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A/N: Warning this story will contain slash relationships and Mpreg. If you don't like that, don't read.

Chapter 1: Scars

Harry woke with a start, startled emerald green eyes opening far to quickly, causing the world to spin. Breathing in a harsh breath, he remembered what day it was and the reason he had woken up so badly. Mentally cursing, the raven haired young man pushed himself up in bed and grabbed his glasses.

Harry Potter, better known as Harry Potter-Malfoy was a twenty-two year old hero. He was known to the wizarding world as The Boy Who Lived or the Boy Who Defeated the Dark Lord. Harry was fairly short, standing at about five feet seven inches with unruly black hair and startling green eyes. His body was noticeably thin and his most well known feature was the faded lightening bolt scar on his forehead.

Shifting in the bed, Harry carefully slipped his body into the waiting chair. That was the other thing about Harry, he was paralyzed, from the waist down. During the final battle with the Death Eaters and Voldemort, Harry had been caught with a rather nasty curse. Only seventeen at the time and with the death of a man, even if that man was Voldemort, weighing heavily on him, Harry had had to re-learn everything. Harry had always wanted to just be normal, he craved normalcy but now he knew he'd never just be normal. After his injury everyone had started treating him differently, except one person. He remembered that day like it was yesterday, when in reality it had been three years ago.

-Flash Back-

"I've got it" Nineteen year old Harry growled at his best friend Ron.

"You sure Mate?" The red head asked, his hands flapping uselessly as Harry slowly maneuvered his body from the bench he had been sitting on into his wheel chair. Hermione watched Harry critically, like she always did especially after the injury. The injury to his spinal chord had been caused by a re-bounding curse created when his and Voldemort's wands had joined, the curse that killed Voldemort had paralyzed Harry. It had been two years since the injury and due to its dark nature, it couldn't be healed.

Finally Harry succeeded in getting into his chair, a semi-triumphant expression on his face as he glowered at his two hovering friends. They always hovered, everyone did, treating him like he were made of glass and couldn't be trusted to do anything without supervision. Even living on his on was frowned upon, and Mrs. Weasley insisted that he lived with them. Harry refused, flat out refused, and was currently living with Ron and Hermione in their Hogsmead Flat. He hated it, hated having to depend so heavily on people, though he was getting better.

"What where you're going Potty" A voice sneered behind him, and Harry craned his neck to see. The voice was familiar, as was the white-blonde haired man sneering down at him. Both Ron and Hermione whipped out their wands, training them at Draco Malfoy, both watching Harry fearfully. Instead, Harry laughed, he burst into laughter, his sides shaking as he laughed, tears of mirth running down his face. This was what he needed, normalcy.

-End Flash Back-

"What are you doing?" A sleepy voice mumbled from the opposite side of the bed.

"Just going to brush my teeth and make some tea" Harry responded, smiling at his sleepy husband. Draco Malfoy groaned, his normally perfect hair disheveled as he looked at the raven haired young man.

"Do you have any idea what time it is?" He growled, pointing at the clock which was positioned next to the bed; it read six am.

"I know love, I know" Harry said, shrugging slender shoulders as he maneuvered his chair around the bed and towards the door. He and Draco lived in a large manor, though it was only one floor except for the attic and the basement. The entire house was designed so that Harry could easily get around, and he loved it.

"If you know that it's six am, why the bloody hell are you awake?" Draco growled, pushing himself up to look at his husband with an arched eyebrow.

"Couldn't sleep, you know what today is" Harry replied, "You can sleep some more though, we don't have to leave for awhile" Draco looked thoughtful, before nodding and crumpling back onto the bed.

"Wake me when you want to shower yeah?" He called after Harry's retreating form.

"Sure" Harry called back, before wheeling his way towards the kitchen.

He was really dreading the day, it would be the first time since he married Draco two years ago that he'd be seeing his surrogate family; the Weasleys. When Harry and Draco had started dating seriously the family had been angry, effectively cutting Harry off, Ron especially had been cruel. However, now they seemed to be coming around and Harry and Draco had been invited to the family's house for a small gathering. Harry had no idea what the occasion was, or what had made them come around, all he knew was that he was anxious. Another, lesser reason, they had stopped seeing each other was their treatment of Harry. Draco always treated Harry just like a normal person, never seeing the wheelchair that held his body, instead choosing to see Harry's personality. The Weasleys, Molly, Ginny and Ron especially seemed to only see Harry as a weak invalid, thinking he needed help with everything. At first he had needed a lot of help, but now, almost five years later, he had grown accustomed to living this way and was quite self-sufficient.

Harry shifted in his chair a bit, his back was aching just above where the injury was, though unfortunately this was normal.

"You okay love?" Draco's voice sounded from the door, turning the chair Harry smiled softly. Draco's hair was wet and dripping down his bare chest, his pale skin practically shone in the dull kitchen lights and he was only wearing a pair of dark pants.

"Just a bit sore" Harry explained, placing a tray on his lap and wheeling towards the small table.

"What time do you wanna go?" Draco asked, reaching over to help Harry with the tray as he followed his husband towards the table.

"Maybe ten?" Harry suggested, "I still don't know about going though" He admitted, taking a bite of his eggs.

"You said you would, and besides I'll be there" Draco winked, causing Harry to snort. He had to admit though that his husband was an intimidating sight. Draco was well over six feet with a strong build and his dangerous looking silver-grey eyes.

"Laughing at me Potter?" Draco drawled, sounding very much like his fifteen year old self.

"Never love, I know better" Harry said, rolling his eyes at his husband's dramatics.

The couple continued to trade playful insults as they ate the breakfast that Harry had prepared for them. While they did have house elves, what Malfoy could live without them? Harry did try to do as much of the domestic house work that he could.

"When's practice?" Harry asked his husband curiously, green eyes shining behind his thin-framed black glasses.

"Not until tomorrow" Draco responded as he gathered the breakfast dishes. Draco was a professional seeker, playing for the England international Quidditch team.

"Can I come?" Harry asked, he loved going to Draco's games and practices, especially since he could no longer fly.

"If you want" Draco responded, grinning softly. "You know, Shooting Star is working on that broom for you still" He reminded his husband. The Shooting Star broom company, maker of fire bolts, comets and clean sweeps had been very willing to attempt to make a broom for Harry to ride. They saw it as an opportunity to not only help the saviour of the wizarding world but also as a chance to open up a whole new market, creating brooms for physically disabled witches and wizards.

"You ready to go?" Draco asked Harry curiously as he finished buttoning up his baby blue dress shirt. He was dressing informally, not even bothering with robes.

"Yea I suppose" Harry said, rubbing his hand over his faded jeans distractedly. Like Draco he was informal and wearing a pair of jeans with a loose emerald green dress shirt. It matched his eyes according to his husband, and looked good on him. Harry left all fashion decisions up to the man he married, especially since he was according to all his friends, totally hopeless in that department.

"It'll be fine love" Draco murmured gently, caressing Harry's cheek and kissing him lightly. Harry smiled, though he looked a bit distant.

"We can always leave" Draco reminded him as he lifted Harry into his arms, shrinking the wheelchair and placing it in his pocket for the moment. They were going to be apperating, especially since Harry couldn't take the floo network.

"Promise?" Harry asked, pressing his head into his husband's chest.