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Lauren, Puck and Artie had stopped there running. Dustin and Shelby were standing in front of them with their arms folded and an evil glare plastered on their face. At their feet lay Coach Sylvester. Her eyes were shut tight and breathing was extremely minimal. Behind Dustin and Shelby, Karofsky and Sandy were rising back onto their feet. Karofsky rubbed his lower back while he curved his stomach forward in hopes of stretching out the pain and Sandy stood silently while he clutched his groin.

"Well hello kiddies" said Shelby, putting her voice into one that resembled a young child as she unfolded her arms and placed them on her knees and bending down but keeping her line of sight directed at the teenagers. "Don't all of you look cute with all your special powers and adorable little Super names." Dustin, Karofsky and Sandy started to snigger as Shelby returned to her normal hight and refolded her arms. "Look" she began again in her normal tone. "I don't really like attacking kids in a glee club. I feel for glee kids. I know what they go through." Puck Lauren and Artie continued to look at her with disbelieving looks.

"So what, you just want us to back away and hide in a corner?" Asked Artie.

"Of course not" said Dustin who had walked forward and had placed both of his hands on the side of Artie's wheelchair and was staring him deep in the eyes. "But if you know whats good for you, you will do it without being asked."

"Sorry. That ain't the way we role" Lauren replied, pulling Artie away from Dustin who stumbled forward as his support was snatched away.

"Well, you leave us know choice" said Karofsky, walking forward right up to Puck's as quickly as possible and punching him straight in the face. Puck fell backwards from the sudden force. He didn't scream or yell put you could tell by his expression that it had hurt.

"Oh, no one messes with my man!" Lauren announced as she walked in front of Artie's wheelchair and over to Karofsky who stood over Puck with a smirk that was about to be knocked right of his face. Lauren pulled her right arm back then thrust it forward right into Karofsky's gut. Instead of falling back like Puck, Karofsky flew at least ten meters into the air before landing with a thump five feet from where he was a few seconds before.

"Artie, take who you want, I got this dumb-ass" Lauren informed as she ran over to Karofsky to give him the beating of his life. Artie, looked over to where Sandy was standing. He noticed Artie looking his way and he began to panic. He turned to run but Artie was to quick. He held out his hand and a small current of electricity travelled from his palm and hit Sandy square in the back. Artie wheeled himself over to his opponent who laid sprawled out on the ground. Artie was unable to see any scorch marks on Sandy's outfit. "It must be some sought of special protective material, but mustn't be able to protect them from pain, just...death?" Artie thought to himself.

Sandy moaned, that told Artie he could take more of what was dished out. Once again, Artie held out his hand. A current traveled from it and made an aim for Sandy's back. Before it made contact with his body, Sandy flipped over and held a fist out in front. On his middle finger was a ring that had suddenly transformed a shield. The electricity bounced of the shield and headed straight back towards Artie. The Super threw his hands out in front of his body for protection and the electricity bounced of them and shot into the sky.

Sandy had scrambled to his feet and backed away from Artie by a few feet. He did not run, but stood their smiling. "Is that the best you can do?" Asked Sandy with a laugh. "I've had endured more torture by watching you glee kids perform. Seriously, lay off the Journey songs. C'mon, give me your best shot, if you are capable of one." Artie was angry now and when he got angry, his powers seemed to be a tad more powerful. Artie raised both his hands. He began to open and close his hands quickly and bolts of electricity shot towards Sandy. But Sandy was good with the shield. He was dodging everyone of the electrical shots or blocking them in their path.

"Your going down twinkle toes" Artie yelled over the multiple surrounding noises, who continued to shoot bolts at random.


As Artie wheel his way over to Sandy as fast as he could, Puck was rising from his feet. He noticed Lauren bashing the crap out of Karofsky and he couldn't help but feel proud of his girl. He tuned back in and looked at Shelby and Dustin who had moved over to Coach Sylvester and had begun to tie her up using the rope that was attached to their belts, which Puck noticed held practically everything. Sue stilled remained unconscious.

"Hey!" Puck yelled. Both Dustin and Shelby looked up but before they could react, Puck had acted. He felt his eyes tense up and give of a low heat. His eyes turned from hazel to a bright red. Then two quick red bolts of light shot from his eyes and landed centimeters away from the duo and their captive. They both jumped backwards and fell on their backs away from the now smoking grass. Shelby lifted her head and became distracted by something in the other direction. "You take him" she instructed, still laying on the ground. "Blondie over there is giving us trouble." Shelby and Dustin got to their feet. She ran in the opposite direction but he remained where he was.

Look, man. I don't wanna get into anything" Dustin said as he began to role up his sleeves. Resting on his wrists appeared to be some sought of thick silver bracelets. The ring of fire made them shimmer and gleam but Puck was unfazed by it. He was after all able to hold lasers in his eyes so, bright lights were never an issue. "Thats funny" Puck said as his eyes began to change colour again. "I feel the exact opposite." Two more bolts flew out of Puck's eyes at a rapid speed straight towards Dustin's. Dustin shielded his body with his arms and the bolts hit his thick bracelets and bounced off into opposite directions.

Puck kept his ground and stared at the bracelets. He then began to laugh. Dustin looked confused at this sudden change in emotion. "Um dude, what the hell is so hilarious?" Dustin asked but keeping his position, just in case. "Nothing" Puck answered, who had taken control of his emotions. "I just find it kinda funny that you have the same bracelets that Wonder Woman had." Dustin then drooped his hand and looked at Puck as if her were acting like a child. This is what Puck was waiting for. He ceased laughing instantly, jumped into the air and flipped right over Dustin. As he did, he looked at Glee Club coach and fired multiple bolts at him via his eyes. Dustin, unprepared, fell to the ground. After landing safely and perfectly on the ground beneath him, Puck noticed Dustin seemed unharmed but he was gasping slightly. Dustin flipped himself over and smiled at Puck.

"If thats the best you got, you have no chance in hell at knocking me down." Puck returned the smile to the man while placing his feet in a firm position. "Oh that was nothing. That was a little hit. If I wanted to do something extreme, it would kill you." Dustin's smile was start to fade. "But seeing as you guys are the ones wearing all the protective clothing, I may just try it." Puck tensed his eyes and shot out strong continuous laser beam. Dustin crossed his arms in front of the rest of his body as the beam, although knocking him to the ground, did not harm him but put pressure against his bracelets. But Puck did not stop. His laser beam continued to emit from his eyes and he slowly began to walk closer and closer to Dustin, who was struggling against the laser but was unable to move from his position on the ground, for fear of being incinerated.

"You're mine bitch!" Puck announced as he stepped closer and closer to the villain.


While the rest of her allocated team had run off towards four of the Six Sinners, Brittany did as she was told. She flew towards an area of the ring of fire that was closest to Lauren, Puck and Artie. She flew higher and higher before she reached the top of the fire ring wall. She hovered in mid air, pondering what to do. "Well, there's no water around, so using that is out of the picture. Earth would take to long to rise to this level and drop on top of it and I haven't been taught how to vanish fire yet. Time for some good old fashion wind control."

Brittany directed her hands towards the fire and a swirling miniature wind tornado had formed and was slowly but effectively removing the flames. Brittany moved one of her hands away and allowed the remaining hand to take full control of the revolving wind. Her free hand created another tornado and began to do the same as the first. As quickly as she could, she floated herself around the fire in hope of destroying it quickly. Then something scraped her right arm viciously, making her loose control of one of her wind tunnels. She looked beneath her and noticed Shelby Corcoran standing inches away from the wall of the ring of fire, waving up to the sweet blonde.

Shelby then clicked her heals together and small rocket flames were produced from her healed boots. She flew her way up to Brittany, who had ceased her other tornado to take on her opponent. "Oh sweetie?" Shelby said sweetly before changing her tone of voice into the complete opposite. "What the hell do you think your doing?" Shelby flew towards Brittany at full speed. Brittany dropped, momentarily forgetting she was in mid air and began to fall to the ground. Before she landed with a splat, she held her arms out and landed ever so lightly. She turned around and looked up to see Shelby flying straight towards her at a very high speed. Brittany waved her hand out in front of her and Shelby, caught by shock, was suddenly knocked backwards by a gust of wind and landed flat on her back.

Once Shelby had made contact with the ground, her rocket boots had shut of. She got to her feet and stood, facing Brittany. Shelby reached to her belt and pulled off throwing stars. She threw them towards the blonde, who in response directed her hands to the ground and then shot them up again while a wall of earth rose with them. The stars hit the wall, which was the same hight as Brittany and became stuck. Brittany grasped the top of the wall and used it to flip herself to the other side. She pulled the stars from their positions and threw them right back at their owner. Shelby was ready. She ducked and rolled underneath them. As she finished her maneuvering technique, she held out a fist and the ring on her finger transformed into a shield for Brittany was about to attack. The blonde moved her arms in specific movements and suddenly the wall of fire produced a horizontal column of flames that shot itself towards Shelby.

As the fire made contact with Shelby's shield, Brittany flew into the air but kept her concentration on the fire column and keeping it alive. She flew over the top of Shelby and landed right behind her. She stopped the horizontal firewall with another wave of her hand and Shelby looked over her shield. She could not see Brittany anywhere.


Shelby turned around and had no time to see Brittany fan kick her in the face before she crumpled to the floor. "Watch yourself" Brittany advised as she turned around to go and help her friends. She stopped, turned back to look down at Shelby's body. Brittany reached for the brunettes taser and used it against her, right into her neck. "Thats for calling me sweetie" Brittany said before throwing the taser down to the floor.

Brittany turned away and noticed Lauren yelling something at Karofsky a fair way away from her. So she made her way over.


Once Karofsky had landed from his ten meter fall, Lauren had already made it over to the bully. As she had run off, Artie had just shot an electrical current towards Sandy and Puck was helping himself off the ground getting ready to face Dustin. Karofsky got to his feet and had not noticed the Super in front of him until he looked up to see her eyes staring directly into his.

"You know I am not above hitting a girl" Karofsky said as he took a step forward. "Well thats good" Lauren replied, bracing herself for what was to come next. "Cause neither am I." Karofsky looked murderous at this remark. He swung his fist around and went to hit Lauren in the face. But Lauren was to quick. She ducked to the ground and on he way to it she directed her fist towards the grass. The contact with sent a violent wave of energy in all directions. Dave came into contact with it and was flown into the air again.

"Ooh, thats gotta hurt" Lauren said as he plummeted back towards the earth's surface. Before he made a crash landing, Lauren had grabbed his ankle and had begun to swing him around and around like a lasso. "Stop I'm gonna hurl" Karofsky informed as he circled above the girls head. "Whatever you wish" said Lauren. She released the man and he flew, once again across the grass and landed a far way from where she stood. "Aw no fair, I cant be bothered to walk that far" Lauren wine sarcastically, knowing Karofsky could probably not hear her but was to consumed with fury and pain. He did not get off the ground, but continued to lay in his spot.

"Hey, is everything okay?"

Lauren turned to her right and noticed Brittany standing next to her. "Oh yeah" Lauren answered with her hands on her hips. "Just teaching someone their place in life as usual. People should really learn not to push me." Brittany just nodded along, a little confused, but still nodding along.

"So what now?" Brittany asked, looking over at Puck and Artie who were still battling Dustin and Sandy. "Should we help them?" Lauren shook her head and looked up towards the planes. "Seeing as Puck is a little preoccupied, I'll take lead" Lauren informed. "We gotta get rid of those planes. Well the ones without some of The GLEEKS fighting on top of them."

Lauren was now rolling up her sleeves before looking away from the planes and looking directly at Brittany. "And how do we do that?" Brittany asked who was more confused then ever.

"We throw stuff."

A few minutes later Lauren and Brittany had constructed their battle stations. Brittany was to product giant clumps of earth from the ground and Lauren was to throw them at the planes that did not have the Superheroes on it. Lauren picked up the first clump and pelted it towards the far plane on the end. It missed by a couple of meters and began to fall to the ground. "Oh crap" Lauren said as the earth clump fell towards the civilians below. "Don't worry, Tina is over there, she has her force fields" Brittany reminded. "Here, take another." Another clump of earth popped out of the ground and Lauren picked it up and threw it at the same plane. This time it hit it's target and the plane exploded.

"Whoa mama!" Lauren yelled smiling with pride along with Brittany who was jumping for joy.

"Nice shot." Puck had just come up next to the girls and was wheeling Artie in front. "Extremely accurate" Artie said as he admired Lauren's work. "Better then the first" said Puck who sniggered a little. "Oh cram it. How's Coach Sylvester?" asked Lauren picking up her next clump of earth. "She has a pulse, Artie check, but she won't wake up" answered Puck who did not seem worried in the slightest about there combat coach laying unconscious on the floor. "We thought it best we leave her. She may be slightly...um...tense when she wakes up" said Artie who was always scared of Sue Sylvester.

"Good idea. Did you get twinkle toes and Mr. Horny over there?" Lauren asked not bothering to look behind herself to see. "Yep. Dustin's girly bracelets cracked in two after a little attack from my smokin' hot eyes and he passed out as soon as they did." Puck informed. "And Sandy fell to the ground as soon as I distracted him by yelling "OH MY GOD, IS THAT WHITNEY HOUSTON!" He looked up straight away and I got him in the bare face." Artie informed as he smiled to himself. "Did you guys get Rachel senior?" Asked Puck.

"Bitch went down" Brittany said without even stopping her earth clump producing process. "Great." Puck said, looking out over the field of chaos. He noticed in the far distance Sam and Kurt fighting off the hypnotized army but some of them had managed to make it past the two GLEEKS. "Girls, keep doing what your doing. Artie, we're gonna go kick some army butt." Artie whooped as Puck pushed him over to half of the oncoming army. As Puck ran he fired lasers in all directions and Artie did the same with his electricity. A few minutes into their new battle, they suddenly became distracted.

"AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" An incredibly high pitched scream was heard by all who were near.

Puck and Artie looked up to see the source of scream. Brittany and Lauren looked to the main plane to see a figure falling. The foursome all gasped as Rachel Berry began to fall to the solid ground below.

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