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Shepherd's Glen Police Station

Inside the barricaded police building, the sounds of gunfire echoed through the entire place. At its main hallway, an African-American local officer unloaded shotgun shells at all directions. Deputy Wheeler was surrounded by strange hostile creatures, humanoid in body, but bearing pendulum-shaped heads with sharp edges, which they swung sidewards in an attempt to chop the policeman. Just a few minutes earlier, Wheeler had been separated from Alex Shepherd when the ceiling collapsed under the weight of another huge creature, the rubble falling between them. Now he was on his own to handle the monsters.

"Dammit, they're too many!" the man cursed, as he finished one of the creatures, but with many more to come. Shot after shot, he realized to be fighting a lost battle. Cornered against the wall, almost empty of ammo and those axe-heads still advancing, the situation look dire. Sweat dropped from his forehead, as he kept on firing nevertheless. If he died, he was going to die fighting; he was a law enforcer after all.

His last shell was gone. Now with only the shotgun barrel to use, he raised it over his head, ready to bash it on the attackers. "Ya wanna a piece o'me? Come and get it!" he threatened, but his voice visibly shaking, as he knew it wouldn't help much against those huge blades.

But suddenly a noise was heard. A noise resembling wing flaps. Wheeler had no time to guess, when a black cloud invaded the hallway and shrouded the monsters. Strange enough, the axe-heads seemed to be suffering due to the cloud, as they growled and jolted in pain. That's when he figured out it was no cloud, it was a swarm of moths, black moths. And to add to his horror, the insects were literally chewing on the monsters, like a shoal of piranhas.

The policeman couldn't understand what was going on, but the moths seemed to be attacking only the monsters. So he took this chance to run past them and make his escape, not before quickly dropping by the armory for some weapons and ammo. As he left the building though, a thought was stuck in his mind.

'What were those moths? And where did they come from?'

Shepherd's Glen sewers

She had just escaped a dangerous situation in the police station lot, to fall into another. Running through the gloomy and smelly corridors of Shepherd's Glen sewer system, a young woman tried to flee from her pursuers. She was wearing a black sport jacket over a red top and gray pants, her blond hair tied in a short ponytail.

A few minutes earlier, Elle Holloway was together with her childhood friend Alex Shepherd. However, they were forced to split up when she went through a gate with no way to lift from her side. So Alex had to find another way to rejoin her. Since she was alone and carried no guns with her, she could only hope to not encounter any monster... which unfortunately happened.

Now she was running away from a strange humanoid creature with scythes-like blades instead of limbs and the head between the legs. Eventually she arrived at a large chamber with only three ways: back the one she had come from, another in front of her and one large air duct in the ceiling, which she obviously couldn't reach. Elle headed to the passage in front, but stopped in her tracks when another of those bladed-limbs appeared right there. She tried to go back, but her previous pursuer appeared as well. She was cornered.

Her heart pounded hard in her ribcage, as she leaned against the chamber wall, eyes widened at the two monsters slowly approaching her.

'Am I going to die... like this?' was the only thought in her mind.

All of sudden, a metal scrapping sound was heard from the air duct above them. Elle gasped when a long black tentacle with sharp tip emerged from said entrance and pierced through one of the bladed-limbs' head, killing it instantly. Then, in a blink of eyes, the tentacle wrapped itself around the other creature and pulled it to the duct. The girl could only hear inhuman shrieks as blood splashed from the duct to the ground.

She was horrified, but at the same time, relieved for being saved from certain death. That relief, however, only lasted until the tentacle returned and wrapped itself around her too. She let out a cry, but before she could struggle to get out of the hold, it quickly pulled her inside the air duct. Elle instinctively shut her eyes tight and prepared herself for the worst, when the tentacle abruptly just let go of her.

When the girl opened her eyes again, she was still in the sewers, but on an upper level, next to some stairs leading up to a manhole. The moment she exited the manhole, she sighted Shepherd's Glen Town Hall, her mother's workplace. Her lips curved a smile.

'What a lucky shot! I'll go see if Mom's in the office and...' That's when realization sank: Alex was still in the sewers, with all those monsters lurking around. She walked back to the manhole, intending to go down and help her friend, but halted as another thought came to her mind: there wasn't really much she could do to help him; she didn't have any weapons on her. Besides... she almost got herself killed, for crying out loud. Maybe Alex would stand a better chance of getting out alive if he didn't have her around to be protected.

Elle felt dismayed to just leave her friend down there, but it would actually be more useful to go look for help. And if she went back to the sewers, she might not be able to leave again. Which reminded her: how was she able to leave in first place? What was that tentacle-thing?

'Well, what or whoever that was, thanks for saving me.' She gratefully thought, glancing at the manhole once more before striding to the Town Hall.

Silent Hill Overlook Penitentiary

While exploring the penitentiary, Alex and Wheeler found Judge Holloway strapped to a chair in one of the building's chambers. They ran to release her, fearing the cult of Silent Hill might be planning to execute her. The moment she got free, Elle's locket fell from Alex's pocket.

"What is that? Where did you get it?" the judge asked, recognizing the object.

"It's Elle's," Alex answered. "She said she took this from you so... I guess you should have it back."

"This isn't mine. It belonged to Nora." She corrected.

"Nora?" asked the confused young man.

"They turned on the gas..." Wheeler tried to warn, just before being suddenly grabbed by something and pulled into the chamber wall.

"Wheeler!" Alex shouted, running in his aid. He managed to grab the policeman's arm and tried to pull him out, but to no avail, as he got pushed to the floor.

The deputy struggled to free himself of whatever had caught him. Inside the wall was really dark, so he couldn't exactly see who (or what) his captor was. He only knew it had many arms, as he felt multiple hands restraining him. This, together with the place narrowness, made it really hard for Wheeler to escape. When he felt a pair of hands grabbing and squeezing his neck, he knew it was the end...

Hadn't it been for a sharp tentacle appearing out of nowhere and stabbing one of the choking hands. The abrupt pain made the captor release the officer. Before the strangler was able to recover, the tentacle wrapped itself around Wheeler's arm and firmly pulled him out of the creature's grasp.

The shocked policeman got dragged inside the walls until the tentacle pulled him out of a ventilation shaft, simply letting go of him afterwards. Wheeler fell soundly on the floor, letting out a small grunt. The landing was rough, but at least he was saved from that 'strangling thing'. He got up and looked around the chamber he had just arrived, but whoever had helped him was no longer there.

'It happened again. Some mysterious event ended up saving my life.' He recalled. A smirk displayed in his face. "Hey, whoever did that! If ya can hear me, thanks a lot!" he said out loud.

Shepherd's Glen streets

A manhole in one of Shepherd's Glen streets opened up from the inside. Stepping out of it, came Alex. He had a melancholic, but serene, look on his face. He had finally recalled his past sin, but managed to overcome his brother's death and forgive his father. He started to limp, due to a leg injury caused by Judge Holloway.

Coming out of the fog, he noticed Elle and they embraced each other in relief.

"Elle. You're okay?" Alex asked.

"Yeah. I think so," Elle replied, then asked. "What did you see in there?"

"What I needed to." Was his only answer. They proceeded to leave the town, the young man leaning on the girl for support.

Little they knew that someone else was watching them. Behind a nearby tree, Mary observed her nephew and his friend making their escape, weary, but safe. However, what gladdened her the most was the fact Alex had finally put his brother's soul to rest, by defeating the embodiment of the resentful feelings created by Silent Hill.

Given that all this nightmare had come from Alex's own guilty conscience, she couldn't help him out directly. But she could at least help out the people who supported him; that was the message Richard was trying to pass. Mary still felt bad for her own brother and sister-in-law, not being able to prevent their demises, but she knew their souls would be at least resting in peace, since her nephew had already forgiven them.

'Alex, now you can live your life, free from the ghosts of the past.' She mentally reassured.

Suddenly, a strange sensation dawned. Her body felt lighter and her mind, peaceful. As though all worries had been purged from her heart. That's when she realized: her body was becoming translucent, slowly fading away, just like Richard's. She just closed her eyes, as she vanished for complete.

Shepherd house

Limping up the stairs, Alex had decided to drop by home to fetch a few things before leaving Shepherd's Glen for good. Elle and he would start life anew, so he needed to pack a few stuff, like clothing, medicines and food. However, the moment he had arrived home, he noticed a trail of wet footprints up the stairs and went check it.

The trail led up to his and Josh's old room, so he opened the door. As he entered, his eyes widened in astonishment: sat on the bed, holding a Polaroid camera, in the same attire as his death moment, was Josh. The older Shepherd hardly had time to say anything when his brother lifted the camera.

"Smile!" was the only thing Josh said, before vanishing in the thin air, leaving behind only a picture of Alex's surprised face.

Unknown place

Standing over an endless green-lush field, under an azure sky and observing the leaves shaking at the breeze's blow, Mary admired all that beauty. The weather was cool, but at the same time, a warm light bathed the entire place, which was strange, since there was no visible source of light anywhere. It was indeed a vision of Heaven.

'Looks like my time has arrived too.' She calmly thought. She was happy to finally leave the soul purgatory named Silent Hill.

All of sudden, a voice came from behind her. A male voice.


Recognition immediately fell onto her. That was a voice she knew way too well. A voice she had wished to hear again for all those years. Slowly, Mary turned around, her eyes widening and her jaw slightly dropping at the sight.

It was him. In the exact same way she remembered him: the tawny-blond parted hair, the green eyes, the olive jacket and a gentle smile. Her lips mirrored the same gentle smile, her eyes displaying a nostalgic look and a lone tear falling down her face, just as she uttered a single word.



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