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The G.L.E.E.K.S.

As William Schuester walked down the hall, he could not help but feel a sense of pride. He had finally done it. He had created his G.L.E.E.K.S. Granted the name was not his first pick, but then again he was not in charge of that decision. But it had all happened so fast, it was a shock it all came together so quickly. As he turned another corner, he began to remember walking down the same corridor one year ago today, with the same excitement he had been feeling at the present time.

Mr. Schuester entered the choir room, placing the sheets in his hands on the piano situated in the center of the room. As always, Rachel was the first to approach him. In her hands she held a pink folder decorated with gold stars that was exploding with sheet music.

"Mister Schuester, I have some simply gold star worthy material I would like to run by you as we approach sectionals."

"That's great Rachel,but first I want to take a couple of minutes to-"

"I knew you would approve. Now some of the songs I have in here might seem a bit drawn out but once you hear me sing them, you will not be disappointed."

"Okay Rachel, can you just sit back dow-"

"I was thinking for "My Heart Will Go On" by the wonderful Celine Dion, we could build a small replica of the Titanic and have Finn and I stand at the front of it as a tribute to both Leo and Kate while the rest of the club surrou-"

"RACHEL! Will you please return to your seat, I have some important news to give to the club."

"Rachel slammed her folder shut, and returned to her seat with a sour look on her face.

"Okay guys listen up" Mr. Schue began as he looked over his 13 students, all of which were sitting there either listening to what he had to say or not paying attention and were more interested with their cell or ipod (except Brittany who was busy wrapping sticky tape around her diary so her cat would stop reading it). "Today I need to talk to you about some extremely important stuff. Stuff that may be life changing."

At that moment, those who weren't paying attention looked up to see the serious look now plastered onto Mr. Schue's face.

"Okay, are you being serious about life changing" Rachel piped up. "Or are we just wasting time which could be dedicated to rehearsing song's which feature me heavily?"

"Cram it Hobbit and let him speak" said Santana. Rachel retreated back into her chair with a depressing look on her face.

"Um, anyway, as I was saying" said Will " Important news. Lets see how do I put this." He began to pace back and forth as the club continued to watch him with directed attention. After a minute of silence, he spoke again. "You guys your all gifted."

"Ah, Mister Schue, some of us don't need to be told" stated Mercedes as both her and Kurt gave each other a 'well, duh!' look.

"No, I know your all gifted performers. But...but your all gifted in a very special way"

"Is he calling us stupid?" Asked Brittany as tears began to form in her eyes.

"Of course he isn't Britt" said Artie reassuringly as he rubbed the blonde's arm for comfort. He knew how upset she got when this particular subject came up. "Are you Mr. Schue?"

"What!...No, no Brittany you misunderstood me. When I say you guys are gifted, I mean you guys hold gifts that are extremely powerful. Gifts that almost anyone would love to have for themselves. Gifts that far surpass your singing talent."

"HA!" At that point Rachel had jumped up from her her chair and had a very skeptical look on her face. "I'm sorry to interrupt again Mister Schue but any 'gift' that is supposedly better then my singing voice seems very hard to believe. Am I right?" She said turning to the rest of her peers surrounding her, all of whom stared with a shared blank faces and did not say a word.

"Well, this is sufficiently awkward" whispered Kurt as Rachel sat back down in her chair, this time on the verge of tears.

"Well believe what you want Rachel but what I'm saying is the complete truth" said Mr. Schuester

"And that truth would be?" Asked Quinn, who had previously been leaning into Sam's arms but was now on the edge of her seat as was the entire New Directions

"The truth" said Mr. Schuester as he gazed at all the faces that were desperate for an answer. "The truth guys...are Superheroes."

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