Chapter 4 New routines...

At about half past four the Potion Master opened his eyes and sat on the bed, trying to detect those ailments that reminded him from the meeting with the Dark Lord, this and the constant sleepless days, cause his body to be a little sore in the morning. Grunting he took a clean change of clothes and left the room into his way to the bathroom, at the time he would take handle of the door this turned without warning and the door opened before him, the young woman appeared and seemed recently been groomed.

Alessa was anxious to see him thinking that she had interrupted his dream with the shower's sound, without knowing what else to do she just managed to give a firm nod and hope that the man would let her go to her room.

"Do you usually get up early?" He questioned suspicious, it was too notorious that he wasn't accustomed to living with someone and the fact that he didn't listen her when she was showering get him nervous.

"Something like that, not before but obviously since Adrien born I sleep irregularly. Today I woke up early because I had a nightmare and I couldn't sleep again." She answered a little distracted; the truth was that seeing his former teacher without many layers of clothing seemed the strangest thing in the world. She never imagined that the black robes would hide such an interesting body. Oh my good I'm staring at him like an idiot!

Noticing the look her stare he made a noise with his throat to get her attention, which functioned perfectly but he was puzzled by when found almost fascination in her eyes, which made him even more uncomfortable. He knew how to deal with rejection, not fascination. – "Are you going to stay in while I shower? Or you will give me some privacy?"

"I can assist you" responded by stepping back to allow him entrance.

"What are you, stupid? We have magic, there are spells to that make life easy" He replied exasperated, crossing his arms in an attempt to cover his bare chest a bit.

"I know that so please don't treat me as f I'm stupid, It's just that at times I prefer to return to the simplest things in order not to forget what would be a life without magic." Answered with extreme calm and inspiring turned to leave the place, just as she was stopped by the man who with a frown and suspicious gesture of quiet scrutiny.

"Why would you want to know that? Forget that, why do meaningless comments?" - Asked without releasing his grip as he waited for the words focused that she could utter.

"I want to know how life would be without magic because I am aware that in the best of the cases I would have to leave the magical world and hide between muggles and I don't really see them as meaningless comments." Replied in a whisper slow and mesmerizing.

Without mentioning another word the water began to run in the shower, and he gave her soap and sponge, keeping a eye on her. Interpreting this as a allowance Alessa step near the shower and prepared the sponge to wash hi back. All was alright but when she touched a little bit of his neck one hand penned the lady's wrist. By recovering the notion of time and space Snape released his grip and murmured – "Continue"-between teeth.

Once she finished with the man's back she washed her hands in the running water, as she did that she felt the eyes of man over her body. She had never been a prudish lady and she won't begin to be so she remained unchanged. After a few seconds, she recalled yesterday time after her bath and smiled to herself as she opened a little more her robe which showed a revealing gown in cream color.

He noticed her movement and even if he really find her very appealing he was getting pretty annoyed by her easy acceptance of giving herself to him so willingly and easily. "I don't understand why you are so sure I'll make you mine. What if I don't want to get you into my bed?"

"You can do whatever you feel most comfortable with, sir. I just think that it would just be easier to demonstrate that you are happy with me if you really are but if you don't like the idea, obviously I won't put a foot near your room. After all, who would want a woman like me?" She retorted extremely seriously without waiting for a reply, closing her robe walking to the door and getting out. By closing the door behind her, she leaned her weight against it and breathed deeply. In truth she hated feeling weak just when this hopeless feeling overcame her she preferred to escape even if it wasn't the best to do. The reality was jumping in front of her eyes, she and Adrien's safety depended on by a thread, they have no money and her only possibility of human contact was one man that seemed to care less than the broken vial in his lab. God, I'm pitting myself on a subject that isn't in my hands. For Goodness' sake he is only a man trying to survive this war just as me. I can't ask more of him. She need no ne emotionally healthy or pretend to do at least in order to survive and do what she had to do ... Taking a deep breath she went to her room where she met Adrien who was kicking the air, playing with his reflexes and sucking a finger of his hand. "Bonjour mon petit-prince, comme vas tu?"

The baby look carefully at his mother, while she dried her robe and nightgown, and smiled to her when she took him in her arms and settled him down to feed. Adrien happily ate his mother's breast, at the same time playing with his feet and hands. Then his other needs were attended just as he received a relaxing bath and a clean nappy. Alessa told him one of her favorites stories from her childhood he adored to listen her voice. At one point in the little one fall asleep and his mom put him down on the bed with a comfy blanket and a couple of spells to protect him. After that she decided to get dressed, with a brown skirt and a beige shirt. Suddenly the sound of the elf appearing in the room scared her a little but fortunately she stopped any sound that almost escaped her throat.

-"Vodka has brought breakfast to mistress, me hope that isn't very late or very early for you. Normally I brought breakfast at this time to master Snape. Vodka obeys only." The elf said putting the tray on the bureau. "Do you need something more mistress?

-"No, Vodka. Thank you for bringing breakfast." She told the elf who listened and disappeared immediately. Looking at the tray she do her best and eat even if she wasn't pretty much hungry. When she finished her meal she settled the empty dishes over the bureau.

In truth she didn't want to think of all that had occurred since two days ago, negation was her weapon even if it wasn't the best she still hoping that her parents death was just a bad joke and the very next day they will appeared in the front door of the place to bring her home but lying herself she was causing much more pain. A emptiness feeling invade her soul, little by little. The more she thinks of possible scenarios for the future and all of them seem more improbable than the other. The fact that now she was a mere possession of her former professor and he wasn't interested in having to take her body, not at all, stressed her much more. It caused her to feel humiliated recalling his words 'What if I don't want to bed you?' - "You're little thing so he doesn't want you, Alessa." – She said taking very seriously his words, by other hand she remembered her father words 'It is important that you remain always strong.' Sighing, she speaks as if her parents were listening to her. "I can't just leave everything behind, pretending that nothing has ever happened, but is obvious that I need to be strong." Decided by looking at the bed staring at the baby boy, who was sleeping peacefully, oblivious to the problems around him, "Before I continue with my life, I have to let you both go and I can't, if I let you go ..." -paused trying to undo the knot that had formed at her throat by the memory of her parents. – "the loneliness will invade me completely." -She said sadly. – "I always thought I could manage if any of you die, but never imagine that it would come so soon, I was a fool. Dad, especially you would care and protect my brother, Adrien. Because even if I love him enough to feel him like my son I'm aware that he is and always will be your and mother's son. Since the beginning I suspected that mother conceived him for me, I told mother but I will repeat it: I didn't deserve such a sacrifice, neither Adrien need to suffer my incompetence. Because the reality is that being you death, I have no one to guide me, no one to teach me how I should raise him. If we survive, I won't know how to educate; I don't even know how to feed him now that breast milk doesn't nourish him completely anymore. I feel that he needs new things in his diet but I don't really know if it wasn't for Vodka's help, I would be helpless. Two years ago I was a girl infatuated with the idea of being a mother because the possibility had been refused to me," - confessed to drowning her extreme fault. – "At present I am a frightened girl who doesn't know what to do. I certainly don't regret having Adrien with me, but I'm scared, I'm terrified of the idea of dying and leaving him alone, in that case it would be worthless your sacrifice." She confessed drying with the sleeves of her blouse the way of her big tears, taking two deep breaths to calm herself, after long seconds finally said. – "I'll do my best to give him a life with memories he will be proud to share. I'm immature and maybe don't deserve an angel like him but now he is at my care I'll try the best I can. He deserve better than paid for the resentment of a few and my stupidity."


Still confused with the intriguing attitude of his guest, he finished showering, left the bathroom, got dressed, took his breakfast and went to his lab to do some potions he used whenever returned from a call of the Lord he would rather be prepared for anything. At noon he almost end the potions and was estimating the reposing time when he listened a sound made from the chimney when someone wants to communicate with him. Placing a stasis spell on his newly completed work, he went straight to the room where the fire was and approached to answer the call of the director, who sought to question him about the call of the Dark Lord and the motives of his companions for playing him a visit. Snape quickly recounted the events, of course omitted some unnecessary details, Albus Dumbledore once seemed satisfied with the report obtained, said goodbye to his informant and concluded the call. Rolling his eyes and being sure that the fire was completely inactive, went to the kitchen, drank two glasses of water and summoned his elf.

"What can Vodka do for sir?"

"The lady… Alessa had breakfast properly?" Snape asked eliminating any trace of awkwardness in his voice.

"Yes sir, she ate breakfast…. Vodka don't know if is correct master, but mistress cried a lot of time after breakfast, she also fell asleep sitting on the floor, Vodka didn't move her, me thought that perhaps it would be appropriate to tell master. Do I move her, master? "

"No, leave her. Only care for the child while she sleeps, it doesn't matter if you neglect some chores for it. Take him to my room and take care of him until I order otherwise." With that order the elf disappeared. After this, he went to the guest room, opened the door and closed it behind him, finding her just as his elf had described. Drawing his wand from his robes, but before casting a spell, he stopped to watch and noticed that her sitting position provided a discrete view of her legs, even though the length of the skirt was decent. Even if the view was appealable, he took her in his arms to prevent the skirt to lift more, and laid her in the bed. When trying to get away, he realized that her arm was pinned to his collar coat tightly so he took her arm to break the grip and when doing so he heard her whispering words that perplexed him. "Please don't leave me…" He listened carefully as he saw a couple of tears came down her cheeks, a bit uncomfortable with that he tried to verify that she was truly asleep by running a hand over her sublime face, finding just a rhythmic breathing which confirmed him that she was asleep. After that he broke her grip and left the room not wanting to stay a second longer there. Those words seemed to make no sense, were they addressed to him? No one had ever considered him a support, much less could be possible for someone who had two days at his home and it was his former student, that wasn't normal. Incredulous he snorted and went back to his lab, where he firmly closed the door behind him, directing his gaze into the potions he had left. Once finished he decided to take a book and get to analyze it, sat in his office and read a few minutes without really analyzing the content, his mind was distracted even if he didn´t want to accept it having her at home meant that his routine was totally destroyed, now he not only had to spy, to teach, maintain his role as Death Eater and watch Lily's son, now was the 'owner' of a young pureblood. "Weird." She was on the street at his mercy and was trying to protect a lost cause. Fuck, he really had too much weight on his shoulders; somehow it had to be liberated. Summoning Vodka he asked for a bottle of whiskey, the creature brought it with little reluctance, and before disappearing to do her chores received specific orders from her master. "Take care of them while I'm not at home." After had order that, he took three shots of the bottle like plain water and disappeared leaving a very worried elf.

The creature disappeared bottle of whiskey hoping that when he comes wouldn't want more of it. Casting a spell to the office, she cleaned it and went directly to the guest room where the baby boy was fussing upset about being in a unknown place alone. Concerned that the master or the mistress would be bother with her, she took him in her arms and tried to reassure him, she changed his diaper and that appeared to calm him because he stopped whining until it gradually began to play with her uniform.

Vodka seemed a little bit confused about what to do with the baby boy because he seemed bored. The elves when very young they commonly were glued to her mother, after two t three years they played together as any magic child with it sibling, finally at five of six they use to learn tasks to made their parents very proud by learning how to serve properly to their masters… She was convinced that the little wizard needed to be with his mother but as her master order was to respect her rest; she chose to devise some form of entertainment for the little one, as he was still very young, he was very curious and with small samples of magic seemed to be happy, knowing how to have little Adrien happy, she make him invisible and maintain him near her while preparing the lunch. When the meal was ready, she appeared in her mistress' room with the new tray of food, finding the woman in a deep state of sleep. Doubtfully she approached her and touched her arm to wake her, at first her mistress gave no sign of reacting to it so stirred Vodka tried harder.

Until then Alessa practically jumped out of bed before seeing the elf and got calmed by normalizing her breathing, she managed to spin her ideas. She remembered to be laying on the floor not the bed, so curiosity invaded her as she took Adrien he child from Vodka arms and thanked. "Thank you for picking me up from the floor, Vodka."

"No mistress, Vodka didn't do such thing, Master Snape was who placed you into bed." -said, shaking side to side her head.

"Well I should thank him. Is he at home?"

-"No, mistress, master Snape left an hour ago and hasn't come back" the creature replied.

"oh, well maybe I can thank him later." After that she dismissed Vodka. In a span of about an hour she fed to Adrien, who ate the porridge curious, then a monologue was directed to him by nonsense of her childhood, including a couple of fairytales told with mimic, which were terribly attractive to the small. The hours passed quickly after mealtime, including used the time to bathe the little one who played with the water but in spite of it he ended relaxed and seemed to fall soon yielded to the arms of Morpheus. Alessa hadn't realized the time had it not been for Vodka appeared in the room, asking her to deliver the baby boy. With a strange feeling in the chest she gave him to Vodka. Restless she waited in the bedroom until he heard the footsteps of someone climbing the stairs, thinking it was his former professor, she waited the mere possibility that it was someone else alarmed her. When the doorknob turned her heart rate accelerated, she had no idea what to do really so I just managed to have on hand her wand, as the door opened slowly swallowed, breathed quietly once she saw that it was the potions, suddenly dropping almost her weight in the bed, sat down and waited until the newcomer spoke.

"You're pale as a candle, who thought it could be?" - He questioned her, without waiting for a reply he said. – "I don't leave home without protection, much less with you in".- said in so slowly that it seemed to sing a lullaby, which caused Alessa curiosity.

- "Where did you...?"

- "Shhhh ..." -Silent immediately gave the girl, in just two steps in front of her and watched as a thoughtful observer's frame of Da Vinci. – "I was getting rid of a bit of pressure I have. I think it's enough for you to know that."

She knew full well that those words meant, had gone with woman, her rational part dictated that it shouldn't matter at all if he had slept with one or ten, but the horrible part named pride told her loudly that he had come to seek what she was not even able to give because she didn't seem even minimally attractive to him. Trying to act as indifferent, reached into her mind for a more intelligent comment came as a result something far worse. – "I hope you enjoyed it." - To hear her own words she wished with all his might slap herself but chose to remain silent and to shun the gaze of man.

"Don't be so sure ..."

Uncomfortable with his answer she tried to get up but a strong hand placed on her shoulder stopped her. Starting to get nervous, she sought the eyes of his former professor to find out a little changed, concerned she asked. "Are you drunk?"

"What if I am Russenberg? This doesn't change the fact I want to check if it is true that you don't mind at all getting into my bed and make you my woman." He cleared lifting her chin to look through her eyes searching whatever she may want to hide.

Without avoiding eye contact, she slowly rose against the man, took a breath, although she knew that he might move away immediately, put her arms around his neck and she vanished the space between them, invading his thin lips with her own. It started with a light touch to become familiar, even though she remembered well the kiss from the day before, she didn't want to be rejected but noticing that the contact was accepted she deepened her into the potions master body, seconds after her waist was surrounded with possessiveness. At the time she began to undo the buttons of his coat, then the shirt buttons, the belt but when she tried to undo the button on the trousers, Snape stopped her hand stepping away. Alessa just looked at his eyes searching for an answer.

After breathing few times he answered the silent question. – "Now it's clear that you're ready for anything." He said releasing the delicate body of the young and composing his belt.

While screaming internally that she shouldn't feel hurt, the heat of the moment thought obfuscated and caused her to feel bad but the feeling of rejection was overshadowed by the anger that came over her by as result of being mocked. In an attempt to hide her feelings and not caring much what did the man, she surrounded the bed and pulled out from under the pillow her nightgown, without waiting she got rid of her dress and bra putting on her nightgown. She sat on the bed and called the elf, which came away with the baby in her arms to give it, bowing to her master, Alessa asked for some dinner for her and the baby. Bringing all the dignity he had left, she spoke. –"Now you are sure that I'm ready for anything. Now please leave me alone with my kid". -Asked without speaking face to face with him focusing her eyes on the closet wall, feeling like Adrien moved, very few seconds later she heard how the door of the room opened and closed.

"I have to endure this and more." Alessa whispered to the baby boy who watched her closely. Almost immediately, the elf returned with dinner, before disappearing received the thanks from her mistress. With a routine established routine since Adrien's birth, she fed him, told him a story until he fell asleep. Finally she sat in bed and called Vodka.

"What can I do for master's woman?"

"Can you get me some parchments, pen and ink? I need them to do something or I will go crazy."

"That means Vodka will disobey her master?"

"No, on the contrary, you would avoid him some discomfort on my part. Can you bring what I asked?" - Questioned hopefully.

"Vodka will do it but mistress should promise it wouldn't upset master Snape."

"He won't be upset but if he does, I will assume full responsibility." Answered Alessa and that seemed to be enough because Vodka disappeared and returned minutes later with several things, some that even hadn't been asked. Happy, Alessa thanked and dismissed her. Very excited the young woman began to draw; her first drawing was a very detailed asleep Adrien who looked beautiful, in all his innocence, from his small and defined nose, eyelashes, eyebrows and even his cheeks. In the second there was nothing more than a pair of eyes, who observed her cautiously, a pair of tunnels which could be lost for years were his, the man who host them in his house and protected them. She had no certainty of anything but what if she did knew was that she adored the way his eyes looked at her with a bit of incomprehension and curiosity at the same time.

Without knowing the exact time she fell exhausted into the arms of Morpheus lost track of time, just woke up when she heard Adrien fussing. Without him wait too long, his mother responded to his call, fed him for several minutes. When finished she patted his back and went to change his diaper while doing this Vodka appeared without notice. Alessa knew what that meant but was surprised that at early hour of the day they already had come to spy on them. Trying not to waste time, she wrapped the baby and handed him to Vodka, who disappeared immediately. Nervously she covered with a sheet, at the time the Potions master in his Death eater persona opened the door. - "Professor, what are you doing here?"