Chapter 3 Begging, tears, anger and school shopping oh my.

Samantha Puckett was fast asleep her blankets surrounding her like she was in a cocoon, to anyone she looked at ease peaceful but don't be fooled because what she dreaming about was anything but peaceful, it was downright terrifying. Which is probably why she reacted that way when she felt the icy cold water hit her everywhere. She sprung up like a jack in the box holding her throat and screaming. Pam Puckett who had thrown water on her daughter quickly put the bowl on the nightstand before kneeling in front of her she clasped her hand around her mouth to muffle her yells. "Samantha, stop screaming your safe she can't hurt you anymore she's gone." It didn't work though Samantha was still thrashing on the bed both hands flailing about while her mom hand her hand firmly on her mouth. "Samantha I need you to stop, if you think this is getting you out of the move your wrong." Samantha continued thrashing around even going as far to bite her mom's hand in an attempt to free her mouth. Pam just harden her hold on Samantha's mouth while her another one grabbed Sam around her waist. "Samantha Caroline Puckett, I will only let you go if you shut up and stop all this moving." If you don't I will take you to Radley myself this time you got it!" Samantha swiftly nodded her head, promising not to scream or thrash anymore. Pam Puckett quickly released her daughter from her grasp and stood up heading for the door. Samantha on the other hand fell to her knees taking slow deep breathes trying to get her breathing back to normal. "You have fifteen minuets to get ready and get your butt down stairs for the lovely breakfast your aunt and cousin are making." Samantha just sat there looking at her mother with shock. How could my mother just be so cold to me after what just happened. She thought. Whenever these things happened her mom was usually so sweet and nurturing not this time, that's when the shocked quickly turned to hate and anger. "You could have killed me you crazy bitch!" Sam crocked out barley above a whisper. Pam quickly walked back to where her daughter sat. "You be very glad I didn't Samantha, after what you pulled you should be at least in the hospital." Pam sneered in her daughters face. "What are talking about?" Samantha asked generally confused. Was my mom still on the whole flooding the whole school that was a week ago she needs to get over it. "Look mom im sorry about the school flooding at the time I thought it was the chizz, but it was wrong so im sorry." Samantha felt like throwing up she only every apologized to Carly or the nub she had never apologized to her mother, it felt so unnatural. Would the weird taste ever go away? That's not what im talking about and you know it. Pam whispered her eyes glazed over with anger and something else that Samantha couldn't detect. "I know you want to stay in Seattle but faking this what you just did was low, you know what me and your father went through to try and get you back to before what happened and you go and a make a joke of it." That's when Samantha finally got it. Her mom wasn't anger about some prank she was angry because she thought her episode as they liked to call them was a prank. She was going to protest and tell her mom it was real but when Pam brought up the man that had left them she decided against it, besides her mom wouldn't believe her. She stopped believing anything Samantha said years ago, and no amount of therapy could change that, not without digging into an unwanted past. "Like I said you have fifteen minuets to get ready it's already 10:15 I want to leave this house by at least 11:00 o clock. With that said pam Puckett walked out the door gently closing it behind her, leaving Samantha alone with her thoughts as she got ready.

Toby turn off your alarm, Spencer yelled throwing his pillow towards where he thought the noise was coming from. "Im up, Sam please don't hurt me!" Freddie shot up from the mattress on the floor his arms covering his face. "Don't have an alarm that was my laptop, and you have really bad aim." Spencer looked at where Toby's laptop was and sure enough it was sitting across the room, beeping with messages and a video chat, his pillow nowhere near it. "Where had his pillow gone then? "Seriously, why am I always the one being abused?" Freddie held up the pillow that smacked him in the head a look of annoyance on his face. Toby chuckled. "Seriously dude do I look like your personal punching bag." Freddie yelled glaring at Spencer who was sitting up on the couch. "In my defense I thought you were his alarm clock. Spencer replied pointing at Toby, who was sitting at his desk. "Wow, I wasn't aware I was Toby's alarm clock." Freddie replied sarcastically. Before Spencer could say something stupid Toby spoke up. "Guys we have a guest." Toby gestured towards his laptop. Spencer leaped from the guest bed almost running towards Toby's desk. "Ooh is it the pretty female Spencer?" Freddie shook his head and chuckled at Spencer's odd childlike behavior. "Why are you talking to a picture of Spencer?" "Spencer replied looking creped out. Freddie and Toby both rolled their eyes while Spencer started laughing, at how clueless male Spencer was. "Whoa who was that laughing is this house haunted?" Spencer's eyes went wide and he started looking around the room crazily. "No Spence, it's me Spencer on the laptop, and no the laptop is not hunted nor am I trapped in it." Spencer explained while trying to stifle her laughs in. "Oh then how come we can't see you only your picture?" "Because her laptop webcam probably isn't working." Freddie replied for Spencer. "Oh so you can't see us that's a relief." Spencer wiped imaginary sweat off his brow. "Actually my webcam is the one that's not working so you guys can't see me, but I can still see you." "Nice SpongeBob boxers by the way." Male Spencer looked down in embarrassment before running towards the door." "Unless his clothes are already in the restroom im guessing he left them in here." "You guessed right, and as your reward I will be leaving you both to your talk." "We're not kicking you out if you want to stay and chat with us you can." "Thanks, but I think I should go give Spence some clothes don't want him making anyone uncomfortable or angry." "You might want to grab a set of clothes for you too, twilight lover." Toby chuckled. Spencer's sarcastic sense of humor was one of the many things he loved about her. He snapped out of it when he heard spencer's voice. "Whatever Harry Potter beats twilight." Spencer yelled. "Harry Potter." Toby stated his baby blue eyes twinkling and an amused smile on his face. "Uh yeah Harry Potter has and always will kick twilights butt." "Whatever you say Spencer." "Don't tell me your die hard twilight fan!" Spencer exclaimed shocked. Toby playfully rolled his eyes. "Seriously Spencer, you're as bad as Sam when it comes those movies." "Sam's a twilight fan? "Nope she hates twilight, doesn't like Harry Potter, loves Hunger games though, I meant you both crazy for some kind of Sic fi movies." "Okay well I should be going, I have to meet the girls in half an hour, but not before I hear your opinion on these movies." "If you're asking which movies are my favorite, Harry Potter my mom and I used to watch the movies all the time." "This is one of the reasons we work so well together." "I will talk to you later." "Hey Spence before you go, did you think any more about what we were talking about before the guys woke up?" "Yes I have." "I would be happy to show her around school help her in any of her classes, but I can't look over her like she's some sort of child, besides she seems like she can handle herself. "Thanks for willing to show her around, and I know she can handle herself im more worried of what kind of trouble she will get into." "I love my cousin but trouble always seems to follow her, and since I can't be there I was hoping you would." "I know Toby and im really sorry, but I just can't, goodbye." Toby sighed. Spencer disconnected the video chat before he could get a word in himself. "Toby breakfast is ready get down here." Toby got up and made his way out his room. He rolled his eyes. The only reason his step mom was making a big happy breakfast was only to impress people of how wonderful she can be. She never made breakfast for them she usually had Toby make it, or they get breakfast on the go. Jenna from Rosewood high and he from Apple rose grill or Spencer's house.

Spencer sat at a booth in the back of the Apple Rose grill, waiting for her three best friends to arrive. She knew they were taking an even bigger risk hanging out in public, but Hanna had texted them so to meet her there, and Spencer wasn't about to ignore a SOS from her best friend. She figured Hanna would be the first one here since she sent the SOS but it wouldn't be Hanna if she wasn't fashionably late even for her own meeting. She didn't have to wait that long as she spotted her Petite pixie like friend practically stomping her way over to the booth black glasses covering half her face. If her hair was a little wavier and she had a cane in her hand she could be Jenna's twin. "I hope my parents don't catch us they yelled so much last night I just wanted to pull a Van Gogh." "Really Aria should I have you under 24 hour surveillance my tiny art loving friend." "Is that why you're so moody this morning?" "Funny Spence, and yeah wasn't the best conversation to have with them, I rather have had your parents to deal with." "Wow must've been bad if you want to take punishment from the Hastings lawyers." "Yeah well with punishment comes guilt presents." "I stopped getting guilt gifts when I was like twelve, now all I get are stern looks and long lectures." "Still would have taken one of those over what happened last night." "What exactly did happen last night Aria?" Spencer asked twirling her fingers around her cup of coffee. "After Hanna left my house an hour later my parents came home and I guess they had some sort of argument and my mom finding 27 dresses did not help." "When my dad heard it was Hanna's I tried to pass it off like she left it there before but they both knew she had been there." "Then my mom told my dad about what happened in class, to say he wasn't happy started screaming at my mom for not keeping a better eye on me." "After an almost hour of hearing them bicker at each other occasionally scolding me for going behind their backs, punishment included a college course at Hollis and double therapy session. "You seriously wanted to trade parents, Aria your punishment is a piece of cake." "How do you figure that, did you not hear what happened last night?" "Yeah I know your parents going at each other's throats wasn't pleasant but as your punishment you get to take a college course of your choice and a little extra therapy time." Aria was about to reply when she saw Emily and Hanna approaching them. "Will talk about this later." Aria mouthed, Spencer just nodded. "Hey guys I hope I didn't keep you waiting." Emily sat down next to Aria her voice laced with worry." "Not really we just got here." Aria smiled at her two friends. "Hey Spence Emily, and Aria?" ""I mean seriously Aria its noon nobody wears glasses indoors except for the blind and freaks. "Hanna stop being rude and tell us why you called us out here." Spencer demanded getting right down to business. Okay but first is anyone going to tell me why tiny her looks like she stepped out of the Jenna cloning vortex!" "Ha-ha very funny Han." Aria took off her glasses giving her friend an (Can you just tell us why we're here look.) Hanna rolled her baby blue eyes at her friend, while grabbing a chair and sitting in front of them." The three girls all exchanged confused glances. "I know you all are wondering why I called this meeting." Spencer looked at Emily and Aria's annoyed confused faces, she sighed internally somehow she had a feeling this had nothing to do with A. "Meeting, you called a SOS then were late for it and know you're calling it a meeting, does this even have anything to do with the dark one!" Spencer blurted out annoyed at her friends calm demeanor. She was the one that called an SOS as in emergency 911. "Seriously Spence, can't there be one happy moment where we can forget that bitch even exists!" Spencer gave her blonde friend a look that said you better tell us what this is all about before I slap you. "Ugh fine, you know how this years end of the year dance is going to be a masquerade ball?" "Where did you hear that?" Emily asked confused. Hanna shrugged. "Around." "Han that's other rumor last week I heard it was going to zombie apocalypse theme." Aria rolled her eyes. "I don't even get why people are talking about this dance, it's not until the end of the year." "I agree with Emily, Han this dance is not important news." Spencer reached for her dark chocolate 2010 coach bag making her way out of the booth. "If that is what you called us here for, then I will be leaving seeing as I have a lot to do." "Spencer this may not be important to you but it is to the rest of us okay." "This is a project away from all this A drama something happy to look forward to." Hanna half yelled half whispered. "Spencer snorted. "Yeah and how long until A gets a whiff of it and comes barging in on all the fun." Hanna rolled her eyes. "Okay we know what Nancy drew is thinking what about you two. Hanna said turning to face Aria and Emily. "I think you need to stop saying what's important to everyone." Emily replied a look of anger on her face. "Okay so it's not important to you, but don't you want something that you can look forward to help take our minds off this drama." Emily sighed loudly. "Hanna what's the point, Spencer's right A just going to find a way to barge in on all the fun like it always does." Emily scooted out of the booth then turned to look at Spencer. "You mind dropping me off at Rosewood high I want to get some extra swimming in today." "Sure, Aria you need a ride too?" "Wow you don't even offer me one nice one Spence. Hanna glared at her friend. "Both of you stop, before it gets ugly." "I have my car thanks though Spencer, and Hanna we can talk about the dance when it gets closer but next time you send us and SOS you better be hanging off a cliff." Aria replied half joking half serious. Spencer and Emily left after hearing Aria's little joke, while Hanna stayed in the booth and Aria found another table across the room.

"I still can't believe you did that to your cousin it was a little harsh." Sam turned away from the shelf of black boots, with zippers spikes rope chains etc., to look at the brown headed boy in front of her. "Okay let's get two things straight dude." "One My stupid uncle married her dumb mom making us all suffer so that makes the bitch my step cousin emphasis on the step." "Really Samantha I know Toby's mom was your favorite aunt and all but just because she's gone doesn't mean Mrs. Marshall is trying to replace her, I know you're afraid of losing Toby to Jenna but that would never happen." "Besides I got the feeling they weren't that close." I know he's trying to help but he has no idea on my family/nonfamily issues. Sam thought to herself. "Dude stop trying to psycho analyze me you have no idea what you're talking about." Sam yelled at the guy waving her hands in the air angrily. "Just leave me alone and go help my mom or Carly." Sam then turned back around to face the boots. "What was number two?" She glanced at the guy an irritated look on her face. "What?" "What was the second reason you did that to her." "You act like I beat her up, I just threw pieces of toast at her." "Yeah, like she was a duck." "More like a blind duck." Sam said trying to hold in her laughter. The guy gave her a look clearly unamused "Look you've know me for years, and you can't expect me to change my whole attitude just because im with you." "You know I never asked you to change, I just thought you be a lot nicer to family." "Step family and who are you to judge me, I heard you telling Toby that she was creepy." He sighed in frustration. "I only said it, I didn't treat her like a farm animal that was low." "It was fun that's number 2, now leave me alone." Sam grabbed a box of boots before turning around and stomping angrily away.

So how do you think Sam will adapt to living in Rosewood?" Carly nervously asked the older women walking next to her. "Fine, she's a good kid." Carly stared at the women with disbelief. "Then why are you sending her away if she's such a good kid." Carly demanded. "Do you think Sam would like yellow notebooks or black?" "I think she would like to continue to live in Seattle Washington." Carly yelled trying to get the women to pay attention to her. "Carly I only want what's best for my daughter, someday you'll understand." Pam pulled the shopping cart to small stand that displayed various pens, pencils, mechanical pencils, highlighters etc. "Oh come on that's what all grownups say." Carly half whined half yelled. Pam rolled her eyes at her daughters nagging best friend. "Look kid you can beg and plea till the cows come home but Samantha is leaving Seattle and Ridgeway." Pam turned to walk to the aisle that held the binders. "Why do you want to take my best friend away from me?" Carly nearly whispered a sob threatening to escape. Pam closed her eyes rubbing her temples. "Damn it kid." She muttered under her breathe. She turned around to face the young girl who was wiping the tears that had fallen down her cheeks. "Carly im not doing this to hurt you or Samantha, im doing this to help her." "H-how I-is t- taking her f-from everything a-a-and everybody she knows helping her." Carly sobbed out. "You will understand over time." Carly wiped away her remaining tears, held back her sobs and gave the women a glare that could freeze hell over. "STOP TREATING ME LIKE SOME STUPID LITTLE KID IM SIXTEEN AND I WANT THE TRUTH!" Carly yelled surprising Pam Puckett and a few fellow shoppers as well. Carly shay I know your upset and I know how much you care for my daughter, but if you ever do that again I will see to it that not only will Samantha live in rosewood I will also not let her come home to visit and do that little web show of yours anymore." "You sure know how to ruin a surprise don't you Carly." "What-what are you talking about?" Carly asked confused. I have a friend that works at Rosewood international airport he is willing to fly Samantha to and from Seattle free of charge for as long as she wants or needs, apparently his son and daughter are huge ICarly fans." "Are you serious?" Carly asked shocked that Pam Puckett was doing something nice, and for her daughter none the less. "Yeah I know how important her friends are to her and that little web show you all do." Carly gave a small smile. "That's very nice and all but I just think that it would benefit as all to have Sam with us in Seattle maybe when we graduate we can start college in Rosewood, but uh for now Sam should stay with her family." "I know and that is why she is staying with my brother in law his wife and her cousins, she deserves to have this chance to get to know what a real family is like, Carly please don't take this away from her." Pam pleaded with the young girl in front of her. Carly could have sworn she saw tears well up in her eyes. "I know I'm not the best mother and you all probably think by shipping Melody off I did it for me but I did it for her. She is such a lovely smart girl she deserves to be able to have as many choices in life to not have anyone pushing her down. She deserved to be free happy and not give up on her dreams. "Yeah but Sam's not melody she's her own person." "Samantha doesn't know what she wants out of life she has always been comfortable, at home, school, with her friends she hates when things change she doesn't do well with it." "That's why I'm pushing her into this move because maybe if she is away from everything she loves and knows is used to she will learn to grow and fly on her own, that kid may end up surprisingly all of us." Carly sighed there was no way she was going to win this battle with Pam Puckett, she obviously had her heart set on Sam moving, but she could convince Spencer to let her move here maybe even Freddie could get permission too. Yay so nothing has to change and they can continue ICarly. A big smile was placed upon Carly's face "You know what Ms. Puckett I think that's a sweet thing you're doing for both you daughters I won't stand in Sam's way." Pam smiled back, finally happy the kid got it.

Swimming was her escape her way of letting go of everything bad that has happened in her life and just locking it in a bottle until she was done. You would think that a teenager girl swimming alone in Rosewood's pool on a Saturday afternoon could be dangerous, especially when that said girl has been stalked by some crazy person for months. Except that she wasn't alone, her best friend was with her helping her improve on her swim time. There was no way A could get into the school and if they did they would need the set of keys to the pool area and only swimmers had them. Emily came up for air wiping the water off her face, she was feeling pumped up this was her best time yet. She turned to look at her friend's head popping up from the water she was gasping for air as she held the metal railing. "Tired already?" Emily asked an amused smile grazing her lips. The girl took a couple breathes before giving her friend a glare. "Of course not, I could go for another lap." "Really because you seem like you could use a rest." "Are you saying you don't think I could go another lap because I can?" "I can swim just as long as you can, maybe even longer." The cocky girl with mocha color eyes, replied with a challenging tone. "You really want to challenge me after that?" She replied with a look of disbelief on her face. "You know I love you but you don't have to dominate at everything you do." "Is this your polite way of saying you don't think I can do it?" The girl with the mocha color eyes replied with a look of anger. "Im just saying stick to what you know, you haven't been doing this since you were eight. "I'll have you know I taught myself to swim at the age of five with no help from anyone." She rolled her eyes at her mocha color eyed friend, she loved her to death but she always had to be competitive even in a conversation. She knew it wasn't her fault if she had her life she problem being doing the same thing. "That's quite impressive I didn't start learning until I was at least three, quickly grasped at the age of four. The mocha eyed girl glared at her best friend. "Are really trying to challenge me over a challenge Em?" The mocha color eyed girl asked with an eyebrow raised. "Seriously where'd you get that from I only stated a fact that I been swimming longer." The mocha color eyed girl rolled her eyes. She was about to protest when Emily continued. "It doesn't really matter who's been swimming longer, because I can honestly say if I learned how to swim at eight I still would have been able to kick your butt." "Like I have been doing for the past hour a half." "Okay that's it I don't care if you think you're the queen of sharks but im taking you down lets go one more lap." Emily shock her head at her very competitive friend. She knew she wasn't going to let this go anytime soon, and as much as Emily loved swimming she wasn't up for an all-day debate. "All right Ms. Debate lets go one more lap, but I must warn you nobody can dethrone the queen of sharks" with one last smirk at each other they were off. Both thinking the same thing I have to win. Emily's reason being that she was the captain of the swim team, whiles her friends reason was that she always had to be the best at everything.

"So why are we at the super market?" I'm going to put up one of the flyers I made about construction work on this bulletin board." "Why? I thought you got the job in Yardley." "I did but I don't have enough money for tools or a truck." "Oh." "Well what are we doing after this."? "Putting up more flyers around town." Toby replied while he stapled the flyer to the board. "Oh, cool." "And I thought we could grab some pizza for dinner." "Its barley 1:30, and I thought your mom was making dinner?" "we still have a lot more flyers to put up, if anything we can grab lunch hang out meet up with Sam and her friends then grab dinner." "That's why we are buying pizza, did you even see we had for breakfast." Toby walked out the store Spencer in to. "See it I couldn't identify what it was, your mom needs to stick to her day job." Toby made a gesture for Spencer to stop. "She's not my real mom she's my step mom, my real one died a couple years back." Toby said a solemn expression on his face. "Oh man, im so sorry you must really miss her huh." "Every day of my life." "I may not know what it's like to lose a parent to death but my mom left us when I was seven Carly was just a baby she thinks our mom died giving birth to her." "My dad never wanted Carly to hate our mom so he had her die like a hero, you know she died to give your life kind of thing." Toby smiled at his new friend. They both started walking towards, Toby's dads car but stopped they heard someone yelling Toby's name. "Hey Toby." "Hey Jason, what do you need?" "Work done outside my house. "Do you think you could help me out?" Jason asked while pointing to the flyer Toby hung up minutes ago. "Sure, when do you need me to start?" "This Monday around eight thirty, well talk business when you get to my house." "Yeah I'll be there." "Cool see you then man." Toby gave a slight nod before continuing his walk to his dad's car with spencer in tow and him smiling the whole way. Maybe know that someone was giving him a chance at a job he can start to prove to people that he wasn't the monster he was made out to be. Just maybe this could be another reason to stay in Rosewood. "Pizza time right man?" Spencer asked his face mimicking a child on Christmas day. "I thought we agreed we were getting pizza for dinner? Spencer shrugged. "Im feeling more pizza for lunch, ooh we could grab Chinese food for dinner though" Toby let out a small chuckle. It amazed him how spencer could get so excited even by changing getting a pizza to Chinese food , but none the less he put on an equally eager face and yelled Chinese time before sending out a text to his cousin and then starting the car.

Sam was in the rental car her mom picked up the day before, she thought it was stupid for her mom to get one when she was leaving Tuesday morning and would have to return it Monday afternoon at the latest. She didn't think it was worth how much she was paying for almost three days. It's not like whatever Sam said mattered to her mother anyway she just ignored it or started a fight. Like now for instance Pam Puckett was screaming at Sam for targets lack of school supplies and how she wasted two hours in that stupid store when they could have just gone to staples. Sam was sitting in the passenger seat looking out the window while ignoring everything being yelled at her she did even flinch at it, since she was so used to it. Her friends on the other hand weren't so used to it and looked horrified at what they were hearing especially Freddie. She sighed. Her friends knew they didn't get along but they had no idea how her mom treated her and how Sam avoided it most of the time. She looked at Carly through the rearview mirror to see her giving her a disappointed look, surely Carly didn't actually believe the yelling was her fault did her? Sam's thoughts were interrupted when her mom slammed on the brakes so hard Sam had to put her hands in front of her to keep with colliding her face with windshield. "What the hell is wrong with you Pam?" Sam yelled turning to face her mother who wore a smirk on her face. "You could have killed me and my friends." "I hope this move will teach you how to talk because it's my friends and I. Sam rolled her eyes. Of course her mother would try and give her a grammar listen trying to prove she was a good mother when no more than a mine ago she was screaming at her. "Actually, Sam had it right first if your ending a sentence you would say my friends and me you wouldn't- Sam shot Freddie a death glare. "Ill shut up now." "You know Samantha none of this wouldn't have happened if you hadn't insisted on going to that dumb store, and just listen to where I had planned for us to go." "You know after all the school shopping was done I had plans, I was going to take you and you friends to the mall." "Then we grab some pizza for lunch and later tonight the apple rose grill for a nice family dinner." "No you just always have to cause trouble just like you did this morning, you no good little brat." Sam tried to block the words her mom was saying like she always did but this time it hit home. She didn't know if it was because her two best friends were present for what was being said, or was it that she heard these words so many times before that she was starting to believe them herself. She looked down at her shoes trying desperately to block out what her mother was saying knowing it be over in a couple minutes, she just hoped her friends didn't think any differently of her after this. "God you're a disappointment sometimes, you know that Samantha. I don't know why god couldn't just grace me with two beautiful good children no he had to give me your wonderful sister and the she devil herself," "It's no wonder your father left us." Pam yelled the next part in her daughter's face her eyes burning with anger. Samantha couldn't take it anymore she yanked open the car door and stood out she could feel Freddie and Carly's stares burning a hole in her back. "You know what mother, if melena is the fucking favorite the damn golden child, then why don't go get her and leave me the hell alone!" Sam screamed startling her two friends they were shocked to say the least they had never seen her this angry before. "And before you start blaming me for his disappearance why don't you take a good look in the mirror." With those last words said Sam slammed the door shut and began walking away from the car dialing a number she knew by heart, not bothering to see if her friends were following her.

At around 4:00 pm Aria Montgomery walked into her house humming titanium under her breathe as she entered the kitchen throwing her bag on the table before going to the refrigerator and grabbing a can of green tea. She sipped the sweet drink with her eyes closed savoring the taste it really had been so long since she had Arizona green tea. "Whoa Aria I would expect a date first before getting too frisky with the can." Aria opened her green eyes to see her brother standing next to the table an amused smile grazing his lips. "Very funny Mike, I think someone's been hanging out with Noel too much. Aria started walking close to her brother. "You might want to cut the cord before the relationship takes a twisted route." She said making her up the stairs only to be stopped by the next words out of mikes mouth. "You should be asking that former English teacher of yours, where he spends his nights out." Aria turned around to face her brother confusion on her face. "What are you implying?" she asked curious. "That your English teacher might swing the other, like your friend Emily." A smirk grazed his lips as he show the shock on his big sister's face. "H-h-he is not." Aria squeaked out. Mike let out a laugh. "Im just messing with you Aria." "Man you should have seen the look on your face." Mike was laughing so hard he double over in pain. Aria just stood there shaking her at how dumb her brother was being. "You're acting like I drugged you with laughing gas Mike." Mike laughing had slowed down he was now taking slow breathe and wiping the tears from his face to compose himself. "Sorry." "I still don't get why that was so funny to you." Aria crossed her arms over her chest an annoyed expression on her face. "It's not what I said that made me laugh its how you reacted to it." "You face just said oh my god the young good looking English teacher is gay how I can I continue to worship him when knowing I won't ever have a chance with him now." "That fact that you yourself just called him good looking makes me question your sexuality." She replied with a small laugh, showing she was messing with him. "Not my words the words of all the girls at Rosewood high." "Mike not all the girls drool over him, I don't Spencer and Emily don't either." "Oh please just because Spencer has a guy doesn't mean she doesn't think Mr. Fitz is well you now." "As for Emily you got me there, but you oh my god you're like the number one person who worship's him" Aria froze in her spot. Did he know something, he couldn't could he oh my god if he knows something im dead. It's bad enough that A knows and having it hover above my head. Play it cool Aria just get him off your trail you can do it. She slowly let the breath she was holding out. "Mike I wasn't one of those girls harboring a crush on him, the only thing I liked about him was the way he taught us." "He wasn't like any other teacher we could relate to him he treated us like adults not children in high school, it was refreshing." Mike rolled his eyes at his older sister's choice of words for her former teacher. "Well this got boring fast, if mom and dad ask tell them I went to Jays. "Be home on time for dinner." Aria reminded him. Mike rolled his eyes as he walked out the kitchen. Aria sighed. Why do things have to be so damn complicated it's not like he's my teacher he doesn't even work at my school anymore. Still If I came forward with my relationship people would talk point laugh accuse us of having a relationship before he quit call me a slut. Ugh I never cared about what people said before why do I care now? Hello Aria. Who's there? Yourself conscious. Oh so im just basically talking to myself but introducing myself like im another person. If you want to get cryptic about okay. Ugh what do you want I have enough on plate without having to add crazy girl that talks to herself. Everyone has a self-conscious doesn't make them crazy. Sure. Aria sarcastically remarked. You asked why you cared so much about what people think. Yeah so? Aria questioned that's just it. Huh? She questioned. Her eyebrows furring in confusion. Her self-conscious sighed. The only person approval you were seeking back then is dead now. What does that have to do with my relationship? Well you clam that you didn't care about anyone's approval but you cared about Alison's, and now that she's gone you don't have her always telling you if what you're doing is good enough. So? Aria was getting annoyed with all this she literally felt like a lunatic. After she left you started doubting yourself in something's you subconsciously started seeking approval for stuff. Remember what happened in Iceland? Aria's blood ran cold she wanted nothing more to forget what happened. When I got back from rosewood I didn't seek anyone's approval. Not really but on something's you did, you still do just not as much as before. So this is why I care if people find out about me and Ezra? Yes because you want them to approve the relationship but you know most people won't because he was your teacher. That's also why you angry about what Hanna and spencer said because it brought your worst fears to surface. Okay well then how do I go back to the old Aria the one that didn't care? Her self-conscious spoke one word one that left Aria more confused than ever. Time. What the hell time how much time? She wonder.

The two teens had finally gotten away from Ms. Puckett after about a painfully uncomfortable hour and half at Staples. They had been frantically looking for their best friend for almost half an hour. "I thought for sure she would be here." "Just like you thought for sure she would be at the park." "Or before that you had a great feeling she would be at the ice cream shop." Freddie sarcastically remarked. Carly rolled her eyes. "Like I said before I seriously thought that she be at the ice crème store it's technically food. "What did the park have to do with food?" He remarked confused. Sam likes the park you of all people should know that." Carly said while looking around surprising crowed restaurant. "Why is it because im her boyfriend, that im supposed to know? Or because I've been her friend for six years? Carly shrugged. "I don't know you tell me." "Seriously what is your problem?" Freddie asked annoyed. Carly rolled her eyes. 'Freddie the only problem I have is not being able to find my best friend." "Now can you please stop accusing me of nothing and help me find her." "Carly she 'not here were wasting time." "Freddie we just got here we've barley looked around. Freddie sighed. "Carly this restaurant isn't exactly that big, I think we would have found her if she was here." Carly sighed in frustration. "I just really thought she would be here. Carly half yelled. Freddie gently turned Carly towards him. "Why would you think she be here, especially after what happened last night?" Carly shrugged. "I don't know, she kept saying the lasagna was amazing." Freddie shook his head in disbelief. She was looking for Sam at this restaurant just because she complimented the food. "Carly I don't know if your aware of this butt Sam pretty much compliments most restaurant food. " "You didn't hear the way she complimented this restaurants food it was like she had died and gone to heaven." Carly said with all seriousness. "Maybe we should call her mom and ask if Sam had any favorite places to hang out when she was younger." "I am not going back to that crazy lady." "Besides I think we should ask Toby they must have hung out as kids when she visited." "Well duh, but I don't think she called him to pick her up from what I could see." "Freddie we barley had any time to get out of the car before pam speed off, let alone see who she was calling." Before Freddie could protest a beautiful blonde skinny yet curvy standing as tall as 5'4 came over to them. "Hey you two out from ICarly right?" The girl said pointing between the two. "Uh yea, but were kind of busy looking for our friend so if you don't mind. Carly pushed passed the girl making her drop her ice tea thankfully not own her outfit but on her shoes. The girl ocean blues changed a darker color she looked ready to kill Carly. "I am so sorry about that." Freddie apologized for Carly. "She's just upset because we can't find our friend, um want me to get you another tea?" "First off you can tell mcbitchy that Sam left like an hour ago." "Really do you know where she went?" The blonde put her finger to his lips to silence him. "Then I want you to tell her im sending her the bill for my shoes." Freddie tried to sallow the lump in his throat as her ocean blues eyes glared at him. I-is there a-any t—thing else I can uh d-do for you." He managed to stutter out. The girls cold dark blue eyes turned back to their soft ocean blue and a smile tugged at her lips. "Yeah you can get me that cup of tea handsome." Freddie couldn't help the smile that grazed his own lips as his eyes looked with hers. "Sure I would love to." The blonde smirked as she followed the brunette to the order station. "Wait." He stopped turning towards her. "Um you said Sam left an hour ago do you happen to know where she went?" The blond smiled at the guy in front of trying to hide her annoyance. "I was going to tell you after I got my tea but this works too." "She came in here about two hours ago met up with this guy they hung out for about an hour had lunch then they both left." "DO you know where they went, what "guy do you know his name?" The girl held her hand up in his face. "Whoa, there handsome im guessing you're the boyfriend?" She gave a faint laugh. He nervously scratched the back of his neck. "That obvious? He questioned. She nodded a big smile on her face, he looked down embarrassed. She put her arm on his shoulder to get him to look at her. "I think it's sweet that you care about her so much." Freddie shook his head at the thoughts going through his mind at that moment. He knew if Sam could read minds he have his ass on a plate. That's when he realized the task at hand Sam they still hadn't found her. "Um back to the Sam thing. He nervously sputtered out. She quickly removed her hand. She felt the small blush rise to her face. "Oh Right of course." "She left with this guy Jason diluents they seemed to know each other." "Do you know where they went? He asked again hoping she would. "Yeah I overheard her telling Jason that he could take her to meet her cousin." "Sorry I didn't catch where though." Relief washed over him. She was with Toby thank god she's at least safe. Maybe now I can get this pretty girl her drink maybe her number so we can keep in touch she seems nice. Before he could properly thank her and possibly exchange numbers Carly rushed over to them practically knocking the blonde off her already slippery heels. "You know the word is excuse me." The blonde yelled giving Carly a nasty glare. "Yeah excuse you." Freddie and the blonde glanced at each other confused. "He has a girlfriend that he's happy with and you can't just waltz and brake it up you little skunk bag." Freddie groaned as he saw that Carly's outburst had nearly everyone looking at them. "Carly knock it off she told me where Sam's at lets go." "How would this skunk bag know where my best friend is?" Carly gestured to the blonde, who looked ready to kill Carly." Freddie grab her arm pushing her in front of him, before he turned the blonde haired girl apologizing once again on Carly's behalf, and promising to get her that cup of tea some other time.