Tails: Lunch Break

Authors Note – Hello everyone this is an oneshot idea that I want to try make into a story later on. I got the idea from that picture 'Tails' where all the Jinchuuriki are standing together. So I thought why not make an oneshot where they get together for a meal. I'm still trying to figure out a story line. Shoot if someone wants to take my idea just PM me and I'll send you all the notes I made. Well I hope you enjoy

[Unknown Location/ Restaurant ]

It was mid-day in the elemental country and people everywhere was starting to break off of their days for an afternoon break or lunch. In one small village a group of nine people where breaking the afternoon silence with a loud debate over lunch.

"I'm telling you! Ramen is the food of the gods! And once you try it then you would see the light!" Yelled a blond haired boy dressed in a black and orange jumpsuit, with a headband that held the piece of steel with the symbol of Konoha upon it. Across from him was a slender blond female dressed in navy blue shorts and top that stopped above her stomach. She jumps up and points at the orange and black clad shinobi. "Dammit Naruto I keep telling you that your wrong! Sushi is the true gift from the gods! So stop spreading your lies!"

"Naruto, Yugito both of you shut up!" Yelled an older man with crimson colored hair that was tied into a ponytail that stood up on his head. "You both are wrong if anything beef steak is the best. Right Han?" Across from the old red head was a tall man sitting with his arms crossed dressed in red armor. Han nodded his head agreeing with his partner Roshi.

At the word 'Beef' a well-built dark skinned man with corn rolls eyebrow twitches. "Yo Roshi I would hold off on the beef…" And he glares at both Roshi and Han. "I agree with Yugito, Sushi is the way to go yo!" And everyone groans at the bad rapping. And Yugito hits the man on the back of the head "Bee while thanks for agreeing with me, STOP RAPPING!"

Naruto stands up and yells at everyone "INFEDILS I'LL MAKE YOU SEE THE LIGHT THAT IS RAMEN!" Which earns him a whack to the back of his head from a green haired tan beauty Fuu. "Fuu-chan why?" Fuu crosses her arms and says, "Stop yelling your making a scene." And with that the four of them are looks around and notices everyone staring at them. And with that they all sit down and continue their argument on lunch.

On the other end of the table sat both two boys with their arms crossed staring at one another. One of the two was a red head that had the kanji for 'Love' on his forehead. The other was brown haired boy with pink eyes and a scar under his left eye.



And with that said the two straight-faced boys continue their glaring match.

Fuu chuckles as a sweat drop rolls down her head and sighs. "Well Garra and Yagura are in there own world. So what about you Utakata what do you want?" And she turns over to a man with black hair clad in a blue holding a waitress hands and hears him say, "All I want for lunch is a quiet meal with you my dear." And he smiles at the waitress who in turn blushes and giggles like a schoolgirl.

Fuu sighs to her self and steps away from the table of Jinchuuriki and heads over to the counter and says to the old man behind the stove. "Okonomiyaki with fish, beef, chicken, and noodles." She turns back towards the table that all are staring at her and she smiles and holds up the peace sign. "When in doubt throw it together!" And the other eight Jinchuuriki laughs and smiles as they weight for their meal of Japanese pizza.

AN: Hope you liked it. Got kinda lazy due to me being hungry when writing this lol. Hope you like it