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Summary- Death The Kid has secretly been searching for 'Perfection'. And when a new meister enrolls in the DWMA Kid has convinced himself that she is the embodiment of the 'Perfection' he has been looking for, but will a certain blue-haired ninja assasain deny him of his 'Perfection'?

Chapter One

In which our setting is set…


"Folks we have begun our descent to Nevada, where the current weather is rainy, and we will be in the gate in about twenty minutes. We'd like the flight attendants to prepare the cabin for arrival, and we would want to thank you for flying with us today aboard The American."

The intercom clipped to a stop as one of the flight attendants took over explaining the procedure prior to landing.

I turned my head to look at George and smiled to myself, "We're here George," I spoke quietly, placing a hand on George's shoulder. He stirred for a moment before his eyes sleepily opened and his mouth broke into a wide yawn, I rubbed his back coaxing for him to wake up. "Well good morning sleepy head." I teased with a smirk, "Are we here?" he yawned stretching his stiff arms.

"Nearly George, you want me to get your stuff?"

He smacked his lips before answering, "No it's fine." he said reaching for his small bag and placing his belongings into it. "Did you sleep at all?" he asked as he placed his packed bag next to him, "Yeah I took a nap for awhile." I lied turning towards the small window. I couldn't sleep with the all the anxiety gnawing away at me, "It's raining? I thought it never rains in Nevada, Jane?" George asked his enormous ice blue turned to mine in confusion. I pursed my lips at George who wore a pair of jeans and a plaid button up shirt, "You want to use my sweater?" I asked already shrugging it off my shoulders. "But it would be to big on me." he answered simply. And it was true, George who was only five, and no matter how straight he sat up his head would not make it through halfway up the airline seat. "But it's better than being cold right?" I smiled as I wrapped my white sweater around George's small frame.

"But what about you?" the small boy asked his eyes full of concern.

"I'll be fine." I answered digging in my bag for my brush as I brushed out the knots in my long iced brown hair.

George and I waited until everyone exited the plane before exiting ourselves while George held onto my index finger all the way. We paid our thanks to the attendants before walking out to the busy gate, I looked around at the people rushing this way and that way, "Come on George, I don't want you to get lost." I said hefting the five year old onto my shoulders. "Don't you ever get tired of carrying me around?" George asked in my ear, "Are you kidding you're light as a feather," I responded adjusting my red scarf around my neck before walking off towards the carousel that held the suitcases. People ,who were sitting in chairs waiting for their flight, shook their heads and made disapproving faces at the sight of George on my shoulder, I was used to it but it wasn't my fault the boy was so tiny and scrawny.

"Hey look! Isn't that one ours?" George pointed to the navy blue suitcase that was approaching, "Yeah hold on," I replied grabbing the suitcase and heaved it onto the tile floor. "Let's go. Whitman must be waiting outside." I wheeled the suitcase out of the unloading station and walked out of the bustling terminal and into the taxi cab loading station. People where scrambling to get the belongings in the cars without getting soaked by the pouring rain. I craned my neck to find the waiting ride until I felt George's small hands being placed on either side of my head and turned it in the direction of Whitman waving us over. "Thanks George, I'd be lost without you!" I called over the heavy rain. "Anytime." he replied pulling up the hood of my sweater, I dragged the suitcase behind me. As I neared Whitman I hugged him tightly around the middle, "Hey Whitman, how've you been?" I asked. Whitman smiled awkwardly, he was the finest butler anyone could ask for, though balding and approaching a respectable age, Whitman was in tip-top condition and could keep up with George and I.

But most importantly Whitman was my friend.

"Miss Redbone, and Master George," Whitman opened the door of the sleek black car and George and I clambered inside getting drenched in the process. Whitman slammed the trunk of the car and slid into the drivers seat, "Where to Miss Redbone?" Whitman asked glanced into the rearview mirror, "Death City please Whitman, and thanks for picking us up." I said drying off George with my sweater.

"It is nothing Miss Redbone, shall I drop you and Master George at the academy first or shall I take you and Master George to your apartment where you can get all your belongings settled?" he asked in his monotone.

"Well Lord Death has requested to arrive at the academy as soon as we get there so the academy would be fine, Whitman." I answered calmly. "As you wish Miss Redbone, your other belongings have arrived at your apartment and I hope you find your accommodations to your liking." Whitman turned onto the highway and sped ahead all the other cars. "Thanks Whitman you're awesome." I smiled turning to George who looked nonchalant gazing out the window at the rain. I reached over and squeezed his shoulder, "You nervous?" I asked quietly. "Yeah a little," he bit his lip as he turned to me, "You shouldn't you'll do great I'm sure of it, besides we passed the entrance exam with perfect scores." I assured him stroking his delicately cropped coal black hair.

He smiled and hugged me around my middle, "You'll do great too,"

I hugged him back, rubbing his back, "Are you nervous?" he peered up at me. "Well a bit." I admitted sheepishly, "About what?" George arched his eyebrow at me. "I'm nervous that I won't make any friends." I whispered not looking him in the eye. "The only friends I have is you and Whitman." I continued sadly gnawing on my bottom lip.


I blinked up at her in silence.

I saw that her hazel eyes glisten with tears as she sniffled them back. Other than being my meister and cherished friend I had forgotten Jane was also a teenage girl with teenage problems. I took her delicate hand with both of mine and lightly squeezed it, "Jane, you will make many friends I'm sure of it." I stood up on the leather upholstery and wiped away the tears with the pads of my thumbs.

Jane laughed jovially at my gesture and gave me a tight hug, "Thanks so much, George." she beamed. "Now brush your hair again you'll never make any friends with that mess." I shook my head as she dragged a brush through her long auburn hair. "Sometimes I feel like chopping it all off." she said exasperated as she brushed out a knot, "No, long hair works for you," I answered fixing some strands that stood up. She smiled again revealing a set of perfect white that she hid behind her soft rosy lips, and I couldn't help but smile along with her.

I glanced at the rearview mirror and saw Whitman's eyes flicker back to the road, "We're nearly there Miss Redbone." he spoke taking the lane off the highway. I closed my eyes and leaned back against the leather seat trying to squeeze in another twenty minutes of sleep. It was funny in way I thought to myself how Jane takes care of me and I take care of her in a sense, though I am eternally indebted to her, I love being Jane's friend and weapon as well.

She has never wronged or mistreated me and she always tries her best to make me happy. Jane is my everything and I would be lost without her…

"George?" she attentively placed her hand on my shoulder, I opened one eye at her. Just as I was just drifting off into sleep, "Yes?" I said rubbing the sleep off my eyes. "I'm sorry the trip was exhausting we should have gone to the apartment." she said worried, "No I'm fine." I reassured her.

She beamed, "I'm so excited!" she whispered as she exited the car and I followed in suit. Whitman stood outside shielding both Jane and I with an umbrella, "Miss Redbone, Master George, it has been an honor serving you. I dearly hope you shall take care of yourselves. I shall head over to your apartment and drop off your belongings there and head back to Redbone estate." his eyes shined with tears as he gave Jane an envelope.

Jane smiled sadly as she gave Whitman a hug, the balding butler patted her awkwardly with his gloved hand. "Goodbye Whitman, I promise I'll come back and visit sometimes." she whispered pulling away wiping away her tears. "Goodbye Whitman." I said hugging his ankle, Whitman squatted down to my height and placed his gloved hand on my shoulder, "Take care of Miss Redbone, Master George." he gave me a small smile and handed the umbrella to Jane. Whitman strolled over to the car and sat back inside started the engine and began to drive away, "Bye Whitman!" Jane called waving at the shrinking car.

Jane and I stood in silence as Whitman turned the corner.

"You ready Jane?" I asked over the thudding of the rain on the umbrella, she nodded and I held on to her index finger as we walked on the sidewalk leading up to the academy. "Wow, look at that!" Jane exclaimed pointing the umbrella at the red turrets looming in the distance. "Jane! I'm getting soaked!" I shouted, she quickly jerked the umbrella back to cover me. She apologized, "What time is it?" I asked suspiciously, she slid the sleeve of her black and white striped long sleeve shirt.

"Two thirty, why? Got a hot date?" she teased, I shook my head at her foolishness.

"Just wondering, now let's go!" I tugged at her tight black pants, she scooped me up and I clung to her shoulder, she closed the umbrella and tucked it under her arm. "What are you doing?" I asked drawing up her hood over my head, "We're in a hurry right?" she called over the rain. She readjusted me and took off running towards the academy, "You're crazy!" I shouted, she laughed and skidded to a stop as we faced the academy.



I reopened the umbrella and set down a fussy George. Three large skulls sat in front of a large black castle with red spikes jutting out of the middle skull, the black castle was capped with red turrets and four burning candles were prominently sticking out with the fire blazing lazily. "Impressive." George noted holding onto my index finger, I led him up the stairs until we were standing in front of the academy.

"They said someone would meet us in front." I said peering around.


I held my head up as I peered down at Stein who at it again with another one of his dissections. I was half listening until the intercom switched on, "Kid, report to the Death Room. I repeat Kid please report to the Death Room…"

I sighed as I stood up Liz and Patty quickly getting up as well, "Stay, I'll be back quickly." I said and they both sat back down cautiously. I ignored the stares people gave me and shuffled out of the class, as I walked down the hallway of the DWMA I saw Black Star, hands behind his head, and Tsubaki strolling in the opposite direction, "Ditching again?" I shook my head at Black Star who poked his tongue out at me.

As I approached my fathers Death Room I calmly opened the door, I didn't even to bother to look at my fathers ridiculous choice in décor. I knelt down in front of my father and waited for him to address me, " Hi Kid! Can I ask you to do me a tiny favor?" Father asked folding his hands on his lap. "Of course yeah sure Dad," I responded staring up of my fathers skull mask.

"We have been expecting a new meister and weapon and they are to arrive today."

A million questions raced in my head, "They are currently waiting outside at the moment, if you would be so kind as to bring them to me and then show them around the academy and what is expected of them, and would you take care of them for the next few days until they get used to the academy?" he explained calmly.

"Of course Honorable Father." I repeated getting up to my feet.

"The meister is a girl, her name is Jane. Her weapon is a five year old boy named George."

I masked my emotions from showing up on my face, I turned around and headed towards the door, "And Kid?" I turned around, "Come visit sometimes I get lonely." he spoke solemnly. I bowed and exited into the hallway.

I glanced out a window and saw the pounding rain, they must be soaking wet I thought to myself and soon enough I was careening down the hallways towards the entrance. As I skidded to a halt I smoothed out myself trying to look presentable, I walked out into the rain and found an unusual pair bickering.

"It's been twenty minutes!"

"Someone will show up!"

"I'm cold!"

"Excuse me." I made my presence known and the pair stopped fighting. My eyes flew to the small boy who only came up to pass the girls knee, his piercing blue eyes emitted a strange sense power while his short raven black hair was plasters against his head due to the rain. My gaze then flickered towards the girl who gave me a curious look, I squinted as her and was taken aback, she looked like one of those girls from the magazines Patty reads what was it called? Ah. Yes Teen Vogue, if I recall correctly. Though she was more well endowed and had good curves unlike those grossly undernourished scrawny girls that just puckered their lips and widened their eyes. The first thing I noticed about her was her hair, it was parted right down the center and tumbled to her waist. Not a single hair was out of place it was…symmetrical. Being parted down the middle gave her more of the modelesque look. The color was enchanting, a thick coppery hue that framed her beautiful angelic face.

Could she be…dare I think it?


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