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Mario Amazing Race – Season 2

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Previously, on the Amazing Race…

Twelve teams of two, each with their own preexisting relationship, set off a race unlike any other, a race around the world! Each team faced great challenges that tested their intelligence, strength, speed, and their relationship to a whole new level. One by one, the twelve teams were dwindled down to three, who faced off in a final race to the finish line. In the end, lifelong friends Misstar and Mamar proved victorious and walked away as winners of the Amazing Race, as well as the million coins! Today, twelve brand new teams of two will embark on their own race around the world. Who will win the race now?

Mario Amazing Race – Season 2

Rougeport, a town on the sea full of thieves, crooks, and rogues, was shining brightly in the light of the sun as it rose across the sky. The sea around the city reflected the light of the sun and glowed as a result. People could be seen walking to the different parts and districts of the city. In the southern part of the city, the docks, people were seen working. In the mix of the common people of the city, a dry bones was there, sitting right on the docks, looking out into the water.

"This is Rougeport! A city by rough waters, it is known around the world as a dangerous place filled with thieves and crooks." the dry bones, Erik, stated as he got up. "The city was built on a former city that was destroyed nearly a thousand years ago! Still, the legend of the old city never was destroyed and it forever remains in history! It is fitting that on this spot, history will be made again!"

The dry bones proceeded to walk further on the docks before continuing his speech. "A new type of history will be made, as this city will become the starting point for a race around the world!"

Off in the distance, twelve gray boats could be seen coming closer to the docks. Two individuals could be seen on each boat, but it was too hard to figure out who each person was.

"Twelve new teams of two, each with their own existing relationship, are being transported here by boat. Once their boat arrives at the docks of Rougeport, they will hop off and prepare to start their race around the world!" Erik announced, watching the boats come closer. "The twelve teams are…"

Mario Amazing Race – Season 2

The first boat arrived. The two on board hurried off, holding each other's hand.

Luigi and Daisy

"Luigi and Daisy. The younger Mario brother and plumber and the princess of Sarasaland, dating long distance after constant communication and meetings at parties and sporting events!"

Daisy was walking hand and hand with her boyfriend until the excitement got to her and she hurried off ahead of him, ready to start the race. She had on a yellow tank top along with orange shorts. She had on her crown, decorated with flowers, along with her blue flower-shaped earrings. Luigi laughed as he ran up to catch up with her. The plumber was wearing a green long-sleeve shirt with overalls. He on a pair of gloves as well along with his signature green "L" hat.

"Daisy and I met at a couple of Mario's parties and at a bunch of sporting competitions. We got to become good friends and well…it just developed." Luigi stated with a hint of a blush on his face. "What she, the beautiful princess of Sarasaland, saw in a stupid plumber like me, I'll never know."

"You aren't stupid! You are really modest though. And very kind and caring. And intelligent. And very cute. Basically, you are amazing and the greatest guy I've met!" Daisy replied back to him, playfully punching him in the elbow. She laughed a little bit as she watched her boyfriend blush even more.

"…maybe…" the plumber managed to say, his face still bright red. "…but anyway…we really wanted to do this race. Mario has gone on so many adventures without me and has seen so many places; I would love to see all things he's seen! Now, Daisy and I get the opportunity to do just that and possibly see places he hasn't before! But there's also one more thing we are aiming to do on this race: win it."

"Oh yeah! We are definitely going to enjoy seeing places around the world and spending a lot of time together, but we want to win!" the princess added. "I'm competitive by nature, and so is he. We are going to give this thing our all and work to make sure we are the ones crossing the finish line in first!"

Mario Amazing Race – Season 2

The second boat arrived as quickly as the first. The two on board it hopped off just as quick and ran right behind the two in front of them.

Paraplonk and Goomp

Paraplonk and Goomp. Co-workers who work together, along with their friend Sergeant Guy, as members of Bowser's Koopa Troop.

Paraplonk flew ahead of his partner, eager to get the race started. The paratroopa was wearing a white t-shirt underneath his red shell and was wearing green shoes. He also had on a red bucket over his head for some reason. Goomp followed behind. The goomba was wearing his blue pajamas and a blue nightcap with a little white fuzzy ball at the top.

"We are both proud members of the Koopa Troop, who work directly for King Bowser and his family." Paraplonk stated, giving a sort of salute. In the process, his bucket fell of. "Oops!" he mumbled as he hastily picked it up and put it back on his head. "…anyway…we are proud members of the Koopa Troop. I've worked directly with Private Goomp for awhile now, along with Sergeant Guy, and I feel like we are a true terror together!"

"We are indeed!" Goomp nodded, the ball on his cap bouncing. "Although Sarge isn't here with us, we are still are pretty tough! The other teams better watch out for us, because we aim to win this thing!"

"Yeah! Just watch us King Bowser! Watch us members of the Koopa Troop! We will make you guys proud!" the paratroopa moved his arm to his side, ready to make another salute. In the process, however, he accidentally hit the goomba next to him. His cap fell to the ground and the goomba grabbed his face. "Goomp! Oh my gosh! I am so sorry about that! Are you okay?"

"…ow…" the goomba frowned in response.

Mario Amazing Race – Season 2

The next boat came in. The two on it hopped on and started walking on the docks.

Azalea and Sherry

"Azalea and Sherry. Best friends and professional golfers, both champions of the renowned Dune and Palm Cups respectively."

The two human golfers were running behind the team in front, excited to begin the race. Azalea was in front. She had on an orange vest that was over a white t-shirt as well as yellow shorts that went down to her knees. She had dark orange hair that fell to her shoulders, and also had on an orange cap. Sherry walked behind her, which helped show that she was shorter than her. She had on a green shirt along with blue shorts. Unlike her partner, she wore no cap that hid her orange hair, which fell down to her neck.

"Sherry and I entered the professional world of golf about the same time and we became friends ever since we met at our first tournament!" Azalea reminisced on their first tournament.

"And I believe I won that one!" Sherry giggled.

"I beat you in the next one though!" the champion of the Dunes Cup laughed. "The two of us I think should do fine in the race. We've competed in lots of tournaments, so we know how to deal with stress, competition, and getting behind in the standings. We know how to work around all of this. Hopefully that'll be useful in the race!"

"It should, I think at least." the champion of the Palms Cup agreed. "The two of us should be fine in the race! We just need to stay calm and collected and work as a team, which I don't think will be that hard to do. If we are able to accomplish that, I think we will do great and be a major threat to win this thing!"

Mario Amazing Race – Season 2

The fourth boat got to the docks. The team on board got off and walked behind the other teams, ready to start the race.

Don Pianta and Francesca

"Don Pianta and Francesca. Father and daughter who have worked with the Pianta Syndicate in Rougeport for years as the former leader and current leader respectively.

Don Pianta was grinning as he walked on the docks, ready to get the show on the road. He was a formal man, a man of business, and as such, he was wearing a black suit and tie along with a black fedora. He had on a pair of sunglasses that hid eyes that were fixed on the teams in front of him. The former leader of his syndicate was eyeing his competition. His daughter, Francesca, walked by his side. She had on a white dress with a white sunhat. On her hand was an engagement ring, given to her by her beloved.

"I resigned as da leader of de Pianta Syndicate for my health. It's a stressful life, ya see? But after I left, I realized dat I was missin da excitement of bein da boss." Don Pianta explained. "Dis race here is da perfect source of excitement for me! Just what I needed to have aftuh a pretty cozy and borin life I've been livin for a couple of years!"

"Daddy is a strong man! He had to be to reach the head of the Pianta Syndicate, after all!" Francesca stated proudly, putting her arm around her father. "I'm not too bad myself! I help run the syndicate now, along with my darling husband Frankie! Due to the leadership, I've gotten tougher myself! We are not some weak team! I feel like we are going to be tough competition for everyone else!"

"You got dat right! We aim to make da boys back home proud of us as we win dis thing!" her father predicted.

"Yes! We will! Also, I have another goal I hope to accomplish on the race…" the daughter trailed off as she looked over to her father.

"Hmm? You do? Dat would be…?" Don Pianta asked, curious.

"…it's nothing daddy. Let's just focus on the race and win this thing!" Francesca told him.

Mario Amazing Race – Season 2

The fifth boat came up to the docks. The two on board got out and started following the other teams in front.

Axem Green and Axem Black

"Axem Green and Axem Black. Robotic soldiers who are part of a mercenary group known as the Axem Rangers."

The two Axem Rangers walked side by side, their minds focused on one thing: winning. It was evident in their eyes and posture. Axem Green was a skinny robot, the skinniest of the Axem Rangers. His green body was hidden under a green jacket he was wearing. His hands were snuggly put within its pockets. Black did not appear as skinny as his partner: he looked much more in shape and stronger. He had on a pair of sunglasses over his eyes and was wearing a black jacket.

"Watching Red and Pink last season on the show was…disappointing, to the say very least. Their constant bickering and weak performance only did damage to the reputation of the Axem Rangers." Green rolled his eyes at the memories of watching the two other rangers race. "Black and I are here to make up for their mistakes and win. And we are here for no other reason."

"And we are going to! The other teams are probably gonna judge us as bickering weaklings, cause of Red and Pink. Little do they know that Green and I have the best teamwork in the Axem Rangers!" Black proudly boasted. "Green is the brain and I am the speed! We work well together and make up for each other's shortcomings! The other teams will probably be surprised by our performance!"

"I care little about how they view us or if we surprise them. The only thing that matters is that we win." the skinnier ranger bluntly reported. "A million coins sounds nice to me. Repairing the reputation of the Axem Rangers is also important. The idea of winning the competition that Red and Pink couldn't seems even better. We are going to stop at nothing to win this thing!"

"You got that right!" his partner replied as he fidgeted with his sunglasses.

Mario Amazing Race – Season 2

A sixth boat reached the docks. The two on it jumped off and followed the team in front of them.

Mimi and Nastasia

"Mimi and Nastasia. Friends and former co-workers who worked under the infamous Count Bleck, now known as Blumiere.

Mimi walked ahead of her partner, giggling her way ahead. She had on a yellow polka-dotted dress that covered her whole body. She had a pink bow on the top of her head and was wearing a rubee necklace. Nastasia followed behind, making no attempts to catch up to her partner. Why bother when the race hasn't started yet? She was wearing a white sweater and black pants. Her pink hair was put up in a bun on her head and she was messing with her glasses.

"I was very excited when I heard about the race! So excited that I called up my good old friend Nastasia and suggested we do this thing! It'll be so much fun!" Mimi replied, clearly excited about the race.

"She wanted to do it, but couldn't find anyone else to do it with, so she called me." Nastasia sighed. "Whatever though. Yeah, I think this will be fun to go around the world, but it would be also nice to win this thing too, k?"

"Oh of course we are going to win! Who do you think we are? We are two very strong women! We aren't going down easily!" Mimi replied, her eyes burning like a fire. "We are going to destroy this race and any team that gets in our way!"

Mario Amazing Race – Season 2

The next team got off the seventh boat. They ran behind the other teams, wanting to catch up to everyone ahead of them.

Kolin and Kody

"Kolin and Kody. Brothers who used to work for the Koopa King Bowser. They are also trained ninjas, along with their two other brothers.

The two brothers were running next to each other, very anxious to start the race. Kolin had on a green bandana over his head, matching his green shell and green shoes. He also had on a green long sleeve shirt under his shell that covered most of his body. Kody had on similar attire, only in yellow. His bandana, his shell, his shoes, and his long sleeve shirt were yellow, as a result.

"So, we were forced to go by our real names for some reason. Something about another racer having his name be Green and that people might confuse us." Kolin sighed, rolling his eyes in disbelief. "Whatever man. Anyway, I'm going to make this clear that I, Kolin, am the superior green ninja koopa while my brother, Kody, is the less awesome yellow ninja koopa."

"Dude! You got that backwards! I'm the awesome one and you're the less awesome one!" Kody retorted back.

"Nuh uh! I got it right!" the green ninja koopa retorted.

"Whatever. Be an idiot for all I care." the yellow ninja koopa shrugged while his brother stuck his tongue out in retaliation. "It doesn't matter in the end though. We got on this race and this is the perfect thing for us! An epic competition unlike any other! We are so going to kick butt and take names! No hold back!"

"Heck yeah we are!" Kolin agreed, a smirk evident on his face. "Look out racers! Here comes the Koopa Bros!"

Mario Amazing Race – Season 2

The eighth boat came by and dropped off the two on board. They followed behind the teams in front of them.

Kammy and Kamek

"Kammy and Kamek. Mother and son, both magikoopas, who have worked for Bowser and the Koopa Royal Family for years.

Kammy was walking at relatively relaxed pace to conserve energy for the race. She had on a purple robe over her body and shell along with a purple witch's hat. She had on a pair of brown glasses and was holding on to her golden yellow wand. Kamek walked right by her side. He had on a blue robe over his body and wore a blue sorcerer's hat. He wore his own pair of glasses, although his were gray, and he also had a golden yellow wand.

"I've been working for Bowser's family before Bowser was even alive! Kamek's been working too for a long time, starting up when he turned thirteen, just when Bowser was born! We've certainly been providing assistance for the Koopa Family for years!" Kammy laughed, proudly noting the years of service she and Kamek have been performing for Bowser.

"It's relatively odd, working with your mom on a regular day basis. But I know from it that she's not the weak old lady people think she is! She's tough. She's smart. She's rather quick. And she is my mother, who I've known for years and love! She's the perfect teammate for anyone to run this race with!" Kamek explained.

"Kamek, I must make this clear, I'm not old!" the older magikoopa shouted, annoyed by her son's comment.

"…the only thing you took from that explanation was that comment?" her son started to crack up in laughter.

"This isn't funny Kamek! I'm not old!" his mother replied.

"I know you aren't mom. I'm only kidding…" the younger magikoopa continued to laugh.

Mario Amazing Race – Season 2

The ninth boat came up to the docks, dropping off its team. They walked right behind the team in front, not wanting to go any faster yet.

Bobbery and Cortez

"Bobbery and Cortez. Two salty old sea dogs that work together aboard Cortez's ship as sailing partners.

Cortez, before coming on the race, was literally a floating head. To prepare, he crafted himself a body out of his remaining bones in his room on his ship. His body now was shaped like a human's skeleton. He was wearing a black cloak that covered most of his bones. The pirate had on a pirate hat on the top of his skull, wearing it proudly. Bobbery walked beside him. The bob-omb wore his sailor's hat as proudly as his partner wore his hat. He had his wind-up key as the helm of a ship and he was wearing black boots.

"Cortez and I have traveled the world on the seas before, but never have we tackled an adventure on the land together! I'm rather curious on how this will work out!" Bobbery wondered aloud.

"Aye, same here amigo. It's been a long time since I have walked on solid ground, let alone walked in general!" Cortez noted, still getting used to the body of bones he crafted.

"I watched the last season, and from what I've seen of the other racers this season, we seem to be the oldest chaps ever to run this thing. But I say, with age comes wisdom, experience, and skill. We are a tough bunch, who have faced the harshest elements of the sea! I know we have what it takes to go far in this thing!" the old bob-omb declared.

"¡Sí señor! ¡Nosotros vamos a ganar a la competencia!" the pirate predicted, a large grin on his skeletal face.

Mario Amazing Race – Season 2

The tenth boat pulled into the docks and dropped off the two on board. They walked off behind the other teams.

Koops and Koopie Koo

"Koops and Koopie Koo. An engaged couple from Petalburg, ready to take the next step in their relationship."

Koops and Koopie Koo were walking down the docks together, hand in hand. Koops was wearing a blue hoodie underneath his green shell with blue shorts. He also had on a small bandage on his nose. Koopie Koo had on a pink t-shirt underneath her shell and had on white shorts and shoes. She had a pink hair tie in her hair, which held her blonde hair in a ponytail.

"I got to see some pretty cool places when I went with Mario on an adventure to find the crystal stars! I think it's about time I go on another one to see what the rest of the world has to offer! Only this time, Koopie Koo is coming with me!" Koops stated as fiancée laughed.

"Of course I'm coming! There's no way I would miss this!" Koopie Koo stated.

"Koopie Koo and I are about to take the plunge into marriage! We are going to start a family and I'm going to try and become the next mayor of Petalburg! Our life is going to become pretty peaceful and relaxing soon, so it would be good to get some last minute excitements in our life!" the male koopa laughed.

"I'm ready to take his hand in marriage, but Koops is right! We'd like to have more excitement before we start to settle down, and I feel this race is the perfect source of it!" his fiancée added.

Mario Amazing Race – Season 2

The eleventh boat had now arrived on the scene. The two on board proceeded to get off and float behind the other teams.

Slim and Melody

"Slim and Melody. Two ghosts who have been best friends since the early stages of their afterlife. One is a skilled pool shark while the other is a talented pianist with no equal."

The two ghosts were very excited to start the race, fire easily seen in their eyes! Slim was wearing a brown polo shirt along with black shorts. He had his purple hair spiked up. Melody was right behind him. She wore a red long sleeve shirt and a pair of red shorts. She had on a heard-shaped necklace and a dark red belt. The girl's long blonde hair was perfectly straightened and fell down to her back.

"Melody and I met sometime after I died and we became pretty good friends! She's probably one of the few people I actually have as friends!" Slim explained. "I think what drew us to each other was our competitive nature. We don't like to lose! Ever!"

"We don't like to lose and we don't lose." Melody bluntly added, smirking. "Whether it's music, video games, pool, or anything really, we go all out and defeat our competition! Nothing gets in our way. The same thing will happen with this race!"

"Yeah, definitely. We'll definitely horrify the other racers with our skill and breeze through this thing, no sweat." the lonely pool shark stated proudly. His partner merely nodded at his words.

Mario Amazing Race – Season 2

The twelfth and final boat came up to the docks. The two on board jumped off and ran behind the other teams, ready to get started with the race.

Jojora and Oholina

"Jojora and Oholina. Best friends from Joke's End in the Beanbean Kingdom."

Jojora was walking ahead of her partner, grinning the whole way. She had on a blue t-shirt that matched her skin with equally blue shorts. She had a blue headband on her head with a red stone in the center of it. The girl was also holding on to a small yellow want. Oholina followed behind. She was wearing a red sweater and black sweatpants. She also had blonde hair in pigtails.

"Oholina and I have been best friends for years now! We are literally two peas in a pod. We work amazing together!" Jojora exclaimed, thinking about her partner.

"We do!" Oholina agreed with her partner's statement. "We both knew each other's strengths and weaknesses well and we complement each well."

"Oholina supplies the muscle while I supply the speed. Oholina is the calmer, more collected mind that will be able to keep my temper in check. We are both sharp and can think well on our feet! I don't see us having any problems in the race!" the fairy-looking girl replied.

"We shouldn't. We just have to be prepared for anything that can come up on the race, and I think we can win this thing!" her partner replied.

Mario Amazing Race – Season 2

All twelve teams were now out of their boats. They proceeded to walk down the docks, following each other. They were all about to begin the adventure of a lifetime.

"Can these twelve teams work under the stress and difficulties of the race? Will the competing teams become friends or enemies? Which one of the these teams will supply the right combination of brain, brawn, and teamwork to pull ahead of the other eleven and end up on top?" Erik asked as he started to walk himself. "All these questions and more will be answered…as we begin the Amazing Race!"

Mario Amazing Race – Season 2

All twelve teams stood by each other in an orderly arc right by edge of the docks of Rougeport. The backpacks that belonged to the teams were in sight if someone with spectacular vision looked really hard, although a considerable distance away: they were around the area of the Rougeport Plaza. All the teams, however, were not looking in that direction. They were focused on the dry bones host, who was standing right in front of them, a grin on his face.

"In just a few moments, you all will begin a race around the world, visiting each and every corner. There is no denying that it will be the adventure of your lives." Erik exclaimed, beginning his speech. "The race is divided into a various amount of segments, or legs. Each leg will have various amounts of tasks and challenges you will have to accomplish, some by yourself and others as a team."

"At the end of each leg, there is a pitstop. You will want to hurry to the pitstops and get there as fast as possible, for nine of these pitstops are elimination spots." the dry bones stopped talking, waiting to add more suspense to his last statement. "If you are last to one of these nine pitstops…you will be eliminated from the race!"

The twelve teams looked solemn, understanding the dry bone's words.

"At the beginning of each leg, you will begin a set of amount of coins that will cover all expenses on the race, except for airline tickets, which you will not have to pay for. You may keep any spare coins you do not use on the previous leg for the next ones, so I would advise to use your money wisely." the dry bones suggested.

"At the end of this race, three teams will race towards the pitstop. The winner of the final leg, the team to cross the finish line in first…will receive one million coins!" Erik stated.

With those words, the twelve teams broke into cheers shouts. Many of them were clapping. They were making a lot of noise, showing great evidence that they were excited and that they were ready to begin.

"…nice reply. I can tell this is going to be fun already!" Erik smirked. "When I give you all the signal, you may start running to the Rougeport Square. There, in the very center, will be your backpacks, which will have your first clue on it! When you reach there, you may open up the clue envelope, read the clue, and start off. From there, it's all up to you! So…let me ask you all…is everyone ready?"

The contestants responded by getting prepared to run. There was not a single soul in the crowd that was unprepared. They were all ready to start sprinting.

"The world is waiting for you…travel safe…" Erik stated.

"…GO!" the dry bone shouted, throwing his hand down, signaling the start of the race.

At the sight of the signal, chaos was born. All twelve teams sprinted off, starting their race around the world.

Mario Amazing Race – Season 2

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