A couple of days later, at Sternbild High School, Karina Lyle is sitting at her desk in her English class this morning, learning with the rest of the students in her class, when all of a sudden, the school student council president of her grade, Takeshi Nakamura comes into the classroom and gets her English teacher's permission to interrupt so that he can tell the class something. The English teacher lets Takeshi speak at the front of the class. Takeshi clears his throat and says, "I have a very important announcement to make." He soon gets the class's attention and now starts to say, "As you know, we at the Student Council of our grade have been meeting to discuss possible plans and ideas for this year's spring formal dance. I am happy to announce that the Student Council has come to a couple of unanimously agreed decision about the dance." The students perk up hearing this, wanting to hear more. He now continues, "The theme of the spring formal dance will be a costumed masquerade ball. The dance will be held at the Sternbild Marriot Hotel and masquerade masks are required to be worn while at the dance. And as always, the same rules apply for the spring formal dance that applies for all dances and other school-sponsored events." He then finishes up, thanks the class for their time, and leaves the classroom.

After he has left the classroom, the English teacher of that classroom resumes teaching their lesson and lecture for today. Karina's English teacher continues to do so until the end of the class period today. As soon as the class period ends for today, Karina and her classmates go to their next classes for the remainder of the school day.

Later that afternoon, as soon as the school day for today ends, Karina heads to work after leaving the school. She hurries to get to work, as she starts to think of something. She soon gets to the headquarters and starts training, being on standby until she is called into action just like the other Heroes are doing. As Karina keeps training with the other Heroes at the headquarters, she sees Nathan, the Hero known as Fire Emblem, walk up to Kotetsu Kaburagi, the Hero known as Wild Tiger, and strike out when trying to ask Kotetsu out for a date. She continues her training as she mentally smirks and grins to herself, figuring that she herself may have a chance at love with Kotetsu. Nathan gets back to his training and working out now. Soon, when her agent calls her, Karina answers the call, taking the call to a private place so she can talk to her agent. She gets to a private place and starts talking to her agent. During the call so far, her agent notices that she has a little smile on her face, and asks Karina, "So is there anything on your mind that you wanted to ask me?" Karina nods and answers, "As a matter of fact, there is something." Karina's agent asks her what that something is and Karina says to her agent, "I was thinking, maybe it would be a good idea to if Blue Rose team up with Wild Tiger and Wild Tiger alone, some more in fighting crime in the city." Her agent thinks about it for a second and says, "Are you sure about that? Because technically Wild Tiger is on a two-man team with Barnaby." Karina says, "I know, I know, but I just figured that it might be a good idea to have a nice change in scenery, so to speak, for Wild Tiger, don't you think? That way it takes way the mundane routine he would usually be used to." Her agent sees her point and says before the call ends, "I'll see what I can do, ok?" She nods and hangs up the call at the same time her agent does, then goes back to training and working out with the other Heroes.

Karina resumes training and working out with the other Heroes and sees Kotetsu training and working out by himself, all pumped up and fired up, filled with positive energy and lively vigor, while Barnaby works out by himself. She smiles to herself as she sees that while she continues to train and work out with the other Heroes more. Barnaby isn't sure why Kotetsu has started to work out and train like that all of a sudden, but he does think that this might be unusual behavior for Kotetsu.

It's not long after that before the Heroes Dragon Kid, Wild Tiger and Barnaby, Blue Rose, Fire Emblem, Sky High, and Origami Cyclone are all called into action over the course of an hour and a half, each Hero to a separate place, and in Wild Tiger and Barnaby's case, the same place since the two of them work as a team. The Heroes all suit up and head out to their respective locations to fight crime after respectively being called into action. Blue Rose goes to one part of the city while Barnaby and Wild Tiger go to another part of the city. While Blue Rose's crime fighting is broadcasted on Heroes TV along with the other Heroes', Karina's agent sees what they can do about the idea Karina suggested to them.

With the Heroes Barnaby and Wild Tiger, they get to the location where they were sent to capture a criminal, they both see a female NEXT who can cast curses of infatuation on whoever she chooses and points her "love ray" at. Both Heroes try to reason with the female NEXT criminal, but she refuses to listen. Once they both see that there is no calmly talking it out with her, they both activate their Hundred Powers and start fighting alongside each other as a team to try and capture the criminal female NEXT. As they both do so, Wild Tiger keeps getting closer and closer to pinning her down so both he and Barnaby can capture the criminal. At one point, the criminal gets almost completely pinned down by Wild Tiger, but then she decides to fight back by using her NEXT power in a particular way; to make Wild Tiger the object of a lot of people's affections and infatuations and desires and lusts. She does such a thing to Wild Tiger, before Wild Tiger, not realizing what has just happened to him, soon makes a quick capture and arrest of this particular criminal, earning them points. After the police have taken the criminal into custody from them, Barnaby wonders what exactly that NEXT did to Wild Tiger, not knowing what she did to Wild Tiger himself.

By the end of the night, Kotetsu heads to his lonely apartment unaware of what that female NEXT criminal has done to him tonight. As soon as he walks in his apartment, he goes straight to bed, falling asleep in his bed. A weird dream starts to plague Kotetsu as he sleeps tonight. Meanwhile, Karina Lyle finishes getting ready for bed and goes to sleep in her bed in her room at her house. As Karina sleeps tonight, romantic dreams of Kotetsu and her continue to exist in her dream tonight.

Author's Note: This was the third chapter. I made up the student council president character of Karina's grade, in case it wasn't already obvious. Please review and tell me what you think.