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It was an ordinary day in Sternbild. Two young adult girls had just finished getting the rest of their bags from baggage claim at the airport in Sternbild. The two of them were so excited to spend a week together in Sternbild before one of them, the older of the two of them, has to return to her hometown so that she may start another semester at the university she is attending to get her Bachelor's degree in English. The two young women planned this weeklong vacation with each other and were looking forward to the fun they figure they would have in Sternbild for a whole week, together, since the both of them live in two separate cities of the same country and usually rarely ever get to see each other in person, face-to-face, although they both are always in touch with each other.

A while later, after both young women have checked into the hotel room that they both will be staying in for their whole stay, and both have unpacked their luggage and gotten settled in, in their hotel room, the elder of the two girls, Debora, asks her friend and traveling companion, Jenni, "So what should we do now?" Jenni answers, "We can walk around and start to explore a little bit of the city since from what I've heard, Sternbild is a huge city. And then when we get hungry we can grab some food to eat nearby wherever we happen to me. " Debora says, "Okay, that is a good idea. Let's do it." Jenni nods and both girls leave their hotel for now, after they each get their purse/bag and go out of their room and go downstairs to the hotel lobby by using an elevator. As soon as the elevator they are both on gets to the hotel lobby level, both Jenni and Debora get out of the elevator car and walk out of one of the hotel lobby's doors.

Both Debora and Jenni leave their hotel and start to go exploring a little bit of the big city of Sternbild. As they both walk, exploring a little bit of the large city that is Sternbild together, both young women talk amongst themselves back and forth. They both start to enjoy what they are seeing of Sternbild as they continue to see it while exploring and chatting together.

It's not long before soon; they come across a fortuneteller's shop. Both decide to go in and check it out, just for the heck of it. The two girls walk in and look around the waiting area of the shop, being careful not to touch anything, in curiosity. Both young women are brought back to reality when they hear an old woman's voice say to them, "Would you two young ladies like to have your fortune told?" They both nod before Debora asks, knowing they both didn't really bring much money to spend to go exploring a little bit of the city today, "How much does it cost?" The old fortuneteller, probably in her sixties, answers, "For you girls, nothing, since I can tell you two are not really from around here." Jenni says, "You got that right." With a wrinkled, bony finger, the fortuneteller beckons the two girls to follow her after introducing herself as Madam Fortuna, the owner of the shop.

Both Jenni and Debora follow Madam Fortuna into some sort of room with a beaded curtain door and take a seat at two chairs at the fortuneteller's table that face the chair Madam Fortuna is sitting at, when offered to sit. After they sit down and relax a little, the fortuneteller asks them what their names are. Jenni gives her own first name and Debora does the same. Madam Fortuna says to them, "So, which one of you young ladies would like to go first?" Debora and Jenni look at each other before Debora volunteers to go first, after it becomes ok for her to do so by her friend Jenni. Madam Fortuna starts by reading Debora's palm, then does a tarot card reading for Debora, before she looks into her crystal ball to see a glimpse of what she sees for Debora. After peering into her crystal ball, Madam Fortuna looks at Debora and says, "I see that you were born different from others your age, and that uniqueness has made it harder for you to fit in with other children when you were a young girl." Debora is amazed that Madam Fortuna saw that in her crystal ball. The fortuneteller continues, "I also see you came here with your friend who is sitting next to you for a special bonding trip." Now both Debora and Jenni are surprised at the fact that the fortuneteller saw that in her crystal ball. The fortuneteller now finishes, "And as for your future, I can see from my crystal ball that you will soon find that your luck is going to start to change for the better exponentially." Debora comments, "Wow, cool."

Madam Fortuna then does Jenni's palm reading and tarot card reading, just as she did with Debora, before she starts peering into her crystal ball. The fortuneteller peers into her crystal ball before she looks at Jenni and tells Jenni what she sees in the crystal ball for Jenni's past and present. Jenni is amazed that the fortuneteller saw that in the crystal ball because it was true. Madam Fortuna continues, "And as for your future, Jenni, I can see using my crystal ball that you will also soon find a great change in your luck for the better, is going to start." Jenni comments, "Cool!"

After both girls have had their fortunes told, they both thank Madam Fortuna kindly and politely. Madam Fortuna says to them both, "You two young ladies are very welcome. During your stay in Sternbild, if you ever want your fortunes told, don't hesitate to come see me, and don't worry about the cost, because it will be on the house for you two girls." Amazed, both girls thank the fortuneteller and say to Madam Fortuna, "We will, thank you very much again, Madam Fortuna." The girls leave the shop after bidding a friendly goodbye to Madam Fortuna.

As soon as both girls leave the shop, they both resume what they were doing before for a little while longer. Suddenly, in the middle of their exploring, taking in some of the sights, and chatting with each other, both young women bump into something abruptly. Both Jenni and Debora fall on their butts as a result and both let out exclamations of, "Owwww, I just landed on my butt and it hurts!" The things the two young women bumped into are actually two men. One of the men, who has layered blond hair that reaches his shoulders and wearing glasses, that Jenni happened to bump into, sees Jenni and reaches out his hand for her to take, saying to her, "Are you ok miss?" Without looking at the man, Jenni nods and accepts his offered hand, taking it and lets the person whose hand she just took, help her up, Jenni rubbing her butt with her free hand to ease the pain of her butt pain. The other man, who has tanned skin, dark hair and a beard, that Debora bumped into, reaches out his hand as an offer for her to take so he can help her up, and says, "Are you ok, young miss?" Without looking at that man, Debora takes the offered hand, nodding slightly, and lets the person who offered that hand to her, help her up, Debora rubbing her wounded butt gently with her free hand to try and relieve the pain on her butt.

Both young women thank the two men, who helped them up after both girls fell on their butts, for helping them up. The two men say back to the two girls, "You two are very welcome, it was nothing." Jenni and Debora thank the men again, knowing that not many men in the places where they both are from would do such a nice thing to total strangers. The tanned skin man and his blond friend exchange a knowing look quickly so neither of the girls see them do it, after both men sense something different, in a sort of good way, about both of the young women they see before them. Both Debora and Jenni now look at the two men who helped them up after they fell on their butts, which hurt them both now. The two girls blush, each looking at the man who helped them up now and now don't know what to say. The blond man looks back at the young woman he sees before him with the glasses and the dirty blond curly hair and blushes a little. The tanned, dark haired man looks back at the young woman he sees before him as well, seeing the woman he is looking at with brown wavy hair with caramel highlights, in a bob that almost reaches her shoulders, and also blushes a little.

An awkward moment of silence occurs as both men and both young women are speechless, for the time being. That awkward silent moment is broken when, soon, both Debora and Jenni's stomachs grumble, growl, and rumble loud enough for both men to hear. Both girls blush in embarrassment that such cute guys heard that. The blond man with the glasses says, "Seems like you two ladies are hungry." Jenni nods and says, "Ya, I guess we were having so much fun walking around and talking, we didn't notice that we were hungry." The tan-skinned man says, "Why don't you two lovely ladies join us for dinner? We are heading to this casual burger place that we like to grab a bite to eat." Debora says, "We would like to, but you don't know our names and we don't know your names." The two men apologize for not doing so earlier and the two men introduce themselves to the two young women as the tan-skinned man being Kotetsu Kaburagi and the blond man being Barnaby Brooks Jr. The two young women return the favor by introducing themselves to the two men, who they now know to be Barnaby Brooks Jr. and Kotetsu Kaburagi. Both men now see that the girl with the curly dirty blonde hair is Jenni and the girl with the brown wavy hair with the caramel highlights is Debora.

After both Debora and Jenni have met both Kotetsu and Barnaby, the two men offer again to Jenni and Debora to join them for dinner at a casual burger joint. The two girls politely and nicely accept their offer and go with the two men to the casual burger place the men are taking them to. The whole way there, Jenni and Barnaby unconsciously walk side-by-side in front of Debora and Kotetsu, who also unconsciously walk side-by-side. The four of them soon get there and get seated in a booth table quickly, since the massive dinner crowd isn't there yet and won't be there for another couple of hours. The two girls sit on the inside of the booth while the two men sit on the outside of the booth, Barnaby and Jenni on one side of the booth and Kotetsu and Debora on the other side, before the hostess hands them four menus to look at. The four of them then start looking at their menus before a waiter comes to their table and takes their drink orders.

A while later, the waiter comes to their table and takes their food orders after all four of them have decided on what they each want to eat. After getting their food orders, the waiter is handed their 4 menus before he leaves the table for now, to give their orders to the cook of the restaurant. While the four of them wait for their food to come, both Kotetsu and Barnaby start to get to know Debora and Jenni a little bit, and vice versa, to make the wait for their food seem shorter. Barnaby and Kotetsu both hide the fact that they are mentally relieved that Jenni and Debora are both not 16, like both girls appear to be in looks. A little bit after the two girls and the two men continue to get to know each other, the men excuse themselves to go use the bathroom for a little bit of time. The two girls nod and let them before both men go to the men's restrooms together. After both men have walked in the men's restrooms, both young women release quiet miniature squeals to each other at the same time at the table. Debora smiles to Jenni saying, "I am so glad that I met Kotetsu-san here, without any of my annoying relatives and family members, like my old hag older cousins." Jenni says back to Debora, "I am so glad that I met Barnaby here too, without my parents to embarrass me in front of him." Both girls nod grinning to each other.

In the men's restrooms, with Kotetsu and Barnaby, both men start to talk about how lucky they are to have met the two girls they are about to eat with, once the food comes. Barnaby then says, "You might want to pocket that wedding ring you wear on your hand, old man, or else Debora might think you are still married, therefore making you seem unavailable and uninterested if she wants to pursue you." Kotetsu agrees with Barnaby and does so. Kotetsu now says, "It's cool when you think about and see how much I have in common with Debora and you have in common with Jenni, ne Bunny-chan?" Barnaby nods as both men are drying their hands after having washed them after they both have finished using the restroom. After both men have finished drying their hands, they leave the men's restrooms and come back to the table where the two girls are waiting for them.

Both Jenni and Debora regain their calm, cool state quickly, as to not make fools out of themselves, as they see Barnaby and Kotetsu return to the table. Once the two men are back in their seats, the two girls resume and continue to get to know the two men and vice versa. This goes on for a little while longer before the four of them see the waiter come back to their table, with their food. The waiter serves them their food and leaves the table for now. The two men and the two young women now start eating their food. After all four have finished eating their food and Barnaby and Kotetsu have paid the bill, both males offer to walk the girls back to their hotel. The girls graciously accept the two men's offers and walk with them back to their hotel that they are staying at. On the way there, Barnaby asks them, "So how long are you two girls staying in Sternbild for?" Jenni answers, "A week, not counting today." The two men nod in understanding. Soon, they reach the entrance of the hotel the girls are staying at. Kotetsu hands Debora his cell number on a piece of paper and Barnaby hands Jenni a slip of paper with his cell number on it. Debora asks them, "What's this for?" Kotetsu says, "Well in case you need help or you get lost or something, since Sternbild is a big city that anyone could get lost in." The two girls nod in understanding saying "Oh, that makes sense." Jenni now hands Barnaby her cell number on a piece of paper and Debora hands Kotetsu a slip of paper with her cell number on it, both girls saying, "Here are our numbers, in case we might call you during our stay here and you are wondering who is calling you guys." The two men nod in understanding before they bid the girls goodnight. The two girls go up to their hotel room, while the two men head home, and get ready for bed. Within an hour later, both Jenni and Debora are asleep in their hotel room in their separate beds of their double bed hotel room.

Author's Note: This was the first chapter. I know its kinda long, but I couldn't help it. Debora is an OC I made up and Jenni is an OC my bestie, who, like I said before in the disclaimer, is the Barnaby/Bunny to my Wild Tiger, made up. You'll find out more about them in later chapters as the story progresses onward. Please review and tell me what you think.