Set the scene, find the Prisoner of Azkaban soundtrack by John Williams and play track 5, "Double Trouble". One of my favourites.

Lion In Snake's Clothing.

Chapter One - Fortune Favours The Bold.

September 1st 1993 Great Hall, Hogwarts

Third year Slytherin Daphne Greengrass was sitting at her house table, listening to Professor Flitwick's choir sing "Double Trouble" as a welcome for the freshly sorted first years. It's a song that took it's chorus from an old Muggle play by William Shakespeare called Macbeth. Of course, that was of a time when the magical and Muggle worlds were not so separated. Most in the wizarding world, whom are not muggleborn, are not even aware of this fact when they hear the song.

That the choir was singing this particular song was not what had Daphne's attention. She was actually paying attention to one member of the choir: watching them closely, while enjoying the performance. That member she was so keenly yet subtly observing, was her little sister; Astoria Greengrass. Her sister was a second year Slytherin and was just over a year younger than Daphne.

Daphne watched her sister's eyes closely. She could see Astoria staring straight at the object of her affections, who seemed to make eye contact with her for a moment before turning away, blushing slightly. Daphne could already see that, like herself, Astoria was already showing obvious signs of growing up to be quite the looker. While Daphne herself took after her father's side of the family; largely of pureblood Scandinavian/Celtic ancestry with blond hair and deep blue eyes, her little sister took after their mother.

Everyone could see Astoria was a dead ringer for their Bohemian-Czech born and raised mum. She had long straight chestnut coloured hair, hazel almond shaped eyes with long eye lashes, small pouting lips and a very slight overbite. One of the things that irked Daphne to no end was Astoria's skin tone. In her opinion, Tori was blessed with a more beautiful skin tone than herself and tanned gradually but perfectly almost every single time. Daphne hated that she was stuck with porcelain skin that became almost "glow in the dark" pale in the winter months and usually burst into flames when they visited Southern France, Italy or Spain during the summer while Tori only ever occasionally got a mild burn before tanning. Though during the winter in Scotland, Tori did tend to get a bit pale too.

It was that beauty that worried Daphne. She herself, had already established herself as one that is not to be crossed. Other than Tori, Daphne had only one friend in Slytherin, Tracey Davis. Daphne looked to her right where she saw an empty spot a dozen or so places down the table. That was Flint's usual seat. The moron had once again failed his seventh year and had to repeat it. His space was empty because he had tried to "get fresh" with Tori on the express. Astoria, being who she was, retaliated viciously and ended up sending Flint to the Hospital Wing. Daphne would be surprised if Flint ever had children after today's encounter seeing as his stones had swelled to grapefruit size by the time the train had arrived in Hogsmeade. The delay caused by those horrid Dementors certainly hadn't helped, and if Tori had not done so, Daphne would have been more than willing to inflict similar damage on Flint herself.

Daphne looked back at her singing sister, and then to the boy she was so smitten with. She had been surprised when Tori had come to her just before the end of her first year and asked Daphne for her help in getting his attention. Her not quite yet twelve year old sister was already smitten with a boy, who was almost a year older than her. Tori had rationalized that she'd better find someone who could protect her early on before she reached the age of fifteen and became eligible for marriage. There were a lot of very undesirable and very dark families who would love to get their hands on either of them and their inheritance.

Daphne herself had just starting to talk to a boy, who was also not in Slytherin. She literally ran into a fourth year Ravenclaw muggleborn named Geoffrey Willingham on the Express heading for Hogwarts. The pair spent over an hour talking in the corridor before they parted ways.

"…..Something wicked this way comes!" the Choir finished their song before it's members stepped down and marched to their respective tables, applause accompanying them the entire way.

Astoria flounced down into the empty spot next to Daphne and took a deep breath as Dumbledore stepped up to the pulpit for his welcoming gibberish. The choir had been Tori's idea to make herself a bit more visible to the boy she had a crush on. Glancing over at the table of Lions, Daphne noticed the boy looking at Tori. Her little sister didn't seem to notice as she was putting on a good show of listening to Dumbledore.

"Potter. Psst! Potter!" Daphne and Astoria heard Draco whisper across the aisle to the Gryffindor table. "Is it true you fainted? I mean you actually fainted?" he asked laughing.

Out of the corner of her eye, Daphne saw Astoria narrow her eyes for a moment before schooling a more neutral expression.

"This coming from the blond tosspot.." said a Weasley twin, (she could never tell them apart)

"Who wet himself while crying for his daddy." ,finished the other twin, which caused both Greengrass sisters to smirk and most within earshot to laugh as Draco sputtered indignantly while threatening to bring his big scary father into it. 'What a useless twat.' came the very unladylike thought as Daphne turned back to the speech in time to hear the Headmaster say the Dementors were stationed around the school to try and capture the escaped convict Sirius Black.

She noticed her sister's expression had become one of worry as she looked toward the Gryffindor table at the boy she liked. Daphne could still not believe her sister was smitten with none other than Harry Potter. 'Well, better Astoria have Harry Potter fall in love with and marry her than someone the likes of Draco Malfoy.' Daphne thought with a slight shudder.

The first step in her sister's plan had already been achieved. Harry Potter had clearly taken notice of her. It was a very bold move on Astoria's part, and Daphne wondered if not for the first time, whether her sister actually belonged in Gryffindor rather than Slytherin. Making eye contact with the boy you like, and holding his gaze whilst singing in front of the entire student body was very bold indeed.


A/N: This is just a short idea I came up with while listening to the PoA soundtrack. I don't know if it'll become anything more than just this one chapter. One-shot maybe? IF I add to it, it will probably be at a much slower pace than Myrddin Emrys Returns.

There aren't many Astoria/Harry fics at all. I counted only 12 on FFN. Sad. There is just as much potential in Astoria as there is Daphne. Also seeing as Harry could either steal her away from Malfoy, or winning her heart and claiming what Malfoy wants for himself, it makes for great drama potential either way. I hate that little prick so any chance to make Malfoy look like little fuck-head he is or go down hard, I take.