Chapter Seven

In which this author does not even know my dear reader…


Maka, Kid, and I stood side by side.

George was firmly clasped in my right hand while Maka and Kid already had their weapons in hand as well.

Silence was all around me.

I stared out to the horizon where the sun was beginning to set into the Alps, setting the sky ablaze with orange and yellow. The grass sparkled in the light and a cold breeze blew by, and suddenly a roar erupted off in the distance.

I inhaled shakily.

My mind wandered back to this morning.

'The army has been trekking for five days through the mountains, if they pass into Germany the Kishin army will have control all through Europe.' Kid slammed his fist onto the map in frustration. 'Shit.' he murmured, he turned to Maka and I, 'This mission just turned into an all out war just like that.' he raked a hand through his stripped hair. 'If we leave and inform my father they army wins, if we stay we'll most likely be killed.' he contemplated.

'Can't you contact your Dad?' Maka suggested hopefully.

'I already did.'


'They won't come until tomorrow morning.'

Maka sighed and rubbed her hands all over her face.

We stay we die.

We leave everyone else dies.

'Justin isn't returning from Oceana for another two damn days, we're on our own.' he clipped.

'Then let's fight!' Maka argued.

'And die! No, I need to think this through.' he turned back to the map.

'For crying out loud Kid! We're three star meister! You're a reaper! As much as I want to agree with you there is no way around this, we're going to have to fight.' Maka stood up placing her hands on her hips. Kid kept on analyzing the map, 'Maka is right, Kid.' I piped up. They both turned to me startled, 'We need to fight, if we don't everyone in Germany is going to die.'

Kid looked at Maka, then me, 'An army is coming to wipe out Germany!' he pointed to the door, 'We can't win!'

I turned to Maka who turned to me and an understanding was formed, 'Then we hold them off for as long as we can,' she answered. He opened his mouth to protest but Maka cut him off, 'Jane and I know the risks'

He remained quiet for a minute, 'You two are willing to die for these people?'

We both nodded he looked again between us, I kept my face dead serious.

'Then the Alps will be our last stand.'

"Get ready!" Kid boomed above the oncoming roars of the army.

"Soul Resonance!" all three of us yelled at the top of our lungs.

They came lumbering out of the horizon the roars of hundreds of unfortunate souls sounded throughout the battlefield. Maka glanced at me and gave me a small grin, "I got you, Jane."

Kid's hand clasped onto my shoulder and he turned to me, "So do I."

"Don't worry," Soul smirked at me through the blade.

"Yeah, Jane, time to put all that practice to good use, right?" Liz spoke.

"Ayup!" Patty chimed.

My face twitched trying to force back the tears welling, words escaped me so I merely nodded.

Was this it?

I grinned sadly, 'Shut up! We're going to get through this you idiot!' George snapped ferociously but the fear in his voice was conspicuous.

The chuckling sun slowly succumbed into its slumber and the blazing flame of amber that set the sky aglow faded away into a dark foreboding amethyst. With the rising of the night the Kishins came alive and charged at us, Kid began firing away each bullet lighting up the night sky for a second creating a strobe light effect and motioned with a jerk of his chin to move, "Go!" he shouted.

Maka nodded curtly before turning to me, "Go!" Kid beckoned at my reluctance.

With one last glance Maka and I ran hastily out to meet the enemy, my legs propelled me faster as the adrenaline started to kick in. My heart started to beat like a jackhammer as we were only a few yards away from our impending doom, 'Jane, focus!'


I sliced the Kishins flesh open with an underhand swing of the axe, and winced as I retracted the axe head from its stomach, its skin was a dull gray color while it had the face of a young woman. Her face was sunken in and distorted, she dissolved away until a red-scaled little blob floated in the air. These had been only the ones who scouted ahead, Maka appeared at my side, "There's more coming, you ready?"

I nodded in response and Kid caught up to us, "Remember." he began addressing Maka and I, the cries became more frequent and louder, "In the case I die-" he held up a hand when Maka began to protest, "In the case I die, I want both of you to get as far away from here as possible, okay?" my heart dropped to my stomach.

He scrutinized our faces as we nodded, "Protect each other," he whispered.

"Keep in my line of sight," he added as Maka twirled Soul around her fingers as the army appeared in our line of view.

"And don't die."

The first volley of Kishin descended upon us charging at blinding speeds, they ran on all fours until they came in proximity of a few meters of us. Kid shot them down with ease and quite suddenly the whole entire army charged.

We were immediately overwhelmed.

Kid and Maka were suddenly gone in the sea of gray and I brought the axe up to my face to block the attacks from a scraggly Kishin then I shoved forward and whacked it in the face with the mace, it howled at the pain and dissolved away.

My stomach clenched as jolt coursed through me.

A wave rolled in and I was overcome in the onrush.

Then something clicked in my mind and sent my body into overdrive, I cut, slashed, sliced, and stabbed my way through the wall of flesh that stood in my way. A Kishin slashed a cut across my chest and I didn't feel a thing, I pierced it through the throat as a reflex and went into a frenzy, killing everything and anything that was near me. Time stilled for me, it didn't exist in this battle; all that existed was this battle that seemed to go on for eternity and yet I lived through every minute of it.

This wasn't about protecting people, or even each other, this was purely about living and dying and nothing more.

'Jane left!'

I flung George at an oncoming Kishin and he embedded himself squarely in the forehead, Kishin eggs surrounded all around me and I panicked and cuffed the nearest one and it stumbled back startled that I struck it at pointblank. I saw an opening and ran to where George was wedged into the dying Kishin egg, I tripped on a fallen body, scrambled on all fours and plucked George out of the ground with just enough time to throw off and kill a Kishin egg who had latched onto me.

'Soul Mirroring!'

A power began to well up inside me as George morphed into a flamethrower, through our travels George and I came across a rouge meister. We took him down eventually and won a worthy prize. I pulled back the nozzle and set the battlefield ablaze. I thrusted the nozzle to the closest Kishin egg and he exploded in spontaneous combustion.

The wave lessened and only a few hundred were straggled around the battlefield I caught sight of a bright light making its way across the field. The blade glowing with incredible power, my eyes strayed to the wielder and it was tiny Maka, her face full of determination. She took out a whole portion of the army and disappeared out of my sight.

Then time returned with a jolt.

The gash across my chest burst into a flame of pain.

My senses dulled and my instincts faded away into mindless panic.

George morphed back into a double headed axe.

'Yo! Jane you okay?'

I ducked and mauled the Kishin egg in the chest, I dropped, rolled and then I was up again moving away from the carnage ridden spot. I weaved and ducked my way through Kishin eggs though sustaining a considerable amount of damage in the process. A significantly large Kishin egg stood in my way and I jammed George into its stomach and it gave out a grunt of surprise and I sliced up to its heart, it remained quiet for a moment and the slumped forward joining the ranks of the dead.

And then came another onslaught of Kishin eggs, I fought on blindly my senseless panic and desperation fueled the fight until I smote the last Kishin egg that was near me. Suddenly George felt very heavy in my hands and every step I took was sluggish as if I was stuck in a muddy riverbank and it was dragging me down into its depths. My breaths became labored and everything around me blurred, I tasted blood that wasn't human.

I then noticed a large Kishin egg that stood above all the other make his towards Kid who had his back to it fending off multiple enemies, I tried to scream out his name but only a squeak came out. It came closer and closer until I mustered up the last of my tapped strength and without hardly looking I threw George.

And it seemed the bane of my existence depended on this one moment.

I watched as George fly through the air passing over the heads of the enemies and embedded himself into the side of its head with deadly precision. The enemy went down immediately with a deafening thud, Kid whipped around in disbelief after taking care of the Kishin eggs and saw the dead opponent, he looked around and his eyes fell upon me. I let out a shaky laugh and slid to my knees, he grabbed me by the hand and hauled me to my feet he handed me George who dripped and glimmered with foreign blood.

"Thank you." he murmured into my ear.

My only reply was a soft grunt, he eyes wandered to where my coat was shredded open and noticed my blood loss. He whispered my name in frightened, I assured him I was fine and stood shakily on my feet, the earth vibrated beneath me and I was sent off by a well aimed blow. Kid stood in front of me and held his arms out in front of the towering foe, it retracted its fist slowly Kid fired relentlessly at the Kishin egg but did no significant damage.

'Jane! Jane!'

Its fist connected to Kids jaw and he was sent flying next to me, I closed my eyes in horror. My head lopped to the side and he met my gaze, blood trickled out his mouth, "Jane…" he winced horridly. The enemy laced its hands together and began to raise its hands above its head, "Jane I love you." he whispered slowly.

He pressed his lips against mine, it was moist due to his busted lip, he pulled away and kissed my forehead.

He wrapped his arms around me and I curled up next to his body and buried my head into his shoulder.

What a wonderful way to die.

To die in the arms of someone who loves you.

The Kishin brought its fist down.

Three days earlier…


"Go fish ya sucker!" Patty exclaimed in glee.

I cursed under my breath as I drew cards from the pile, "Gee, Kid, you really suck at this game." Liz muttered stealthily shielding her cards from view, "Well duh! All he asks for is eights!" Patty added with a giggle. "Eight is-" Liz clipped me off, "Yeah, yeah we know why." she mumbled.

Ten minutes later I threw my cards down in exasperation, "Aww, come on Kid, one more game?" Patty pleaded. "Absolutely not, we have been playing this game since we got on this jet."

Honestly one can only take so much of Patty's antics before losing all sanity.

She pouted, "I want to play something!"

Soul strolled from the bedroom and shot me a sly smile and joined us on the commercial flecked carpet. "You guys do realize you're playing on a poker table right?" Liz and I exchanged dark looks. "Ooh! I wanna play poker!" Patty exclaimed tugging at my sleeve.

But then her face darkened and a her eyes twinkled sinisterly.

"Let's play strip poker!"

I choked on air.

Liz was the first one to recover, "Patty I'm not sure you want to do that."

"Too late! We're playing!" she sang already dealing the cards.

"I'm not playing." I huffed crossing my arms defiantly.

Soul smirked and took his cards, "Come on, it's just us. Jane, Maka and George are in the room so we don't have to worry about it." Patty slid the cards across the table towards me. Liz shrugged her shoulders and took her cards, I looked between all of them and reluctantly took mine.

Forty minutes later I sat cross-legged in my boxers.

Soul was down to his pants while Liz was in her hat, and undergarments, and Patty, not surprisingly, was full clothed and had all our clothes tossed over her shoulder.

Oh the humanity.

The shame!

Patty slapped her cards down on the table, a triumphant smile etched across her face, "Read em' and weep! Gimme your pants, Soul!" we all let out a groan as Soul wriggled blatantly out of pants and tossed it over to Patty.

Liz and I burst into laughter.

My head tilted back as tears formed in my eyes, I grabbed my stomach trying to stifle the pain.

A blush dusted onto his face as he sat back down humiliated, "Oh I should have known!" Liz covered her mouth trying to swallow another giggle.

"Pumpkins!" I exclaimed wiping away a tear, "Did Blair give you those?"

He grumbled angrily and retrieved his cards, "Let's just finish this stupid game."

And so we continued on through the game, Liz eventually was stripped down to her underwear and she folded over shivering hugging her knees to her cover her chest. I folded out eventually as well, not wanting to show my unmentionables on display. So now it was down to a fully clothed Patty and half naked Soul, Patty pulled out her royal flush and Soul's eyes protruded out of it sockets.

Fold out Soul.

Save yourself from the scarring!

His face darkened as he stood up, he was deathly quiet. "Well looks like I win!" Patty said with a goofy smile, I sighed but out of the corner of my Soul hooked his thumbs around the elastic of his ridiculous briefs.

He slid them down to his knees.

My eyes clamped shut and Liz let out a yelp, Patty whooped. I opened my eyes to a centimeter and Soul sat back down, "You don't have anymore clothes you idiot!" Liz averted her gaze from where Soul sat. "Wrong." he smirked, he pointed with his thumb at his headband, "I still have this! Now lets play!"

Patty laughed and they began play.

A shriek sounded throughout the room, my head whipped around and found Maka covered her mouth in horror and Jane just stood there her face blank and empty. "Soul?" Maka squeaked covering her mouth in shock, he groaned, "Maka it's not what it looks like." he stood up in all his naked glory.

Maka whimpered and retreated back into the room, "Maka!" he called again and rushed after.

Maka shrieked and said, "Put some clothes on!"

Soul ran back out shamelessly covering his reproductive organ with sandal, "Patty!" he growled. She tapped her finger to her chin innocently until he let out another growl and she threw his clothes at him and he ran back into the room jamming his clothes onto his body.

And she just stood there.

Her mouth clamped firmly shut until the line wiggled a bit.

She then burst into laughter.

I beamed, man I love this girl.


"Maka stop being such a damn…girl."

She huffed, "Then what the hell am I suppose to be?" she snapped clutching the cabin lamp in her hand ready to smack me upside the head with it. I ripped open my suitcase and hobbled into a clean pair of underwear. "What is your problem?" I asked my arms crossed, "You being naked isn't a problem? Soul, have some dignity!" I advance towards her an yanked the lamp out of her hand and swiftly wrapped my arms around her, she hesitantly looked into my eyes.

"What is it, really?"

She gave out a heavy sigh and sniffled into my chest, I held her tightly as she let out a cry.

"Seeing all of you playing together reminded me of him," she said between sobs.

We shared a moment of silence, I didn't say anything. What could I say? I lifted her to my height like a child as she hastily dried away her tears, "Maka, I love you."

"I know," she said with a smile.


The wind was knocked out of me, my knees turned to butter, and I was left hollow and blank.

"Jon?" I breathed.

A poster was plastered inside the walls of the airport, it was of a male German model.

Jon Klitsch.

Jon Klitsch was a good friend of mine back in my modeling days, we would work on some projects together, he would take me out to dinner sometimes after the shoot for friendly chatter and he even paid me a visit once in my condo in Germany.

Oh, Jon…he was such a nice man.

At the time I was sixteen and he was twenty; four years my junior.

He and I had just stepped into the international stage in modeling before I walked away, when I did I always kept tabs on my old friends and Jon had been devastated when I just disappeared I would be too if he were to just vanish.

But it was tiring.

To my psych especially.

To the world Jane Redbone didn't exist only Becca Hanns.

I didn't exist.

That was the hardest to accept.

And so I've had enough, I already had my partner, Jon was partially the reason why I stayed in that dreaded business for so long. He made the experience fun for me, he treated me as if I was his younger sibling. I couldn't bring myself to say goodbye to Jon without bursting into tears, so he found out with the rest of the world that Becca Hanns had retired at such an early stage in her career.

Jon was the only thing I missed about modeling not the world recognition, fame, or money.

No Jon was infinitely better than all those things combined.

He was my friend.

A dear friend.

Ever since the fabled 'Becca Hanns' disappeared Jon did spend a great deal amount of time to look for me but in time he too came to the conclusion that maybe she just didn't want to be found. And so he continued with his life as a model, last news I've heard of him was that he was working on a project with another model I couldn't care to remember her name.

If only we met in another time.

If only he knew Jane not Becca.

I did think of him time to time wondering what has he been doing, how has he been.

Oh Jon…

I gazed at the poster fondly, Jon was a very handsome man, any girl across Europe had at least one poster of Jon Klitsch on her wall.

"Jane you ready?" Patty appeared at my side, curious at why I had separated myself from the group.

"Yeah," I said as I put on my sunglasses, "Yeah, lets go."

I sat silently in the taxi cab gazing out at the zooming scenery.

I never thought I would be coming back the Berlin, but this time as myself not Becca.

Everyone conversed happily with each other and when we pulled into the driveway into the hotel, the bellhops disgustingly happy to help us wheel our belongings. The glamour of being in a five star hotel, the flashiness of the luxury it seemed all so-

"Stupid." Kid breathed next to me.

"Excuse me?" I said startled.

He looked at me curiously, "They're insisting that-" he stopped himself.

He closed his eyes and took a deep breath.

He was stressed.

Those small lines under his eyes were never there before, and his twinkling eyes drooped slightly. I placed a hand on his shoulder, "Kid are you alright?" I asked squeezing his shoulder blade softly. "I'm jus' tired is all." he mumbled hunching his shoulders. "Where's Patty n' Liz?" he yawned widely, his face wrenching, "They all scrambled to their rooms," I said with a faint smile.

He yawned once more and I slunk an arm around his waist and supported him into the elevator, he backed himself up into the corner as I pressed the designated button. I noticed his distress and held a hand to his pale forehead, "You're not warm," I murmured.

"I'm jus' real tired," he leaned against the wall as we ascended up through the shaft.

"We all are, but promise me you'll go straight to bed," I grinned as I leaned against the adjacent wall.

"Don't need to tell me twice," he rubbed at his eyes and the door sprang open with a ding, he gestured for me to go first and I graciously stepped off the lift and he followed me down the commercial flecked carpet. I slid the thin strip of plastic through the slot, and with a small beep the door clicked open, Kid and I let our selves in to the pandemonium. Patty squealed as she bounced on the satin sheeted bed, Liz and George flipped through the hundreds of channels on the television.

Maka and Soul was nowhere to be found.

"George, behave please, I'm going to take a nap." he inclined his chin before resuming his conversation with Liz. Kid muttered what seemed a sentence and stumbled off to the nearest room, I trudged behind him kicking off my shoes. He collapsed face first into the bed not even bothering to take off his clothing, he flipped over and stared up at the ceiling before extending his hand out to me. I plopped next to him a yawned, thoroughly jetlagged.

"G'night Kid," I turned on the side away from him and curled into a little ball.

There was no reply.

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