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(A/N): I base my descriptions on the Super Smash Bros. Brawl models. Another thing: This is not a ZeLink or a yaoi. To be honest, I don't think there will be much of a romance theme besides a strong friendship thing. However, that could change later. I dunno. But for the fans that are into ZeLink and yaoi, I hope you can still enjoy this as much as any!


(*) -time lapse or change of PoV

Italics -sound or thoughts.

Bold underline -Author notes

Rating: I guess rated T for some violence (it is a fighting game), not much else.

Legend of Zelda: The Shadow Scythe (Prologue)

A carriage with two horses in front of it trekked through the large fields of Hyrule. There was only one problem with it:

The carriage was on fire.

A merchant tried to blow out the flames at the back that started to erode the canvas away. It didn't help that the carriage was moving, but he had no choice. He was being attacked by Red Bubbles, the flying skulls with an aura of fire around them.

He cried out when a Red Bubble flew above his head and retreated back once again.

Another swooped in to attack!


The skull was filled with needles and dissolved into ash. The merchant looked around nervously, trying to judge what had happened.

A figure hopped off the top of the carriage and whipped their hand around horizontally. Each of the skulls soon fell to the ground and shattered into dark ash.

Surprised, the merchant turned to look at the figure with interest.

This man had long blonde hair tied in a braid behind him and a hood and cowl covered his face. Only his thick blonde bangs and a ruby eye could be seen of his face. He also wore a blue jumpsuit, black boots, and a glimpse of a chest binding underneath.

This man was one of the survivors of the Sheikah.

He turned his back to the merchant, completely ignoring him, and looked up at the sky. Then he put his hand on his hip and murmured one thing:

"So the Shadow has appeared once again. May the Eye watch over us all…"

Before the man could thank him for the rescue, the Sheikah was gone.


"What do you mean there are monsters roaming Hyrule?"

Zelda was brought out of her daydreams and looked up from her seat in the throne room to look at her father, the King of Hyrule. She then looked over at the knight in question.

"There have been reports of monster sightings reported in Lost Woods, Your Highness. We're not sure why because it's not been long since Ganon has last been sealed. We're afraid that…"

"…Ganon may have broken his seal early. That is one of the only explanations," the King finished for him. He got up and paced back and forth in front of the throne with his hands folded behind his back. "I want our guards to man the gates once again, and to guard the drawbridge at night. If in case Ganon has risen once again to cause havoc, I want Hyrule to be ready and aware."

"Yes sir," the knight said. He got up and headed back the way he had come.

Zelda and the King were alone now.

"This can't be happening yet… Not now…" the King muttered crossly.

"Father," Zelda got up from her seat and walked over to him, "Ganon's seal has not been disturbed. I can sense it."

Her father stopped pacing and looked over at the princess, his gaze softer. "I trust your judgment, my daughter. But something is out there and we must prepare for it."

"Something else lurks, something we have missed before."

He nodded in agreement. "You may go now…" He turned his back to the princess.

"If you wish."

She smiled at him and headed to her own quarters. Then her face hardened in worry.

If it is not Ganondorf, then who else could it be?