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One ordinary school weekday morning, a whole mob of students is crowded in one hallway of the school, Sternbild High School. Karina Lyle was walking in the hallways, when suddenly; she sees the mob of students crowded around a bulletin board in one of the hallways of Sternbild High School. Out of curiosity, she goes to see what everyone is looking at and talking amongst themselves about. As soon as she makes her way to the front of the crowding, she gasps in shock at what she sees that everyone is gawking at and gossiping about, on public display on the bulletin board of that hallway, is the love note she herself wrote to one of the most popular guys in school, Yuichi Moriyama, confessing her feelings for him. The second everyone in the crowding realizes that she Karina wrote the very note on display for everyone to see, they all start laughing at her. This occurs until the end of the school day today, which is a bit of a relief for Karina as she heads to her secret job as a Hero.

This evening, while Fire Emblem and Dragon Kid are out on a mission, the rest of the Heroes continue to train and workout in the training area for the Heroes. Blue Rose trains harder and harder, and the other Heroes training with her all assume that she is training like she usually does, except for Wild Tiger, who can sense something is on her mind. When all the other Heroes leave the training area, except Blue Rose and Wild Tiger, Wild Tiger walks up to Blue Rose and says to her gently, "Hey Blue Rose, is there something on your mind? You look a little down, is there something wrong?" Blue Rose in her regular self, Karina Lyle, looks at Wild Tiger in his regular self, Kotetsu Kaburagi, and sighs, feeling she might as well tell him, and responds, "Actually there is something on my mind that is wrong and bugging me." Kotetsu asks Karina softly, "Do you want to tell me what that thing is? Maybe I can help." Karina nods and looks at Kotetsu face-to-face and answers him by telling him what happened in school today and how she was publicly embarrassed by one of the most popular guys at her school, who she had a crush on.

After she finishes telling him the whole story about what happened until the time she left school and got here, Kotetsu pulls her into a warm, comforting hug with his tanned strong arms and starts comforting her. Karina blushes slightly at the suddenness of the hug and comforting from Kotetsu and, feeling she can trust him with anything, decides, to let it all out and pour everything she's been hiding all day, out to him, also starting to feel something special start to build up inside her from this bonding time, but she just doesn't know what.

As soon as Karina has calmed down a little, Kotetsu continues to comfort her in a warm embrace, murmuring things to her softly in her ear. One of the things he murmurs to her gently and softly in her ear, while comforting her more, is, "It's going to be okay, the fact that he did that means that he ever deserved you, no matter what, in a million years. You are so far above him and so much more special and it is not because you are secretly a Hero. So cheer up, keep your head high and remember what I've said, no matter what happens at school, ok Blue Rose?" She nods feeling much better as he finishes comforting her a few hours later and gives him a big bear hug in gratitude for what he just did for her. He returns the hug back to her and after the hug is over, he says, "So, shall I give you a ride home?" She nods, accepting his offer as they leave the premises.

Kotetsu gives Karina a ride back to her house, where she lives with her parents, and walks her to the door like a gentleman. The darkness of the night hides Karina's full blush as he does so when he walks her to the door of her house, to which she is grateful. Before he leaves and she walks in her house and goes to her room to sleep, Kotetsu reminds her that if she ever needs anything, she can always come to him, after they both bid each other goodnight. She nods and walks in her house and goes to her room and falls asleep in her bed while Kotetsu drives to his apartment and goes to sleep in his lonely apartment. That night, as Karina sleeps, she dreams of her true "dream man" that she works with, meant just for her, with tanned skin and dark hair, and a beard.

Author's Note: That was Chapter 1. I'm sorry if this chapter is kinda short. I wasn't so sure about the name of the school Karina went to, so I guessed, and as for the guy who broke her heart and embarrassed her, I made up that character. If Karina seemed a little OOC, I'm sorry for that. Please review and tell me what you think. This is my first T&B fic so please be gentle.