The next morning, after Kenichi and Miu get to school for another usual school day today, Tsuna goes to the Shirahama house and knocks on the front door. His aunt Saori Shirahama, who is his mother's younger sister by birth, answers the door and lets Tsuna in. Tsuna walks in the house, takes his shoes off at the entrance, and enters the actual house. Kenichi's mother closes the door behind her before showing and leading Tsuna to the living room, where there is a box of things for her nephew Tsuna for his new school as a transfer student, including his new school uniforms. Tsuna thanks his aunt while hugging her and says, "Don't worry, my kaa-san already knows I'll be transferring to cousin Kenichi's school in the same year as him so she is okay with the idea of me attending Koryou High School with cousin Kenichi." Tsuna's aunt hugs him back and nods in agreement and understanding. After the hug ends, Tsuna bids his aunt goodbye before he leaves the Shirahama house, carrying the box for his new transfer school in his arms. Saori bids him goodbye and wishes him luck this coming Monday morning on his first day as a new transfer student at Koryou High School as she sees him leave and head back to the Ryozanpaku dojo.

Once Tsuna reaches Ryozanpaku and gets to his disciple's room at the dojo, he unpacks all the stuff from the box and puts everything away in their proper place in the room before he and Reborn head to Namimori and go to the Sawada household. As soon as both Reborn and Tsuna reach the Sawada house in Namimori, Nana Sawada lets her son go to his room with his home tutor and gather up the remainder of all of his belongings. When Tsuna finishes gathering the remainder of all of his belongings, both Tsuna and Reborn bid goodbye for now to Tsuna's mother and vice versa before Reborn and Tsuna both head back to the Ryozanpaku dojo.

As soon as Tsuna and Reborn reach the dojo and get back to Tsuna's disciple's room, Tsuna unpacks the belongings he and Reborn got from his house in Namimori and puts everything away in their place in the room. By the time Tsuna finishes doing so, Kenichi and Miu are back from their day at school. Tsuna then joins Kenichi in starting their daily trainings for the day as the dojo's two disciples.