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The background history

A woman with blond hair, slender figure, small stature, blue eyes, upturned nose, thin cheeks, long legs, small waist in short of great beauty, spinning in what seemed to be the stay of a large mansion, where the furniture were cherry and fine silver ornaments. She seemed restless; rather annoying actually, the highlight was a small bottle in her left hand she held firmly. Suddenly a sound at the entrance warned her that her husband had finally come home, in a few seconds he was at her sight with a curious look at the attitude of his wife. Without waiting for the questioning she spoke.

-"I'm pregnant but do not want it. You know I never wanted to have kids."

-"Alessandra, is it true what my ears hear?" -He asked incredulously in his head remotely thought that confession of his wife before marriage not to want children would be only a momentary whim, but now he realize that he was blinded to reality.

."It is Maurice, I do not want this child"- the wife very seriously reaffirmed, touching her belly.

- "Not even for me? Is my child and if you really love you as you preach you will not end it." –severed the husband

- "Do you really want to become a father?" -Unanswered question of her husband's argument. - "Because only for you I would do it, you know well that I do not want to do the same thing that my mother made me, abandoning the care of servants."

-"I want to become a father yes, and you can correct the error of your mother." - Argued persuasively.

-"I can't correct anything Maurice because my heart still is blinded by resentment I have for my mother. So I hope you to be a father."- added before turning and returning to the master room. After that little conversation Alessandra continued her pregnancy without great joy but resigned, it was the child of the man she loved so she just obliged. Maurice for his part was happy; since he was young he wanted to become father because he was the sole heir of a considerable fortune and he wanted that when his life end, his fortune to be enjoyed by their children. Since the birth of their daughter Maurice became a loving father, the baby girl was the apple of his eye, it seemed as perfect as I had ever seen. She and his wife were the best of his life. Contrary to Alessandra, who continued to struggle with her past.

-"Alessandra, love, the baby cries, she is hungry."- Maurice said gently trying to wake his wife who slept beside her.

Changing position in bed, muttered. – "Call the servant to feed her."

-Alessandra, the baby is still very small, you still need to feed her.- claimed somewhat desperate to repeat the same sentence as usual.

-"Just because it's your daughter, bring her from the crib please."- said, sitting up and opening her nightgown.

-"It is also yours."- replied tired, handing the baby to her mother for her to feed her.


The same day she and her husband agreed that it was time to stop breastfeeding the baby; Alessandra meditated long on options that she could take. Finally she reached the decision that she did not want any more children so she turned to her former colleague, but this was flatly refused, so she had no other to attend his former Potions professor with a bad pretext, the problem or the advantage is that the old Slughorn believed it.

-"I know you are a qualified man and that is why I come to you, professor. My pregnancy was very delicate and nearly died when giving birth."- Lied Alessandra.- "The last thing I want is that my daughter grown motherless if I get back pregnant. Therefore I need to take an infertility potion, whether it's expensive, but I will pay you whatever. My only wish is to avoid get pregnant again and die, because you must know that once conceived I will never interrupt it." -She said trying to convince the mand, who listened mortified.

-"Alessandra..."- 'he said in a shocked tone, staring at her a couple of minutes before answering the request. – "Do you know that the anti genesis lasts very long and you cannot conceive again until you drink the reverse potion, or until the effect ends?"

-"I know a teacher, so it is perfect for me; actually need two doses, because when the first one effect expire, I will drink immediately the second doses. I repeat do not want to leave my family."

-"My dear, I should not grant this, sounds very unscrupulous."- He pointed not so convinced of yielding to the request of his former student.

-"Perhaps you would think so, professor; and I do not blame you. Really is a decision that cost me a lot but I prefer not to have more children to die in the next game and let my daughter orphaned and widowed my Maurice."

-"If you put it that way, although I do not like the idea very much, I will help you my child." -Said Slughorn resignedly. - "Only promise me never, ever will drink the second dose before the expiration date of the first, because otherwise you will be barren the rest of your days".

-"I promise you, if it's necessary I will make an unbreakable vow."- suggested almost happy because the man had already accepted.

-"I would never accept someone taking such a dangerous oath my dear Alessandra, but your willingness to, made me think I can trust you. I will make the two doses but please after I give them you, don't mention it to anyone that I helped you, though for a good cause not everyone will think so."

-"Nobody will know, I promise."- said the woman. When she received the two bottles of the potion, immediately drank one and kept one in her pocket, thanking her former professor, and rewarded him with a substantial sum; she left the temporary residence. She returned home that day as if nothing had happened; she hid the bottle left in her room, where she literally forgot it.


After that day time for Maurice passed too fast, not so much for his wife. The truth was that although Alessandra did not like the idea of being a mother for her ghosts, each passing day and the baby girl became more similar with the beauty of her husband, Alessandra 'enjoyed' more having her around. It seemed strange but something inside her began to grow as an innate affection with the baby girl. A few months before her three years the little one get ill with pneumonia, Maurice was quite concerned and did not take off from the room of his daughter. The surprising thing for his wife and himself was that the little girl called urgently requiring the presence of her 'mom'. Reluctant the mother entered the room that was painted all pink, finding her daughter in bed covered with an elegant pearl-colored quilt. Coughing, Alessandra listened.- "mummy…" the little girl reached her arms to her mother, even if herself was surprised by the request because typically her daughter was more attached to her father, she approached the bed, where lay beside her daughter and wrapped her in her arms. After several minutes, she felt her dress wet where it lay the head of her daughter. A bit worried Alessandra touched the delicate face of the girl.

- "Why are you crying?"-Questioned intrigued, she did not understand the reason for those tears.

-"Mommy, Why don't you love me?"- said the little girl, hugging her with all the force she had.

Those words filled with sadness, pronounced by the little girl in her arms, were what was needed to remove the barriers between herself, her past and her affection for her daughter, who she refused to feel, for fear of repeating the error of his own mother. –"Alessa, don't say that. I'm not a good mother and I know, but never repeat that, because I do love you little one."- Alessandra answered as a couple of big tears rolled down her cheeks, even more strongly she embraced her daughter until she fell asleep in her arms.

-"I cannot believe all the damage I've done in so little time. Just three years and I made you the damage that my mother made me in a lifetime. Now more than ever I understand not wanting to have children, I was not born for this. I have already make you believe I don't love you but the reality is that I were never taught what was to have a loving mother, how I can I expect to be a good mother to you? But in present you're here and you don't deserve to suffer for my past, no more than what you've been suffering with my indifference. From now on I'll try to overcome my demons and make you happy." – Alessandra promised to her daughter even if the little girl was already sleeping in her mother arms.

The day of the fourth birthday of the little Alessa, her parents made a great feast which was unusual and strange to her, had said it was an important day, in fact his uncle, 'Dolphus' had claimed that if behaved with the visits he would give a very expensive doll, pretty excited Alessa promised to be good. The party was attended by unknown persons but those who caught his eye were a woman and a man 'blondies' with a child, surprised to see the boy, she ran to her mom's room but not found her there. As every child, little Alessa began to look around taking advantage of adults absence, because they always prevented her from 'play'. After several minutes of adventure, she found in a drawer at the bottom of the wardrobe of her mom a nice bottle with a pink liquid that immediately called her attention, with innate curiosity thinking it was a sort of sweet she drank the entire content. When there was not a single drop in the bottle, Alessa felt pain in her belly which disappeared several seconds after; taking this discomfort as a sign that she had done very wrong to take the bottle that was hidden in the 'treasures' of her mom, She left the bottle where she had found it and ran out of there. She almost stamped with the owner of the potion; her mother asked why she was inside rather than with guests. Choosing not to respond with the truth for fear of being scolded, little Alessa used as a pretext the first reason that led her there and asked who were 'blondes' and why did they were at home. Alessandra with a smile, explain that adults were the parents of the boy and if all went well, when both grow, the little boy would be her husband. After ten minutes asking questions about what was a husband, being happy with the answers Alessa returned with her guests and behaved adorably. A day after her birthday her uncle appeared with a large package in his arms and gave it to her telling her that she had been such a good girl and deserved it, and remarking her that she has to be thankful to him cause thanks to him her life would be full of luxuries. Little Alessa thanked even if she was a bit confused about her uncle´s speech. Not even Alessandra, let alone Maurice learned that the day of the engagement of their daughter, her had drunk a potion that would change drastically her life several years later.


The following years were not very different for Russenberg heiress, her father and her mother loved but did not show much. It was so with displays of affection not so common by her mother, due attention by both Alessa grew into a beautiful girl, intelligent but somewhat reserved. The day a gray owl brought the letter from Hogwarts both parents congratulated her, she was proud, make your dream come true would study to become a powerful witch. Her first time at the school was a revelation for her because although it had been in the same house as her uncle and her mother, she had a thousand times rather be in the house which belonged to his father, Ravenclaw. However resignation became a member of the Slytherin house where they adapted very easily but if watched closely, someone would notice that she seemed to be like their peers, more in the background was something that no other Sly, had respect for other and belong to the house belonged. Was a fact that no one knew her thoroughly, her two friends Christine and Evangeline, but the first was the closest, both were her only contact with her housemates and peers in general, actually she maintained a warm relationship with their teachers than with the rest of her housemates, except for her two friends obviously.

The blonde, Christine met her at the first class of first-degree herbology aggressive plant where a spit in the face and while all her classmates teased her, Alessa after removing a small smile that came over, offered her a handkerchief. Christine doubtful but still considered her the ridicule of the class; rejecting help from the only one who had pity on an option she did not seem significant. At the next day breakfast Alessa sat next to a couple of guys on higher grade that talked about Quidditch, when the blond girl attacked by the strange plant of the day before asked permission to sit beside her. Raising the shoulders and giving her a friendly smile. The blonde tried to break the ice a little posing that Christine Genève was her name, Alessa remember had heard that name before but did not say anything about it, then keeping her curiosity. Since that breakfast presentations both became friends.

Her encounter with Evangeline was not so fortunate coincidence, Evangeline was a year older than Christine and herself, however since Alessa arrived at school both began a quiet insane competition to be the best, no one knew of the rivalry between them more than Christine's own. One day Evangeline earned five points for the house, the next Alessa earned ten, if one received recognition the other struggle to receive one, at the end of the course both were the best indoor and competed only with the Ravenclaw house. Early in the second year of Alessa received news that her paternal grandmother had finally died after years of disastrous illness, Christine still had not returned from celebrating the birthday of her father, so she had no one to tell her off. Alessa was alone in the common room, as all were having dinner, and failed to contain the tears and wept for several minutes in silence, even she felt a hand on her shoulder, turned around and scared found that it was her 'archrival'. Upset was about to yell her to leave when it delivered a speech that would never forget. - "It is true that we are always competing to be the best. But you know, everything I do because deep down I'd be like you. You have money but you never presume because you know it´s not everything, unlike me that I prefer it before many things. You are more beautiful and get good grades without killing yourself days and nights for them. However I killed myself to follow your steps…. I don't know why are you crying but remember: it must not be so bad, even if it's death, all our time comes." - Wise words at a difficult time, at least that words helped her with the pain to become lighter, arriving the next morning Christine told him what happened, surprised and confused apologized for not having been there for her and with some reluctance agreed that it was not so bad idea to have Evangeline 'near'.

Evangeline and Alessa not stopped competing to be the best, truth is that since that afternoon was now a healthy and fair competition, each accepted the victory of another and it was until the last day she remained at Hogwarts.

The school for Alessa, Evangeline and Christine was fun despite popular belief, 'Less' and 'Eva' were very good at what they set while 'Chrissy' was wearing elegant clothes and helping her two friends to look good and attractive for boys, but no three needed it. The first to lose their virginity was Eva with a guy named Justin fairly handsome two degrees higher than all.

- "How was it? It's as good as the seventh grades count? Was he careful with you?"-Questioned the blonde too curious and somewhat morbid.

-"I will not lie, it hurts but if he is 'careful' pain disappears after a while and it becomes pleasurable." dyed with red cheeks.

- "So you enjoyed it? Tell us." Said Chrissie

-"I'm not going to tell details Christine! The only thing I can say is that after the first time, the second is "pancake"". - Said ending the conversation before she went to his room.

Chrissie followed with a very handsome boy quidditch player of the same age as Justin and although if it was not requested, details were told; 'Less' meanwhile not lost her virginity being in school, but almost with Frederick, cousin of Chrissy's quidditch player, member of Ravenclaw.

Soon the winter break in the fifth year came, the three of them left to their respective houses. Chrissy, very reluctantly, was to spend the second half of the holidays at Evangeline mansion because her parents would be visiting her sister in France, Alessa was also invited but decided to stay at her home. She did not know that she wouldn't return to school at the end of that period. The night before she boarded the train back to Hogwarts noticed a Mediwizard visited the mansion, intrigued by this She waited until he left the master room and intercepted him.

-Mediwizard, could you tell me what happens?

-"'I think you have the right after all Mrs. Russenberg is you mother. Mrs. Russenberg is in a precarious state of health and may take longer than a week to heal, if she overcomes this crisis. I suggest you do not stray from her, not for too long." - Said without explaining that disease was not the worst care and was shocked that it was Alessa did not have time to question him about details before he leave. Concerned decided not to return the next day. Not until her mother heal...

Alessandra completely healed three weeks after the first visit Mediwizard, however Alessa did not want to leave her side but this brought her and her parents consequences. A week passed and the Malfoys came to her mansion wanting to find out the reason why she had not returned to school at the end of the winter period or shortly thereafter. Maurice explained the situation and Lucius was pleased with the justification, however he demanded that the pre nuptial tests to be practiced in order to strengthen the commitment established eleven years ago.

The test results were not only surprising also for Alessa's family it was a disastrous new and for the Malfoy's it meant a great waste of time. The future spouses have not uttered a word while the patriarchs did not take it so diplomatically. From that day Russenberg's life was not the same, they not only lost millions on 'reward' the Malfoys, but some members of the upper class also had given them back. For the mother of Alessa, the situation wasn't better, had seen her daughter's future crumbled before her eyes in seconds and she crucified herself thinking that it was her fault for not accepting her pregnancy, she blamed herself in silence. Alessa was in shock; when she was little, playing dolls was her life and it was clear, at least for her, that she wanted to someday be mother and have many children. She had kept her longing in her heart for the right time, but now that tangibly that possibility was denied to her, that desire became an insane and foolish whim and like any teenager would do all in her power to get it.

- A - R - A - D - S -

After this chapter, some years passed, Alessa's life changed radically since that afternoon when she discovered some truth in her life and nothing was the same after that.


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