This starts when Caper sees that TV add.

Chapter 1

The Add

As Casper watched the camera zoom in no Kat, the reporter asked

"How do you feel about what your father is doing for a living?"

"Could you please not ask us any questions?" Kat said back

"Do you believe in Ghost?" the man asked again.

"She asked not, yes not to ask us any questions" It was not Kat who answered but, a girl coming up behind her.

Her name Selena, meaning moon, or Lena was Kat's old sister. but you couldn't tell that they where sisters, the looked nothing alike Kat had short straight brown hair, was twelve and in middle school, where Lena had long wavy with curly ends jet black hair, was 18 and just finished high school. Lena had blood red bangs over her right eye, where Kat had no bangs. Lena had blue-violet eyes that always held a blazing fire behind them where Kat had brown eyes that sparkled. Kat was loner that stated quite, played by the rules and always listened, where Lena was a complete wield child. Lena was outgoing and adventures where, Kat was shy and timid. Kat was patient and calm where Lena was ill-tempered and temperamental. They were Ying and Yang, total opposites, but that was that keep them so close. Kat keep Lena grounded and Lena made Kat a little more outgoing. Lena was the protecter and Kat was the racialist. They went through everything together, their where each others shoulder to cry on. Also since they moved around a lot and because what their father does, they where each others best friends.

"Have you ever seen a ghost in real life, did your father every hurt you in anyway?"

"He's our father" Kat said

"Can you just talk to us" the man said

Kat turned back and started to talk but Lene bet her to the punch.

"Leave NOW" she hissed out her eyes suddenly flashing red making her look lethal. Them the picture went back to the blond news caster.

Sighing, the little ghost, whispered

"Carrigen" he whispered and started on his plan.

Chapter 2

The promise and moving in

Lene, Kat and their father, Dr. Harvey, where diving down the road. Kat in the front and Lene shushed in the back. Signing Lene unbuckled her seat belt and leaned in between the front seats. Lene was wearing her favorite, off the shoulder purple Paramore shirt that said 'She Lives in a Fairytale" and the rest of the lyrics faded into the back round, a pair of jeans and her favorite black converse. She watched the trees going bye, her dad was singing a song on the radio and Kat was leaning out the window with a frown on her face. At the same time both Kat and Lene both reached in to turn off the radio.

"Oh guys I'm sorry about your Cactus Spooners" Dr. Harvey said

"Crooners." The two girls said in unison.

"I don't care what they said you two are pictures of mental health" he said

"They where talking about you" the brown hair girl, Kat, said

"Try explaining afterlife therapy to a bunch of junior high kids" the girl with jet black, Lena, said

"Some people go through life never questioning the norm." he said in return "But you guys and me, we're doing something extraordinary with our lives."

Turning to look at him Kat retorted

"Were not doing anything" she said "You're the one who's been packing up our stuff and moving us across the country"

"In two years, we have been to nine different schools." Lena started

"We have eaten in nine different cafeterias." Kat continued

"We can't even remember anyone's name." Lena said continuing

"For once, we would just like to be..." Kat said

"In one place long enough" Lena said

"To make a friend." They finished in unison

After that, the whole ride was silent.

"Wow, it no so bad" Doctor Harvey said getting out of the car and looking at the old run-down building,

"Ya if your Stephen King" Kat said

"Or Dracula" Lena snorted getting out of the car.

"Dr. Harvey, hello, my name is Carrigan Crittenden" A blond lady said coming up to Dr. Harvey.

Tuning out the conversation, Lena looked around her. Looking into a window, sh could have sworn she saw some thing more in a window. She was pulled out of her thoughts when she noticed her father and sister go into the house.

"Wow" Kat said looking around

"Dido" Lena said

Suddenly Lena's phone rang cutting off her father.

"Hello" Lena said