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Krayonder looked up and saw Specs sitting in the stands keeping score. He stopped for a moment and took his shirt off to wipe off his face, he leant on the barrier between the court and the stands and smiled at her.
"Hey Specs, enjoying the show?" Specs looked up from the piece of equipment in her lap, he couldn't see where she was looking due to those thick glasses of hers, but he guessed she was checking him out when her cheeks turned red.
"Well, technically yes. But not in a conventional sense; watching the difference in strategies being played out on the court and running the variables on them is simply enthralling." Krayonder gave her a blank look.
"What?" Specs lips twitched slightly.
"I'm sure if I tried to explain it to you it'd take all day and all night"
"A day and a night with you sounds good to me man." Krayonder grinned and Specs looked down to her equipment her entire face red. He watched her lick her lips
"Well maybe ... no"
"What Specs?" Krayonder stood up straight.
"Maybe I could- Krayonder watch your back!" Specs suddenly shouted, Krayonder blinked and understood what she meant when the basketball hit the back of his head hard. He yet out a yelp and grabbed the back of his head. A few seconds later the bottom dropped out his stomach as he heard Tootsie give a whoop of excitement as he scored. He turned slightly to see Taz storming over to him. Krayonder gulped. She. Was. PISSED.

Specs tried desperately not to laugh as Taz chewed Krayonder out. She was sorry that she'd been interrupted, but perhaps it was for the best. Krayonder was obviously after a relationship, and she'd never been particularly interested in those. If he was just after sex it'd be an entirely different story. But sadly that was not the readings she was getting from him.
"One more loss like that Kray-on-der and I'm going to corte el pene obviamente diminuto y se sírvalo a usted para desayuno. Comprende?" Krayonder nodded vigorously and moved slowly towards his spot, flashing Specs an awkward apologetic grin. After giving Taz a brief shrug in response to her friend's exasperated hand gestures at Krayonder's back, Specs looked after Krayonder. It would never work, although... Specs straightened her glasses and made note of how Krayonder had a particularly fine specimen of an ass. Maybe it wouldn't be completely fruitless.