho once"


"Fine, and I wont make fun of you anymore."

"ok, lets find me a date."

And off we went, with Cedric muttering something about moody teenage Gryffindors.

Ok so what do you guys think so far? Do you want me to continue on this story? I was thinking of having all of the champions come together, but idk. Tell me what you think and want.

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