Danny was running down the street at top speed he had ectoplasm dripping from a large gash on his head and his whole body ached, plus his ghost core was completely drained. Behind him he could hear the angry shouts of the mob that had beaten him severely. Danny turned the corner only to have his way blocked by another mob. His parents were at the front of the new mob with charged ecto weapons.

"You're going to regret ever laying a hand on that girl!" Maddie yelled with venom in her voice as she took aim and shot Danny directly in the chest. He flew back a couple feet and let out a scream of pain before he crumpled to the ground. The two ghost hunters walked up to the hurt young ghost. Jack kicked the boy in the chest.

"We knew that you were just a filthy pile of ectoplasm just like the rest of your kind!" Jack spat. Danny rolled over and gasped

"I didn't kill her!"

Maddie growled and took out a hunting knife.

"If all you're going to tell us are lies then you're not going to be able to speak at all."


Danny woke up with a start and opened his mouth to scream but as normal not a sound came out. Danny hadn't been able to talk since his mother cut out his voice box on the day that the people of Amity Park chased him out of town after Vlad framed him for murder. He covered his face and began to breathe deeply trying to clear the memory from his head. The extra motion caused his wife, Sam, to wake up from her sleep. She sleepily turned over to find her husband shivering in fear and gilt and immediately knew he must have had that horrible dream again. She crawled over to him and wrapped her arms around his torso.

"Shhh," she whispered softly in his ear "It's all in the past they can't hurt you here. They would never be able to find us, not even Vlad could." She said trying to comfort him.

Vlad had succeeded in taking over half of the planet by this time. You see after Danny got horribly hurt by his home town, he left with Sam and vowed never to be the hero ever again. And with no one to challenge or stop him, Vlad got his wish to rule. Danny didn't care though as long as Sam and his son, daughter, and the new little one that would be on his or her way was alright he was perfectly happy. Danny only used his ghost powers to help his new family and he planned to keep it that way.

Danny smiled weakly at his pregnant wife and placed a hand on her stomach. Sam giggled when Danny made a goofy but proud face after he felt the baby move. Sam looked Danny in the eyes but her smile faded when she saw the white scar that ran from his eyebrow, threw his eye and ended at the top of his lips. Sam felt hot tears run down her face as the memories of how he got it materialized in her mind she placed her hand on the mark. Danny's face formed a look of worry and guilt, he grabbed Sam's hand off of his face and kissed it, he hated it when Sam cried. He wrapped his arms around her and using his hand he signed the words "I LOVE YOU." In sign language. Sam smiled again and wiped the tears from her eyes and then made out with her husband. Their passionate kiss broke wean they heard the door to their room squeak open.

"Mom, dad can I sleep in here?" their 4 year old daughter asked

"I had a bad dream"

Sam and Danny shared a knowing look and gestured for her to come lay down between them.