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Chapter 12: Recruits

It has been about two months since me and Katy's arrival to NEST. Nothing had been cooked up by the Decepticons lately, so right now we were all just relaxing in the rec room. Thankfully, me and Katy don't have to wear our blazers everyday, only when important persons came along, so today was our really lazy day. I sported grey sweats and a red tank top with a thin black shawl and Katy wore black sweats with a pink tank top and a grey shawl.

"Do you guys always wear the same thing?" One of the soldiers, Mia, asked as she came into the rec room with a soda in hand. Me and Katy were sprawled on the couch, me on my side and Katy slightly on top of me. We both looked at her, looked at each other, then back at her.

"No," We said at the same time, smiling.

"That's just weird," She shook his head and laughed. Walking over to a chair, she sat down and conversed with one of the other soldiers in the room. All in all, there were about 7 of us in the rec room. Zane, a tall, dark-skinned weapons specialist with a wicked snipers eye and is from Colombia; Mia, a pretty, petite human nurse that helped Ratchet with the human patients and is from Japan; Me and Katy of course; and three other new recruits. I didn't know their names exactly, but I knew they from Europe somewhere, from their accent. There were two tall, blonde boys with blue eyes and their sister, a shorter version of them, just with longer hair. The girl was friendly but the boys mainly talked amongst themselves. They were part of the new group shipped about a two weeks ago. They had no idea what they had gotten themselves into.

They were placed into a special military program for people all over the world with the most potential to survive against all odds, including an alien attack. They showed extraordinary skills that most would have to train months, even years, to achieve and they showed it the first day they arrived. Getting up, I heard my cellphone beep. Picking it out of my pocket, I smiled when I saw the text. Bee and the Autobots had been out for about two and a half weeks on a mission. They picked up an energon reading in Kansas, Kentucky, Pennsylvania, and Washington. They figured that it was more Cybertronians and hoped it was their allies. I had gotten a few calls over the week from Bee and Optimus, Bee checking on me and Optimus on the new recruits. Lennox and them had been taken with the Autobots for back up so they shlupped all of the new recruits on me. I had been training them in basic maneuvers and operating simple machines. They have yet to see nor meet the Autobots. Reading the text, I looked over at the siblings.

"Hey, guys?" They looked over at me, "Can you come with me please?"

They nodded. Following me, I walked around the base and picked up all the new recruits. Walking into a large hangar, I turned to look at all the new recruits. There were about 2o of them, of all races and ages. There were about 14 boys and 6 girls and all were above the age of 18.

"Hey, what's this about?" One of the youngest guys asked, looking at me annoyed.

"Yeah! When are we going to get some action? It's hella boring around here!" One of his friends nudged him and they laughed. Rolling my eyes, I crossed my arms and looked skeptically at all of them.

"Alright, I know you guys are expecting something large and fanciful, right?" They all nodded, "But you don't like the idea of just sitting here and learning basic things, right?"

Again, they all nodded. Walking in front of them back and forth, I continued to talk.

"But the thing is, you guys need to learn this. I chose these two weeks to teach you guys because I knew that nothing would happen to interrupt your training. You see, you guys have been chosen to fight a war that I wish never began," I turned to look at them.

"What battle?" Hayley, a tall redhead from Georgia with a sweet accent asked quietly.

I sighed and looked at all of them, "Have any of you heard of the Mission City Battle? Perhaps the battle in the Middle East only a month or two ago?"

A few nodded.

"What do you think that was?"

A few hands rose. I pointed to one.

"A military experiment?" Milla, a curly haired girl from Brazil inquired.

"Naw, I think it was some type of terroist attack!" Reggie, a blonde hick from deep Alabama joked.

Their voices rose more and more as they all battled for their opinion to be heard.

"Alright, alright!" I held up a hand, they didn't listen. If anything, they got louder, "Yah!"

I guess that caught their attention because 2o pairs of eyes snapped up to me.

"Thank you. All of you are wrong... Sort of," I was met with confused looks. I walked up to the platform and up. The text I recieved earlier said they would be here around 14:15 and right now it was 14:1o. Lennox was always punctual (well, Epps was and Lennox was usually dragged along) so I decided to prolong it. I had a chat with Lennox a week ago and he asked about the new recruits. I told him today would probably be best if they met the Autobots and got situated with them. The sooner the better if any Decepticon attacked. Looking out at the awaiting crowd, I took a deep breath, "The attacks was a battle that wasn't our own, but me and my brother, Sam, were dragged into it unwillingly. It was between two robot races called the Autobots and Decepticons. To make a long story short, we defeated the 'Cons the first time and left us alone for two years. I was away in the IAA program-."

"What's the IAA?" Milla asked.

"International Affair's Ambassadors. Its a program for advanced high school students. How old do you guys think I am?"

I heard several shouts of 21, 22, and 23. Shaking my head, I smiled.

"I'm 19 years old. My friend Katy is also 19. We were chosen because we were advanced in our studies and showed exceptional skills that showed qualities of a future world leader. We had chosen Military and here we are now. Anyways-"

I smiled when I heard the rumble of several engines that I knew all to well.

"To shorten things up, we here at NEST work with the Autobots to protect Earth from the remaining Decepticons. You all have showed the skills that are required in a NEST operative. Cunning wit, quick actions, last minute decision making, and heart. Passion to protect your homeland. To protect your people. And that is why you have been chosen to work here at NEST."

I leaned two hands on the bar and watched a line of cars roll in. There were two new ones, so I figured that at least we didn't come home empty handed. Lennox stepped out of Ironhide and made his way up to the platform. Once on top, I saluted him and he saluted back. Turning back to the new recruits, they were staring wide-eyed at the cars. I cleared my throat and they all turned their attention back to me and Lennox.

"Recruits, this is Major Lennox. He is one of the commanding officers here at NEST. He is one of the original soldiers that fought with me and my brother and the Autobots in both Mission City and the middle east battle a few months ago. Major?"

I turned to him and smiled. He smiled back and looked out at the eager eyes of the new recruits.

"Recruits? These are the pickings this year?" He joked, "You have been picked for your uncanny talents. Whether it'd be Weapons or Battle Strategies. You are the best of the best of your age. It's only natural for you. That is why you are chosen. That is why you are here. You are here to help us, to aide us, to protect everyone you know and love under the radar. The only thing is, you probably won't be able to get credit for saving the world."

He shrugged and I slugged him in the shoulder.

"You know what? You, me, and half your men did twice and I think we turned out just fine without being treated like celebrities!"

"Says the girl who has the badge that can get her into anywhere, can get her anything, at any time," Lennox joked and I slugged him again, "Ow! Alright, alright!"

I chuckled and looked over at the Autobots in their alt. form. Bee flicked his lights twice and I looked at Lennox. He saw it as well. Turning back to the recruits, he gave them a smile.

"I assume Jess here told you about the Autobots?" They nodded, "Briefly?" Again, they nodded, "I see. Well, if you turn, you'll see them."

They all turned around and began to softly chatter. Zane turned back up to Lennox.

"What the hell are you talking 'bout? Been out in the field to long?" The recruits laughed, "These ain't nothing but expensive cars. Lamborghinis, a Camaro, a Trax, a Hummer, a souped Peterbilt? More? C'mon! You're yanking our chains! They ain't no robots!"

"Ain't no robots?" I heard Skids say. Surpressing a laugh, I saw the shocked expressions on the recruits' faces, "Shit, the little fleshy best shut up!"

"Cool your servos, Skids," I smiled. Two months with the robots and I begin speaking like them! Jeez, they're to much of an influence. I heard a chuckle and the Green Beat shot out a door and hit the Red Trax on the side. Another burst of laughter. The recruits looked around frantically, not knowing what to do, "Hey, Zane!"

His eyes snapped up to me.

"Why don't you go touch the Camaro? If it's not a robot, then it won't do anything," I winked at Bee. Zane walked up cautiously and put out a hand, looking the opposite way, closing his eyes, and slowly reached for Bee. His hand touched the smooth hood and felt around. Bee didn't do anything. Zane popped open his eyes, smiled, and smirked triumphantly at me.

"See? I think you've gone loony in the head!"

I smirked, "Fine. How about you prove me wrong and touch the TopKick?" I looked at Ironhide and saw him blink one headlight. Me and him have gotten close in the past two months. Between me liking weapons to taking them apart and clean them, Ironhide let me watch him with his guns and cannons and how he cleaned them and worked them. Sometimes he would let me help. Somehow I had managed to get under his armor. He also took a liking to Katy (much to my pleasure) and a lot of the times, the two were inseperable. I have yet to see his holoform, but I knew Ratchet was working on it.

Smiling, I watched Zane confidently walk up to the TopKick and placed a foot on the grill. What was he doing?

"If he wasn't a robot, he wouldn't mind me sitting on his hood," He smirked.

"Uh, Zane, I wouldn't do that!" I warned. Who knew what Ironhide would do? Looking at Lennox out of the corner of my eye, he looked just as concerned as me. I turned back to Ironhide and found that Zane was on top of the hood.

"Hah! See? He's not a robot!" He tapped the hood. Suddenly, it flew up and Zane went flying! He jetisoned a good 2o feet in front of Ironhide. Running down the stairs, I walked up to Zane who was holding the side of his head, "God, what the hell?"

"I told you," I crossed my arms and quirked an eyebrow.

"You didn't tell me that he was going to toss me!" He exclaimed, getting up.

"I told you not to get on him. Just to touch him. Ironhide doesn't like whiny twerps like you messing around with him!" Zane glared at me and marched right up to me, getting in my face.

"I am not a whiny twerp! Why the hell am I taking orders from you? I'm older than you," He seethed, his nose almost touching mine.

"Just because you're older doesn't mean you have authority," I growled back. I felt him tense up and took a step back slightly.

"Dude, don't," One of his friends warned. He grabbed Zane's shoulder but he shook the hand off.

"This little girl needs to be taught a lesson," He sneered and glared at me. I glared back. I won't back down to this guy who thinks that men are above women.

"I'm not a little girl," I growled. He gritted his teeth and I saw his fist clench. He wouldn't dare.

"You need to be taught a lesson!" He brought his fist up and I couldn't react in time. He cold-cocked me right between my eye and nose, my nose giving off a sickening crunch. I fell back onto my butt from the force, pressing two fingers gingerly to the wound site, and I heard someone transforming. God, he just pissed off Bee. I felt the metal hand scoop me up carefully and Bee activating his cannon, aiming it at Zane, who fell onto his butt from sheer shock and paling considerably. Bee pressed me carefully to his chest and I heard the rest of them transform. Hearing sharp gasps, I saw the recruits stare up at the Autobots in wonder. Looking up at Bee, I saw him glaring angrily at Zane.

"Bee," He whirred once but glared at Zane, "Bee, put away the cannon."

He chirped but obliged, looking down at me worriedly. I waved a hand at him.

"I think it's just fractured. A little blood, but nothing to serious. He's just hot-headed and headstrong," I smiled. He eased a little but still held me close. I looked down at Zane, "Am I yanking your chain, now?"

He shook his head rapidly and I stood on Bee's hand, him lifting it to his shoulder and letting me climb on.

"The Autobots are real. They are here. But since the Autobots are real, so are the Decepticons. This is a real war, with real deaths and real consequences. You have been especially chosen to have a priviledge to work with them. They are not just machines, they have feelings, they hurt, they have pain, but they also have the ability to hold compassion, to love. They aren't like a phone or an Xbox, they are as alive as we are, and they deserve to live like us," I look at them, angered that a lot of people don't give the Autobots a chance. They just do a double take and then run away screaming, which a lot of them look ready to do now, "Their home was destroyed and they're doing their damned best to make sure our home doesn't get destroyed like theirs. If you won't accept their hand in help, who will? We will succumb to the darkness and become slaves to the Decepticons if we continue to push the Autobots away. You all standing here before me are just a small step in the right direction. We are letting the Autobots be known little by little, easing our world into the idea that they exist, but we need your help."

"Why?" Gina, an older recruit from South Africa, looked up at me, "You look more than capable of handling this."

"I know, but that's the problem. Some of us have become too homely with the Autobots, seeing as me, my brother, Lennox, and a few other soldiers have been with them since the beginning at the battle at Mission City. People won't believe us because they believe that we've become attached to them. They'll believe you guys, however, since you guys don't know much about them. They are the good guys, they're the ones that stopped the Decepticon's each time they've attacked. And even though they usually leave a mess in their wake, they protect our Earth. And that's more important than a mess we can clean up. I'd rather be cleaning than be dead."

Some of them gulped.

"Jessica is right," Optimus spoke for the first time. I heard a few of them squeak from the sudden loud, deep voice, and I saw Optimus kneel before them. I think he was trying to get to their level so he wouldn't scare them as much, "We need your help. Jess has done more for us than we can ever repay her for, and that includes things for you guys. She's helped save the world not once but twice."

I shrugged, "Once, really. The other time I kinda... Lets just say we really do go through a tunnel with a light at the end when we die."

The recruits eyes snapped to me and a few gasped.

"You died?"



"How are you still here?"

Optimus cleared his vocal processors and they all quieted, "Yes, Jess did die, but only after saving Bee and giving me more time to gather my bearings. She is brave and courageous, passionate about saving her own race as well as be compassionate about another. Jess is a perfect example of a soldier: her heart belonging to her home but opening it to others. She will fight for her life as well as others, she'll fight to the death if it meant saving just one person. Jess is an amazing person and you all should listen to her advice with an open heart and open mind. I'm sorry to say but humans have gotten closed minded."

I heard a few complaints and Optimus stood up and looked at me apologetically. Standing up from Bee's shoulder (I had just sat down, too!), I put a hand on his helm and felt him snuggle closer to my side. Looking over my recruits, I felt a bit of anger bubbling up in me.

"Yah!" They all quieted and looked at me, "Optimus is right. We have gotten closed minded. If I hadn't told you guys what the Autobots were, wouldn't you have ran and screamed when they transformed? Even after I told you, you guys looked like you wanted to bolt. So don't you dare sit there and say you're not closed minded, because that's a perfect example of it! If someone had answered a question completely wrong for the upteenth, you would brand them as stupid. But in reality he or she might be a bit slower than you. And if that is so, you wouldn't want to hang out with a slow person, it'd ruin your rep. Or if you saw a girl walking around with a bunch of make-up on, you'd brand her as a whore when she might be covering up bruises her boyfriend has given her every night after he comes home drunk. Or if you saw a 15 year old girl walking around with a two year old child, you'd brand her as a slut when she might've been raped at 13 and didn't have money for abortion. People have gotten so closed minded, it's led others to suicide, so don't you dare sit there and tell me we've gotten closed minded!"

At that point, I was on a roll. It really did anger me how closed minded people have become nowadays and it saddened me to see people take their lives because of it. I had clenched my fists slightly as the recruits went from speechless to ashamed and embarassed. My expression softened.

"I'm sorry if I have upset you all, but the world nowadays is in dire need of help if the Decepticons continue to attack, and if people are still closed minded about it, the Autobots won't be able to help. We need their help and some of us keep pushing them away. We need your help to try to convince them that the Autobots are here to help."

I looked at each and everyone of them, meeting with each eye-to-eye. Standing taller, I finally looked at the Autobots. They were in a half circle around the recruits and I smiled. They have become my family and comrades, the ones I would put my life on the line for, the ones I knew would do the same for me. We've gone through so much together and it's created a bond between us that's incredibly hard to break. I finally landed on Bee. My Bee. The one who's been with me since the very beginning. I smiled at him and his eyes shined a tad brighter, happiness clearly showing in them. I finally turned to the recruits.

"I trust these bots with my life. I would put my life on the line just to save them, as I have before, and I know they would do the same for me. We're not only comrades. We're family. They are just like us humans, but sometimes us humans act like the aliens and can't seem to see past the armor. I have. And I've found something wonderful."

I felt Bee whir softly and lean into my body again. Smiling, I drew small circles on his helm with my hand that was supporting me.

"I've taken the challenge to help them in their quest to rid our world of Decepticons. I've taken the challenge to save the world thanklessly, just for the satisfaction that'd another baby will be born and another child will live to play with his or her friends the next day because of me. I've taken the challenge to keep this massive secrets under wraps from even my closest of friends that aren't here on NEST to protect them. I've taken the challenge to save my world. The question is...

Will you?"

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