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Chapter 1: NEST

The front hallway was extremely quiet. The only sound was the sound of the front desk person typing furiously away on her key board. It was kind of annoying. Looking at the clock, I was patiently waiting. I had been stationed in places like this for the past 5 months, and I was kind of getting sick of it. 5 months ago, I had chosen what paths I had wanted to take: Military and Politics. They were the ones that told hold of my interest the most. As soon as the people who directed this had heard my decision they had shipped me off to Asia with one of the people I had grown close to, Katherine Murdock (we all called her Katy), and she was from Seattle, Washington. She was on the honors program ever since she was 5 when she had solved problems that even some of the worlds top genius' hadn't come close to even putting a dent into. I felt stupid sometimes compared to her, but all she wants is a friend that doesn't shun her for being so smart. I just wanted a friend in the beginning. The other two (Justine Iatola and Greg Harold) had immediately hit it off and ignored the two of us in the beginning so we sought comfort in each other. Right now we sat next to each other, breifcases in our laps, and waited for the speaker to call us to give our opinion.

In these 5 months, me and Katy had traveled all over Asia to learn from some of the worlds top military strategists and political leaders. So far, I had only disliked one. That was Kim Jong-Il, the dictator to North Korea. All he really wanted was to make his military more powerful, create a stronger alliance to China, and basically take over the world and make it a total Stalinist dictator-ruled world. I don't think any of us wants that. Looking over at Katy, she was daydreaming. My eyes ran over her features and, to me, she was really pretty. Her normally curly, chocolate hair was pulled into a tight bun and smoothed away from her face, making her brown eyes look even more doll-like. Her face was small and she had a button nose and very rosy cheeks. She looked like a baby doll. Her body was small and compact, but she did have curves. They just weren't as severe as mine. In just two years, I have changed. I lost a lot of my baby fat and my body was sleek, almost lanky. My face and neck lost a lot of pudge and were now lost to sleek cheek bones and wide, soulful ice green eyes I was now known for.

My hair was feeling slightly frayed so I poked Katy and she was snapped out of her reviere. We couldn't talk so I pointed to my french twist and she understood. I turned in my seat so she could work on it and I felt it tighten. Smiling, I turned back around and nodded a thank you. She nodded back with a smile. Sighing, I removed a piece of paper and scrawled something down on it really quickly.

God, I'm so bored!

Handing the piece to her, I could see out of the corner of my eye her shoulders rise and fall in a laugh. About a half a second later, she passed the paper back to me.

Me, too. I just want to get back to the hotel room and look up more stuff about the robots a few years ago!

I shook my head. Katy had been completely obsessed with the Autobot/Decepticon attacks a few years ago. It was really hard for me to talk to her about it. My throat would close up and tears would threaten to spill, my heart clenching painfully. She would ask what was wrong and I'd make up an excuse that I was there and it scarred me for life, so it was hard to talk about it. That was at the beginning of the two years, though. We weren't close then. Now we were practically inseperable. However, I still haven't told her that I knew the Autobots, let alone a certain yellow bot that she seems to think is totally 'adorable'.

You know, if you keep obsessing over this, I just might have to take you to a clinic soon, Katy.

My hand flew up to my neck, it does when I get nervous, and toyed with the gem that was on the necklace that was there. A small smile formed on my lips as my fingers began to tingle. Around my neck was a thin necklace with a blue gem at the end. A wire wrapped around it intricately and the gem was cut choppily. It looked quite pretty against my slightly pale skin. Bee said on that last night I was home to take something of him with me. I figured it'd be something from his alt. form (which he told me all about), so I thought it'd be something he'd physically hand to me. He told me to close my eyes and I felt something cold on my chest, surprised that he chose his holoform (which he also told me about) to give me something from his alt. form, which I really thought that is what it was. I opened my eyes and looked down, gasping. Looking back up at him, he just laughed (god, I loved his smile).

"It's part of my Spark," I had looked at him with a very concerned look on my face.

"Wouldn't that harm you since you took even more from your Spark in your alt. form?" He had just shook his head, "Why did you do this? You're staying here."

He had grabbed me and pulled me close, our foreheads touching, "Yes, but you're taking my Spark with you."

I had opened my mouth to say something, but he had pulled me into a mind-reeling, spine-tingling, heart-stopping kiss. To this day, I remember how cold it was outside, how much my heart had been hurting, how much I knew I was hurting him, and how much I hated myself for hurting him. Katy nudged my side and passed me back the paper.

Yeah, well, I still wanna know what that thing is around your neck. Plus, if we both get into military, we just might MEET the robots! Won't that be soooo cool? Who would you like to see the most?

I already had an idea.

I don't think that will happen. They probably don't even exist. But if they did, I'd probably want to meet the yellow one (I think his name is Bumblebee) and the tall, blue one with red flames (His name is Optimus Prime if I remember correctly.) What about you?

She nodded and scribbled down something furiously.

The one that needed Bumblebee (?) to help him lift up the truck. The dark one with blue eyes.

Smiling, I knew exactly who she was talking about. Ever since Katy read that he was the weapons specialist of the group, she took an immediate liking. Katy is kind of weird, she isn't all girly like she looks. She loves to play sports and mess around with weapons. Of any kind.

If I recall correctly, his name is Ironhide.

She contemplated it and nodded. She was about to hand back the paper when we heard a voice.

"Jessica Samantha Witwicky please report to room 114A. Katherine Ilsa Murdock please report to conference room 16."

We both stood up, smiled and hugged each other.

"Good luck, Strawberry," She whispered to me. I laughed as we pulled away.

"You too, Rocky Road," I turned and walked in the opposite direction of her. We had given each other our nicknames after a wild night of favorite ice-creams. Long story.

After a few turns, I finally reached a door with a silver plaque atop of the door that said '114A'. Taking a deep breath and a quick kiss to the necklace, I knocked on the door quietly before walking in. The director of the Military portion (which I had been lucky enough to be with these past two years) looked in my direction and smiled.

"Ah, here she is. Gentleman, I present Miss Jessica Witwicky," He spoke in their native tongue, which today was Chinese. Both me and Katy had been schooled in a lot of Asian languages: Chinese, Vietnamese, Japanese, Korean and many more. She had caught on with some of them more quickly than me and others I had caught on more quickly than her, so we help each other study every night. Chinese, however, was one we were both skilled in. I walked up to the panel of Military men and gave them all a 90 degree bow.

"It is my pleasure to be here, sirs," The language was easy on my tongue. Raising back up, I noticed the director from earlier (Colonel James) was standing beside me. He looked up at the panel of military men, which included the current president! I suddenly felt very awkward.

"This is Jessica Witwicky, the girl I have been telling you about, sir. She has the most potential I have ever seen in my 30 years of Military training," Is that why he was so nice to me and no one else, because I have potential? "She was also there when the robots attacked the United States."

I froze in place and Colonel James put a hand on my shoulder, "It's okay, Jess. This is completely confidential. The reason I called you in here and not Katy is because you are a direct link to this. The Autobots made a mess out of Shanghai and the emporer wants a lot of money for it. I'm hoping that you would be able to convince him to be a little less harsh."

Gulping, I nodded. I hadn't talked to the president directly yet, let alone on a stressful note. I gathered myself up and stood in front of the panel, looking directly at the president.

"Sir, what is it that you exactly want from the United States to keep this under wraps?" I decided to delicately ease my way into it. He picked up a paper and put on his glasses.

"These robots have made a mess of one of our finest cities here in glorious China. I want nothing less than 1oo,ooo,ooo Yuan."

I nearly choked on air. That was $15,453,873 in American money! We didn't have that kind of money!

"Your highness, I know that you are upset about your greatest cities being completely demolished," I heard someone on the board snort, "But I fear that 1oo,ooo,ooo Yuan might be out of the question."

"Oh? And why is that?" The president leaned in, obviously eager to see what my answer was. I was beginning to get more comfortable with myself and I began to walk in front of the panel.

"Well, your highness, 1oo,ooo,ooo Yuan is converted into $15,453,873 in American money-"

"I know what it converts to."

"-If you would, please."

The president sat back, definitely interested now.

"America won't be able to provide you with all the money. So how about a compromise? Something that could equal up to the same amount with out America becoming broke?"

"Mr. President! This girl right here is just trying to convince you of an empty promise!" A man a few seats from the president exclaimed.

"Jessica is one of the most promising of any military I've trained. She does not hand out empty promises," Colonel came to my rescue. The man wanted to say something but the president held up his hand.

"Continue, Miss Witwicky."

"Thank you, sir," I nodded and returned to my spot from earlier so I could look at the entire panel, "How about care packages coupled with volunteers?"

This made him only confused. I gave a small smile.

"Let me explain. Care packages will be made in America and sent here to those affected by the attack. It will lower hospital and transportation costs. It will also lower the fury of the public if they see we're sending help rather than just sending money. We will also send volunteers to help rebuild any damage that has been caused and we will also send nurses and doctors since you might have a shortage of them. That will lower the costs of hiring any one new since they are volunteers. I'm sure America will be more than glad to donate $5oo,ooo in American money. That will equal to 3,235,435 in Yuan."

The man from earlier stood up and slammed his hands on the table, "That is way to low! Mr. President, our great country needs more!"

"Yes, but we will be cutting hospital fees in half and slashing any costs it takes to hire any more personell to treat your people and help rebuild the city. In a way, we're giving you free labor," I shot back. The man was about to say something but the emporer stood up and looked at me.

"That is enough! Xiong," He turned to the man who was glaring at me, "This young lady shows fire and passion for what she does, something you lack. All you want is money and nothing more for our people. This young lady shows compassion for people she doesn't even know. I trust her with my people, do you?"

The man, Xiong, looked positively shell-shocked that the president came to my aide. Hell, I was shocked he came to my aide! That and down right ecstatic! Who else can say that the president of China defended you? Not many. The president then turned to me.

"Miss Witwicky, we have the general in charge of the operation who aided us against the attack on a video chat. I would be honored if you would talk to him about your plan."

I couldn't hold back the giant smile threatening at my lips, but I put it at bay with a small one and I nodded. The president smiled and walked down from his seat and right up to me. He was so short! He motioned with his hand and began to walk into an adjacent room. It was mainly dark except for a huge computer screen that took up an entire wall! This thing was massive. The emporer walked up to a woman at the computer and asked her to put on NEST. I guess that's what it was called. The screen pinged and said "Waiting for request to be accepted". After a moment, a face appeared. He looked very familiar. No way...

"President Hu Jintao," the soldier bowed, it is him! The guy who defended me two years ago from Simmons! "It is a pleasure to speak with you."

"As well as you, Major Lennox," The president smiled and bowed back, "I have a representative here to speak with you and to discuss Shanghai."

General Lennox suddenly got a nervous look on his face but nodded, then the computer screen shook, "Watch it you two!"

"Yo, sorry Lennox. You know, we just messin' around!" I heard a, what I think is, a southern white trash accent.

"Yeah, Lennox, relax. You need to chill, dog!" Lennox rubbed the bridge of his nose and looked back at the screen.

"I do apologize for them. Anyways, I would like to discuss the issues if you please," The president nodded and waved me over. I walked over to him and stood next to him. I saw a look of confusion on Lennox's face. A small smile pulled at the corner of my mouth.

"General Lennox, this is my representative. Her name is Jessica Witwicky and she says she was there for the robot attack a few years ago State side."

Recognition flashed over Lennox's face, "Jess? You've grown up. You look a lot better than you did when you left."

A smile finally made itself be known, "Thank you Major Lennox. I feel a lot better than when I left. Not as sore."

That got him to smile. A serious look over came my face and I pulled out a sheet of paper.

"Alright, Major Lennox, let's get to work."

"Yo, dog! I hear a chick! Who is she!"

"I bet she's some crotchety old wo-man if you get my drift."

I heard laughter as Lennox turned around and looked over the edge, "If you two don't mind, I'm saving your asses from being taken away from each other and being experimented on."

That struck a nerve. Lennox turned around and saw the almost sick look on my face. His look immediately softened, "I'm sorry Jess. Sometimes they need to be talked to like that to get it through their thick helms. They're a bit much to handle."

I shook my head and gave him a reassuring smile, "It's okay. It's over and done. I need to get over it."

Lennox looked at me warily but nodded.

"Alright, tell me what I need to do."

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