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Amy Madison

Amy Madison was freaking out. There was no other word for it. One minute she had been in class, watching one of her classmates get menaced by a mannequin, and the next she was in the hallway.

She kept trying to speak to the other students passing by her, but none of them stopped. Could they even hear her? Was she even speaking aloud? Why couldn't she move?

And why was she behind glass?

As she felt the hysteria bubbling up inside her immobilized body, a familiar face stopped in front of her, grinning at her. No, not grinning—sneering.

Amy was forced to look up at her own face, contorted in anger, malice, and heartlessness.

"Well, well, well, what have we here?" asked the faux-Amy.

Amy tried to respond, but she couldn't. What was going on? This was her worst nightmare! It was just like the time her mother had swapped their bodies. She had missed out on so much! This couldn't be happening again.

"I guess someone up there likes me more than you," said the faux-Amy, "and why wouldn't he? Unlike you, I am not going to waste the youth that has been handed to me. Enjoy an eternity inside that case. At least you'll never get fat again.

And with that final blow, Katherine Madison—for Amy had no doubts that her mother was once again in control of her body—turned and walked away, leaving Amy transfixed within her mother's cheerleading statue, watching her fellow students rush through the hallways, terrorized by their own fears.