The next morning, Jenni and Debora continue to explore the city, after they have woken up, gotten ready, and had breakfast this morning. Both have agreed to keep Jenni's newfound power a secret from the world so that no one that Jenni cares about, will ever run the risk of being in danger because of her and, more specifically, the power inside her. As they continue to explore the city some more this morning, both young women can't help but wonder if they will ever see the two guys they fell in love with, Kotetsu and Barnaby, ever again.

A couple of hours later, after they both have had lunch, they resume exploring the city together, taking in some more of the sights and sounds. They continue to do so for the rest of the day, which lasts several hours. Just like yesterday, both Debora and Jenni have so much fun, that they don't notice how fast those several hours tend to pas by for them. So when those hours do pass by, neither Jenni nor Debora have noticed it when it does happen.

After both girls have finished dinner this evening, they both do a little walking around a little more around a block or two in the city. Soon, Jenni whines about wanting to see Barnaby again, but she has no idea where he is now. Debora sees both Kotetsu and Barnaby nearby and comforts and reassures her friend Jenni saying, "I'm sure we'll see both Barnaby and Kotetsu again sooner than you think." Jenni says to Debora, "Why do you say that?" Debora responds, "Because I see them nearby us right now." Jenni perks up saying, "Really?" Debora nods and shows Jenni, to confirm that she is right. Jenni smiles and takes Debora over to where Barnaby and Kotetsu are. Debora goes with Jenni and once both girls approach the two men, both Jenni and Debora greet Barnaby and Kotetsu. The two men, seeing both girls, greet them both back, surprised and happy to see both Jenni and Debora. The two men invite the two young women to go for a walk with them, after some small talk is exchanged between the four of them. Both girls happily accept the offer and start to go for a walk with the two men.

As Debora and Jenni continue to go for a walk with Kotetsu and Barnaby at a park nearby, none out of the four of them notice that the clouds that would have hidden the moon in the sky tonight, have moved, revealing the full moon in the night sky for tonight. All of a sudden, some of the full moon's brightly glowing rays of moonlight touch and hit Debora, highlighting her figure. As soon as Debora sees the bright rays of the moon's light touch and hit her, her body and mind start to pulse over and over again before she loses control of her legs and ends up collapsing, about to hit the pavement sidewalk. Kotetsu acts fast and catches her before Debora can hit the ground. Jenni and Barnaby see it happen as it happens. Debora thanks Kotetsu for catching her before her body starts to glow a shade of blue a little bit. Jenni says to her friend, "Debora, don't look now, but now you are glowing too." Debora looks and sees for herself saying, "Whoa that's pretty cool!" Jenni nods in agreement.

Barnaby asks Jenni, "Wait, what do you mean by 'glowing too', Jenni?" Jenni answers, "Um, well, me and Debora kinda promised we'd keep it a secret." The blond man standing next to Jenni says, "You promised to keep what a secret?" Not wanting to upset him, Jenni says to him, "We promised to keep the fact that last night, we were walking through the city, and when some guy tried to steal my bag, I ended up starting to glow, just like Debora is glowing right now, and Debora and I kinda discovered that I have some strange power, I didn't even know I had, and Debora guesses that I could have been born with this power being dormant, but I never knew about it until I awakened it last night." Barnaby says to Jenni, "What's your power?" Jenni looks at him blushing a little, shyly, and says, "Making and shooting out water cyclones with my hands" Barnaby says to Kotetsu, "We need to get both of these girls to headquarters as soon as possible, this is serious." Debora and Jenni both say, "What is serious? What are you guys talking about?"

After sharing a knowing look, Kotetsu says, "Both me and Barnaby know why you two have that glow that Debora has now and that Jenni experienced last night." Jenni and Debora say in unison, "What?" Barnaby nods in agreement and confirmation. An hour later, Debora stops glowing, as the four of them are still in that park. Kotetsu soon sees that Debora can stand on her feet again after regaining control of her legs. Once she is standing, Debora says to Barnaby and Kotetsu, "Wait, how do you two know about the glow?" Kotetsu responds, "Because, believe it or not, both Barnaby and I are two of a type of being known as a NEXT and usually, NEXTs glow exactly like that." Jenni looks at Barnaby and says to him, "Are you guys serious?" Barnaby nods answering Jenni, meaning yes. At that moment, both Debora and Jenni start to have more questions than answers.

It takes a while before both Jenni and Debora express to Kotetsu and Barnaby, "Ok, we are so confused right about now. What about the part that you two are NEXTs, whatever those are, leads you two to that conclusion?" Barnaby says, "Well, for starters, me and the old man over there, " pointing to Kotetsu, "are actually Heroes here in Sternbild and some of the other Heroes we know are also NEXTs who have chosen to use the NEXT power we were born with to save people and fight crime and it's all aired on a TV show called Heroes TV." Debora says, "I think me and Jenni have seen that show." Barnaby says to them, "Really?" Jenni and Debora nod yes in unison. Barnaby says, "Well I'm the Hero named Barnaby, obviously, and Kotetsu is my partner, the Hero named Wild Tiger." Both Debora and Jenni say, "Cool!" Kotetsu says, "We are telling you both this because we think we can trust you with keeping that secret." Both Jenni and Debora nod, agreeing to keep that secret that the two men just told them. Debora then asks them, "So what are you two guys planning to do with us now?" Kotetsu looks at Barnaby before he answers, "Well, we plan on taking you both to our headquarters because both of you ladies might be NEXTs." Barnaby then reassures them, "But we'll only take you if you are willing to go there with us, and we'll have to do it tomorrow morning meaning me and Kotetsu will pick you up from your hotel and take you girls there." The two girls look at each other and shrug as they both agree to go with them there tomorrow morning.

Once Kotetsu and Barnaby have gotten Debora and Jenni back to their hotel safely, they both head to their homes as both girls go to their hotel room. As soon as the two girls get to their hotel room, they both get ready for bed. After both of them are finished getting ready for bed, Jenni asks Debora, "So did you find out what your power is?" Debora says, "I think so, because when I focused some of my energy on trying to regain control of my legs, it happened instantly, like magic." Jenni nods in understanding and both young women fall asleep soon after.

Author's Note: This was chapter 3. One of the reasons I chose to have my OC Debora awaken her powers during a full moon because I know a lot of supernatural and paranormal lore and legends deal with the full moon. Please review and tell me what you think.