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Gwen thought back to why they were there. Even after everything with the 456, she was still wanted. They had killed Ianto, and now they had driven her, Rhys, and their daughter into hiding. And now, somehow, they were right back at the Millennium Center.

She remembered when everything was easy. Back when she was just a police officer. She would wake up, go to work, and come home. Maybe even go out with Rhys. It was simple, if a little repetitive. But that was alright.

But then she met Jack. She began obsessing over Torchwood. Things got complicated. Even after Jack slipped her the Retcon, she had this feeling that she was missing something. Something big. Then Suzie killed Jack and shot herself, and she remembered.

The new job wasn't easy. In fact, it was next to impossible. Owen did nothing but crack jokes. Everybody thought that she was incapable of doing what she was supposed to do. But they warmed up to her. And she enjoyed her job. Until Jack left. He just disappeared, and nobody knew what happened to him. So Gwen took over instead. And then he returned. And it was alright.

Then he came. Jack never explained who he was. He just ran off. Just like that. And Captain John Hart tried to kill her. He shot Owen, and threatened Ianto. She suspected he killed Jack as well, but that didn't bother her. She had considered that option a lot. But the threat of Hart disappeared for a while, until he returned, along with the threat of Gray. Tosh and Owen were really killed, although she couldn't believe it at first.

And finally, the 456. They killed Ianto. The government could have stopped it, of course. But they wouldn't. If they had just let Torchwood take over as soon as the threat was imminent, nothing would have happened. But they seemed too proud. So the 456 let out the virus, and Ianto breathed in the contaminated air. Jack lost so much, between his lover and grandson. So he left. And nothing was, nor would it ever be again, alright.

Or so she thought. But as she looked into that face, still so familiar, she began to wonder. He came back, they could rebuild Torchwood. As she looked into the face of captain Jack Harkness, she knew that everything would be alright again.

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