Wilhelm Gerich of Alstadt walked through the corridor. He had been…shall we say…employed…by the great baron Alexander of Brennenburg for about a year now. He worked for Alexander as a sort of servant. He and a group of about nine other men had worked as servants to Alexander.

Wilhelm was a member of a group of associates, a guild, known as the Order of the Black Eagle. They were an order of chivalry in Prussia. Alexander was a member as well, and most of his accomplices were as well. The Black Eagle was the highest and most praised order in all of Prussia.

He was walking with a fellow servant restraining an elderly man they were carrying. The old man was struggling against the chains he was in. His rapid movements were becoming an annoyance to Wilhelm and the other servant, and they attempted to sedate him, but he was moving quite violently.

They finally found the door to the back hall. They opened it. Wilhelm and the other servant walked out into a large chamber bathed in blue light flowing coldly through the giant windows like freezing winds of a hostile Artic snowstorm. A large fountain lay in the center of the atrium. A statue pouring water into a large fountain basin. While the statue itself seemed decorative and nice-looking, it seemed strange, alien, and evil at times like this.

Standing near the fountain was a man in robes, watching the windows with anxiety, as if he expected a horrific dragon or monster to burst through the window and cut him down where he stood. But nothing happened, and he continued to watch the frame, reflective glass, and ambient light given off by the windows.

Wilhelm and the fellow servant walked over to Alexander. Standing next to the wealthy baron was a younger man, who couldn't be any older than thirty years. Wilhelm had seen this man before. Alexander referred to him as "Daniel." Daniel was brought here by the baron himself, because Alexander had decided to "help" him. Wilhelm and the rest of the order residing in the castle were involved.

Daniel had done something that overshadows all acts of evil or crime. He had discovered a strange artifact while on an archaeology find deep in the deserts of Africa. He and the rest of his team had apparently been trapped in an ancient underground tomb by a cave-in. Daniel reported seeing a stone orb, perfectly round, cut into a flawless spherical shape.

After Daniel had brought the orb back to his place of residence in England, he reported various people around him dying. After he had gone to a scientist regarding the orb's shape, he received news that the man had been killed, and many others involved in the orb case. Realizing something was following him, Daniel was in a distress and decided to leave England.

Daniel later received a letter from the baron himself, Alexander of Brennenburg, offering him sanctuary and safety in the castle. After Daniel's arrival at the castle, Alexander brought him to the Choir, deep beneath the castle.

Here, he conducted rituals on local civilians and tortured them. These rituals were meant to aid in extraction of a hormone processed by the body, known as "vitae." It was processed into the bloodstream when the human subject was experiencing fear, anger, stress, or extraneous pain. Alexander and Daniel brought that pain on their innocent subjects.

It was the job of Wilhelm and the other members of the order to venture through the forests outside of the castle and kidnap these people. Alexander told Daniel to participate in the rituals. The only reason Daniel accepted was because he was told that in doing so he would be able to keep the entity chasing him at bay for a momentary time period.

Wilhelm and his fellow worker walked over to Alexander with the latest subject. The baron turned and inspected the victim. The elderly prisoner was emaciated, looking like he was around being in his seventieth year on this earth. Alexander decisively said "Bring him down to the prison. Later tonight, bring him to the Choir so that Daniel and I may continue with the ritual." Wilhelm and the fellow servant walked past the wealthy baron to the hallway to the left of the back hall.

The man was struggling violently, yelling "HELP ME! SOMEBODY! GET ME OUT OF HERE!" The hallway to the elevator they would take had two large stone lions on each sides, and they apparently frightened the man. Wilhelm and the servant restrained the man and continued onwards to the elevator.

The elevator was steam powered, operated by engines and devices in a large machinery room accessible to the left side of the hallway. The elevator was quite prone to failure and every now and then, a servant would have to venture down to the storage, and find the replacement machinery parts.

The three men stepped into the elevator and let it slowly drop down through the levels of the castle. After about a minute in the ornate metal elevator, it came to a stop at the bottom of the shaft; the entrance to the prison.

The prison had a knack of not being adequately lighted. Parts of hallways were faintly lit, others had absolutely no light and seemed pitch black, as if there were no hallway there at all. The cells seemed like black empty rooms, and took a brave servant or prisoner with a light source to walk in to reveal that they contained a bed inside. Other than that, the prison was not that scary. Guards and servants patrolled the light and dark hallways, their eyes sweeping the hallways for escapees.

Many hallways that were not yet inhabited by prisoners or guards resided on the lower sections of the prison. These lower sectors were feared by prisoner and guard. Both feared having to go down there. The prisoner feared being assigned to a cell in the lower sections, and the guard feared being assigned to keep watch in the lower section.

Rumors arose of strange happenings going on in the lower section. Evil prisoners that lurked in the darkened hallways who killed any guard walking pass. Strange mutated creatures like giant earthworms, dogs and poisonous cave spiders. The hallways were especially darkened there. People reported hearing screams coming from within. Rumors had been going around that people had been brutally murdered in the lower prison sections, and their spirits haunted the straight-black cell blocks. Nobody had the bravery to venture down there to see.

As Wilhelm and the other 2 men stepped out of the elevator into the prison, they walked towards the cells. The moans, and echoing cries for help flooded the hallways like a lamenting tsunami. Wilhelm and the servant walked to cell 312, the cell in which the new prisoner would reside. Walking through the hallways, they say men, women, and children all pleading for freedom and rescue.

Finally after 5 minutes, the three reached the cell. The old man vainly yelled for someone to save him, but was forcibly thrown into his cell and locked in. Wilhelm and the servant then began the walk back to the elevator. They had a long night in store for them.