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"... are Superheroes."

There was complete silence in the choir room. The club stared at their teacher, all of them trying to piece together what he had just said.

"I'm sorry, but did are we...can you please...what?" Finn stuttered, confusion muddling his mind as he tried his best to comprehend what Mr. Schue had just announced.

"Your Superheroes."

"No, we heard that, I just did we...what?"

"What I think Finn is trying to say" said Rachel as she held her boyfriends hand as a sign of comfort "is why are you wasting our rehearsal time with this nonsense."

"I gotta second Rachel's point, Mister Schue" Puck interjected. "You can't expect us to believe what you are actually saying do you?"

"Actually Puck, I do" said Mr. Schue as he walked from the whiteboard with a chair in his hand and placed it down backwards to sit and face his pupils. "Why is it so hard for you guys to believe that you could have powers."

"Because Superheroes do not exist, except in the pages of our old comic books we had as kids." said Quinn, crossing her legs and becoming less and less interested in this 'life changing news.'

"But those Supers do exist!" exclaimed Mr. Schue. He was met with laughter at this point by the club.

"Hold up" said Lauren, holding a hand in the air and rising from her seat so everyone could hear what she had to say, laughter being mixed in with her words. "Are you telling us that Wonder Woman and Superman are actually out their fighting crime, defending the universe against the forces of evil and all that crap."

"Well not anymore" said Mr. Schue "They retired years and years ago, before all of you were born. That is why you guys don't know about them. Now it's time for the Glee Club to take their place."

"So what, become the new Justice League?" Asked Sam, leaning forward, who seemed to be the only one at this point who was starting to take Mr. Schue seriously.

"Exactly! Why do you think you guys are in Glee Club?" Asked Mr. Schue, opening his arms, waiting for a response.

"Because we like to sing?" Answered Tina with a confused look spreading across her face.

"Well, yes there's that." Mr. Schue began, rising from his seat and moving towards the white board, extracting a marker from his pocket, ready to explain his news. "But all of you have to admit, that in normal circumstances some of you would not have joined Glee Club. You were either forced into it, blackmailed, recruited or auditioned voluntarily.

The kids all nodded in agreement.

"So" Mr. Schue continued, who had begun writing different clique names around the edge of the board. "When kids from Cheerios and the Football team joined the club, the rest of the school did not react to this social rift well."

"Well I wouldn't really describe a slushie facial every morning as a welcome to McKinley present" Kurt stated.

"Exactly, which is why- Wait, every morning?" Asked Mr. Schue

"It became a sought of ritual for the jocks who surround my locker at the beginning of each day" Kurt informed, sitting in his seat trying to emit as much pride as he could muster. "It's okay" Kurt said as Mercedes rubbed his back. "I can take knowledge in the fact that they one day will all be working in a gas station."

"Anyway, moving on" Mr. Schue continued "So, the school did not react well, but we still managed to succeed in sectionals, making it to regionals."

"And loosing" Mike said with a glum look on his face

"But despite that we still soldiered on. We did not let it get us down." Mr. Schue reminded, trying to keep the conversation from turning downhill. "Proving that we are capable of overcoming those who work against us. I would say that is Superhero material."

"Even if it is Superhero material, that does not just make us Superheroes." said Quinn, who was now getting pretty fed up with this ridiculous conversation.

"Of course it does Q"

The entire club and Mr. Schue turned towards the door to see the source of the voice. There stood Sue Sylvester, leaning against the door with an energy drink grasped firmly in her hand.

"Hello William. Well I see you are making no progress whatsoever with delivering this news. You are failing, as I knew you would." said Sue, walking towards the group with a superior look on her face. "So now, you are going to step aside and let me finish this little chat." She took one last gulp of her energy drink before lifting the piano lid and chucking the empty can inside.

"So here does not think that they have powers." Asked Sue, as Will retreated to dispose properly of the empty energy drink in the bin. All of the kids raised their hands at once. Sue turned towards Quinn, Santana and Brittany. "I am orgasmically shocked at you three. You wouldn't have made it onto the Cheerios if I didn't know that you held special powers."

Quinn, Santana and Brittany all looked at each other, all sharing a look of confusion.

"Wait" said Tina who was even more confused then she was a few minutes ago. "If they made Cheerios because they had powers, how come Rachel, Lauren, Mercedes or myself have not made the squad?"

"Because my small asian friend" answered Sue, showing no change in emotion in her voice. "They hold something known as good looks."

"SUE!" Will shouted as he saw the saddened looks shared by the four girls.

"What William? I speak the truth. And the truth from Sue Sylvester is not a pleasant feeling. Surely you would know that." said Sue who continued to stand as if she was still holding a normal conversation. "As I was saying" Sue continued as she turned back to the three former cheerleaders. "Your powers are what helped you get into Cheerios. It's why I always featured you guys heavily in my outstanding Cheerio routines. It's the reason why you three were selected to originally spy on the Glee Club."

"But we ended up quitting the Cheerios" Quinn reminded as she tried to come up with any type of rebuttal to what her former cheerleading coach was saying. "That surely must have had some impact on our title as 'Superheroes."

"That you are right Q" Sue admitted, giving Quinn a superior look that was soon wiped of her face by what Sue said next. "It proved that you are capable of resisting the powers of evil. Evil being me."

"No complaints about that title from me" said Artie under his breath which was met by silent laughter from the club and a little smirk from Mr. Schue's mouth. Sue remained unaffected by the comment, and turned her attention to the rest of club. "I don't understand you kids. You have been offered a gift beyond a dream and you are all refusing to accept it ."

"She's right" interjected Will, rising from his position on the piano stool and picking up the papers from the piano he had been holding earlier. "The sooner you guys accept your gifts, the sooner we can get on with it."

The club remained in their seats, all of them looking at each other. Some were still unsure about it, some were holing looks of disbelief. Then someone rose from their seat.

"I'm ready" said Sam, who walked down to the two teachers standing at the front.

"Ah, lady lips, great" said Sue patting Sam on the back as he stood between the two adults. Sam turned towards Coach Sylvester with a bemused look on his face. Again, Sue seemed unaffected by her comment.

"Please don't let that be my Superhero name" Sam said turning towards Mr. Schue who nodded in agreement.

"Sam, what are you doing sit down right now" said Quinn, pure embarrassment readable in her tone of voice.

"Quinn, what have I got to lose" Sam answered, looking towards his girlfriend, who had her head resting in her hands to cover her mortified face.

"I think your self respect might be on the line."

"Hey" said Sam, clearly unaffected by his girlfriends reaction. "If it happens it happens, if it doesn't, it doesn't. What's the harm in trying?"

"You may suffer loss of limb and serious brain damage" answered Sue who continued to gaze out towards the remaining 12 members still seated even more firmly in her seat after he response to Sam's question.


"Sam she is kidding" said Will reassuringly, grabbing Sam by the shoulder before he even had the opportunity to return to his seat. "I wish she wouldn't, but she does."

"Can we get this show on the road Butt Chin?" Asked Sue, as a clear wave of annoyance was starting to come over the Cheerios coach. "The longer I'm in this room, the greater need I feel to break out with some jazz hands, an action I would rather replace with by gouging out my eyes.

"Okay, okay" said Mr. Schue. "Sam I want you to write your full name on this audition sheet." Mr. Schuester handed Sam a piece of paper with ruled lines and a feather pen which Coach Sylvester handed to him from the inside of her tracksuit.

"You want me to write my name? Why?" Asked Sam in a bewildered tone.

"Because Trouty Mouth, it will reveal you power" said Sue, thinking the answer was obvious.

"Alright then" Sam responded, even more confused then ever. He grasped the quill tightly in his hand and wrote 'Sam Evans' on the top line of the sheet. At first nothing happened. Then suddenly, in a blinding bright white light, Sam was lifted into the air. He dropped the quill and the sheet holding his name, both of which were caught by both Mr. Schue and Sue. Sam's eyes remained closed as his body emitted golden rays and wind had suddenly picked up and was circling him (which was odd seeing as all the windows were closed). The rest of the class backed away in surprise. Some of the girls screamed, most of the boys all gasped "whoa" and Kurt fainted from shock as they watched their blonde friend levitate in the air like the sun. The two teachers remained in the spots unaffected by the light or wind. They continued to stare at the revolving pupil in the air.

Sue looked over to Will and they both shared the same look.

"It has begun."

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