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She could feel their dislike when she spoke up. Well... she could feel the Lieutenants dislike; Specs always just gave her this blank look, like she didn't understand why she'd said that, almost like pity. She could understand that.
They were smart.

She'd seen Specs take apart that doo-hickey she carried around all the time and put it back together so it would do even more than it already did. She'd been in the Engineer's room and where there wasn't geeky stuff, there was nerdy stuff. Ideas for new mechanical stuff covered the walls around the girl's desk which was covered in little contraptions she hadn't let February touch.
The Lieutenant was, as far as February was concerned, a survival and tactical genius; she'd pulled their team through a few scrapes on alien worlds and had formulated attack strategies faster than the commander himself. She'd even heard the girl discuss books on an extremely high level, and the brief moments she'd spent in her superior's room had shown her bookcases filled with so many different kinds of books, from biographies and tactics, to classic literature and fantasy.

She wasn't smart like them.
Sure she loved schiency stuff, but she wasn't very good at it. It was all very confusing, which happened a lot to her.
She suspected the Lieutenant didn't like her because she was, as the other girls in training had put it, dumb.
But she didn't want to be. She wanted to be able to talk with them at their level, or as close as she could get, about the things they knew so much about.
She wanted to be one of them, but didn't know how.


They did not like her. Actually only Taz didn't like her; Specs simply didn't understand her. But the Lieutenant had somehow become her friend and as she understood, if your friend didn't like someone then you shouldn't either. But she was always polite to the girl. But she wasn't like them.
She was popular.

Specs had never really understood, or felt the need for, social interaction. She was amazed at how easily February was able to interact with so many different kinds of people. She seemed to know the optimal approach of every social interaction. Her room was filled with magazine after magazine on the subject. Specs had once asked her why she was changing clothes between socialising with the squad and her other friends. The girl had given a lengthy explanation, and Specs hadn't understood any of the terminology.

She knew Taz craved social interaction. She suspected the Lieutenant was jealous of February. She was liked by everyone on the squad, even Megagirl to the best of Specs observations, and she was liked by them. She was even liked by people not in their squad. Taz wasn't. As far as Specs had deduced the only people who actually liked the Lieutenant were herself and the Commander. Megagirl strongly disliked her, and Tootsie, Krayonder and Bug only feared and respected her.

That was why they didn't associate themselves with her.
Because while they knew an awful lot about their respective fields and interests. They knew very little about people.
Specs coveted February's understanding of the social world, and Taz wanted her popularity.
They wanted to be like her, but didn't know how.