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Dara watched with horror as his father's limp body collided with a nearby tree. Droplets of blood sprayed both the dark wood and the ground surrounding him.

He felt the warm radiation of another one of Vlad's ectoblasts forming in his hand. His heart pounded in his chest. Even if his father somehow survived the first blast, there was no way he would be able to survive a seconded. It was in that moment Dara decided to use a power that he had promised his family he would never use at full strength…..

He closed his eyes took in a deep breath, sorting out all of the emotions he was feeling at the time and focused on the pure hatred he felt for Vlad. That extreme emotion became his fuel. Flame burst from everywhere on his body. The initial wave sent Vlad flying off of him and tumbling along the dirt floor of the forest.

Vlad was thankful for the tumbling because, while it was painful, it put out most of the blue flame that had engulfed his body. He pushed himself up from the ground and stared in horror at the sight before him.

Clear on the other side of the clearing stood the Dark shadow of Dara's body, encased in a tall swirling vortex of swirling blue fire.

"You HURT him!" Dara rasped out in a voice that barley sounded like it belonged to him. The voice was dark and frightening and had an other worldly echo.

Vlad scrambled backwards in shock. He watched with horror as Dara made his way towards him, leaving flaming foot prints in his wake.

"My dad, he never did anything to you. I never did anything to hurt you!" Dara said as let lose a fiery ectoblast of his own that sent Vlad spiraling.

This was the seen that Tucker, John, and Nightingale ran arrived too.

Nightingale let out a dismayed gasp.

"I-is that D-Dara?" She stuttered out in disbelief. That was not the Dara she had come to know. Her mind flashed back to what he had said earlier.

"So, Nightingale… what other medical weeds do you have in your goody bag?" Dara asked as he tried to peek inside the unusual bundle.

Nightingale quickly swatted Dara's hand away.

"Dara you can't touch anymore of the plants or the oils in there, they might hurt you!" nightingale exclaimed. "They're all remedies for warding off evil apparitions and I don't want you to get hurt."

Dara looked like he had just been slapped in the face. "You think…. That I'm evil?" He asked softly.

The Dara in front of her was terrifying; she vaguely wondered if this was why he had been so horrified when she talked about the plants and oils harming evil spirits. Was he afraid that he was evil? Was he afraid of this part of himself?

"Vlad's getting the crap kicked out of him….." Tucker stated, his mouth hanging open as he watched Dara violently go after Vlad.

John gulped and nodded in agreement.

"Remind me not to get my cousin mad."

Nightingale shifted uneasily and scanned the clearing over, her blood ran cold when she noticed a limp figure surrounded in a pool of blood just on the edge of the clearing.

"Is, Is, that…?" Nightingale stuttered out as she pointed in the limp body's direction. Her hand was vividly shaking.

Tuckers eyes widened immediately recognizing his long time best friend.

"Danny!" Tucker bolted to his friend's side with John and nightingale hot on his heels.

Once he got there he quickly knelt down on the dirt ground next to his friend and flipped his Danny over onto his back.

"Danny!" Tucker cried out as he gently patted his best friend on the side of his face.

Danny inwardly groaned and slowly opened his eyes. He peeked an unfocused blue orb up at his friend; his pale face was contorted into a look of pain.

Tucker looked relived and let out the breath he had been holding.

Danny trembled as he attempted to sit himself up. He needed to protect his son, he needed to go…

Tucker gently pushed his friend back on to the ground.

"Dude your gushing blood from your stomach! Sit the hell down!" Tucker said sternly.

Danny ignored Tuckers….Wait, when did Tucker get here…. He cleared his dazed thoughts, he needed to get to his son, Dara was more important.

Tucker watched with worry as Danny signed something with a shaky hand.

"I, I don't know sign language dude I don't know what you're saying." Tucker tried to explain to his deliriously, pain wracked, and worried friend.

Nightingale watched the exchange for a short moment before digging into her 'Goody bag'. After a while she pulled out some gauze and crushed Burdock paste, A root which is brownish-green to black in color and is normally used medicinally as an anti-inflammatory or an antioxidant and antibiotic. She figured the root would do some good.

"Here, pull up his shirt."

Once Tucker caught sight of what she was planning to do, he quickly complied with the command.

"Alright dude I need to take your shirt off, ok?" Tucker softly proclaimed to Danny as he began to peel back the hybrids shirt to reveal the raw bloody and burnt mess that was Danny's stomach and apparently also his chest. Danny sucked in deep breaths of pain threw his teeth as the peace of burnt clothing was removed.

John paled at the sight of his uncle.

"Is Uncle Danny going to be ok?" He asked with concern as he watched Nightingale slather the paste across his uncle's chest. Danny flinched and grimaced as she did so.

She absently nodded in response and both John and Tucker let out a sigh of relief. Truthfully though, nightingale had been lying. She had no clue if Danny was going to be ok, he was already in horrible shape and his wounds needed to be treated with more than she could possibly offer.

For now Danny would have to deal with what she had. Hopefully it would hold until they could get the older halfa some professional medical attention.

Her thoughts were rudely interrupted by Vlad creaming into 4 trees just a few feet to their left, kicking up a bunch of rocks and dirt into the air. Nightingale responded quickly and threw Danny's shirt back over his open wounds, keeping the dirt in the air from entering them. The next thing she knew, a flash of blue light flew past her and continued to be the crap out of the already burnt and disfigured billion air.

In response she quickly began to dig threw her bag once again, removing the crystal vases that were filled with concentrated Blood Blossom oil.

"Dara! Move!"

Dara turned towards Nightingale, his body still engulfed in fiery blue flames. His blazing blue eyes landed on her and then moved to the glass bottles in her hands. He understood what she wanted to do and flew a safe distance away, leaving an injured Vlad.

Vlad was grateful that Dara had stopped, but at the same time he was curious as to why. He struggled to stand up and unfortunately didn't see the two glass jars flying through the air till it was too late. The glass jars shattered when they hit him and the pink-red liquid that had been in them covered his body. Vlad screamed in pain. His body convulsed and bucked. Red sparks wracked his already exhausted and wounded frame.

"What," Vlad gasped out. "Did y-you d-do to me!"


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