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"You're quite the adept flyer," Matt admit as we took a spiral staircase just inside the entrance to the castle.

"I really loved playing Quidditch back at home," I told him, "It's both relaxing and exhilarating for me."

"Funny story actually, kind of a secret, but I'm afraid of heights."

"Definitely not something I'd figure to hear from a Quidditch star," Matt chuckled. We sat in the hospital wing for about half an hour as the nurse coated my wound with some sort of paste.

"Are you off to the library?"

"Yes actually," I replied, "To work on Ancient Runes with Lisa."

"Would you be opposed to working on potions together maybe after getting dinner?" Something about his inflection was not suggesting eating within the same vicinity and then a slight academic endeavor, but he seemed like a sweet guy.

"I would not be," I answered with a smile.

"Then I'll see you later," he finished, turning off in the direction of the tower. I asked the closest painting for directions to the library and rushed there as quickly as I could. When I arrived I pulled one of the heavy doors open and began my search for Lisa. She was seated at a table in the corner with a remarkably surly looking James, still wearing his scarlet and gold turtleneck. From my distance I could see him talking angrily about something with her. Without letting the situation fade away I approached the pair.

"Christine," Lisa stated flatly. This caused her companion to grab his backpack and noisily shove his chair out of the way.

"Enjoy your studying," he mumbled coolly.

"What's eating him," I inquired, taking out my books and a quill.

"Normal James, being an angsty teenage boy," she answered.

"Don't take your books out like I'm going to ignore you were at the pitch with someone after we left." I picked up my head in shock, how could she know Matt was there after she had left.

"I ran into Matt sitting outside, he told me he was waiting to talk to you," she told me.

"Oh that's interesting," I stammered, "We talked for a bit and made plans to work on potions later."

"Like hell he wants to do any schoolwork," she scoffed. Lisa told me a story about how Matt was a good friend, and a wonderful fellow Ravenclaw. Something in her tone alerted me that there was something amiss with him.

"Matt Edington has made his reputation around here being a womanizer." I laughed out loud.

"Back at home I was never the object of womanizing," I snickered. Thinking about it more, the idea was pretty attractive. It was odd to think of myself as the object of any man's womanizing, but the thrill was a bit much to pass up.

"I think I'm going to test it out," I stated.

"Your bonkers," she retort.

"I think it would be an amusing experience, for the time being. She warned me about not falling for his charms and whatnot, but I'll admit I tuned her out a bit. Somewhere in the milieu of her rant I heard her suggest a better, more suitable match in terms of men. My eyes scanned the library and I saw James and Brad huddled around a table on the other side of the library. I was thoroughly confused as to why James was mad at me, and why the two of them weren't working with us.

"Would you care to get dinner," Lisa asked.

"Yeah, definitely." We packed our bags and head to the Great Hall. Students were gathering around the four tables and I was surprised to see the large influx of Gryffindor students seated at the Ravenclaw table. Kieran and Tom sat with some of their housemates and Lisa and I joined them. Dinner was presented quickly and we were engulfed into great conversation.

"I'm Andrew," one boy introduced himself, "I want to study to be an Auror once I get out of here."

"Kathleen," another Gryffindor stated, "I want to work with international currency."

"My Dad does that stateside," I exclaimed. She immediately asked me everything I knew about the occupation and I poured all the details that came as second nature simply growing up around my father.

"What do you want to do," another Gryffindor, Will, inquired. The pit returned to my stomach as I turned this question over in my mind.

"Study and preservation of magical history," I fumbled over my words. I was certainly interested in the subject, but I didn't know if I was ready to devote my life to it.

"She knows literally everything in our class," Kieran chuckled, "I'm quite thankful because Merlin knows I don't want to be doing work from 4-6:30 on Fridays." I joined in the laughter and treated myself to some pastries that appeared after dinner was cleared. While we finished our food most of the upper-classmen Ravenclaws joined us. Lisa then raised her glass of pumpkin juice to the table.

"Here's a toast, in the presents of comrades," she chimed, "And rivals," nodding to the Gryffindors, "To a wonderful season with our new teammates!" We all clinked glasses and shared a celebratory round of applause.

"With your infamy I'd thought you might have forgotten our plans," a voice mused behind me. I turned to see Matt, wearing jeans and a simple blue t-shirt.

"A common misconception," I retort, "I remember things easier when I've got a lot going on."

"Excellent," he exclaimed, "Shall we commence?"

"Sounds good to me." I smiled and rose to leave the Great Hall. Lisa gave me a smile of hesitance, and out of the corner of my eye I saw a fleck of gold quickly disappear.

"Is working in the common room alright with you?"

"Yeah," I replied, accidently brushing his hand as I crossed my arms. We continued the trek in silence. Upon reaching the massive wooden door it spoke:

At night they come without being fetched. By day they are lost without being stolen. What are they?

"The stars," Matt stated with confidence. I nodded my head to myself; I admired his adept ability to answer the riddles. The beautiful blue and gold common room was empty, save for a passing through ghost and a roaring fire. The sun was setting over the mountains and shedding the room in a beautiful dimming light.

"There is never a lack of scenery here," Matt stated with a grin, "I'll be off to grab my books and will return shortly." I smiled at him and sat in an armchair to wait. Immediately my stomach fluttered and I felt my brow begin to sweat. I had no idea why I was even getting nervous, there was no way I had any interest in Matt, we were only working on an assignment together. Before I had time to collect my thoughts, he was back. The way the setting sun reflected in his blue-green eyes somehow calmed my tension, and we began to work. I was surprised with how adept Matt was to potions; he had a real talent. My favorite part of the work session was when he tried to explain stuff to me that he thought I needed clarified, I laughed inside because he was lecturing to a lost cause. When some more time passed I just completely stopped listening, and working for that fact. He looked at me oddly.

"What's wrong?"

"Oh nothing," I scrambled, knocking my books to the floor as I pathetically flailed my arms for no reason. He chuckled and knelt to get my books for me. I didn't internalize this phenomenon until I was also on my knees, inches from his face, trying to collect my books. We stared awkwardly at each other for a moment, glancing from eyes, to lips, to the floor. My heart felt like it was going to explode from my chest and at once I completely stopped breathing. I picked an extremely opportune moment because right the Matt leaned his face towards mine. His warm lips met mine and I closed my eyes. The kiss didn't last all too long, nor was it extremely passionate, but when he pulled his face from mine I felt invigorated.

"You wouldn't laugh at me if I had told you I'd been waiting to do that these entire past two weeks?"

"Not at all, that was actually lovely." The corners of his mouth pulled into a slightly pompous smile. It was adorable to see him so proud of his accomplishment.

"So," I mumbled, "Are we going to complete our assignment?"

"Oh of course," he exclaimed, "I almost forgot we were working on something." I laughed and we moved closer to one another on the couch to complete our assignment. Students began to pour in after dinner and the common room filled up. Lisa and Brad sat opposite us close to the fire working on an assignment of theirs. Lisa would occasionally look up at me, analyzing the situation covertly as she kept up with talking to Brad. I knew she wasn't getting a break the second I went up to bed, she would want to hear everything that went on. Matt and I continued our challenging assignment, and by the time the common room began to filter out, his arm was around my waist. When I looked at the clock on the wall it read after midnight.

"I think it'd be best if I head off to bed," I stated while I stretched out my arms, "I've got loads more of homework to do tomorrow along with practice."

"Understandable," Matt replied with a soft smile.

"I had a really nice time tonight," I told him, "I'd really like to hang out again."

"That could definitely be arranged." He kissed me goodnight, this time longer than before, and I made my way back to my room. I opened the door and before I had the chance to close it behind me four pairs of eyes stared deeply into my soul.

"Tell us everything," Lisa screamed.