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New Player Year 3

Mists of Lies


House Elf Service

Harry Potter stared in utter bewilderment as he was led around his room by the most unusual creature he had ever met. Dobby the house elf, his house elf, Harry reminded himself, insisted upon showing him all the cleaning and changes he had made to Harry's room and asking if it was alright for him to do so. Gone were the rags he had worn while he served his previous masters, the Malfoy family. Now Dobby proudly wore a black and gold tunic and trousers that had the symbol of the Potter family on the shoulder and back.

"Yeah sure, it's fine, really Dobby," Harry said in response to Dobby's look of utter desperation to please him. "And please, just call me Harry.

"Of course, Master Harry, Sir." Dobby replied bowing lowly to Harry for the sixteenth time since Harry had entered his room that day.

Harry sighed exasperatedly, and looked around his room. Dobby had actually done a really good job with it. The thick layer of dust that had covered the room when Harry left it last year was completely gone, leaving the room almost shining. The wooden writing desk was polished, ready for Harry to set his books down and work on his summer homework. The bed sheets were all mended and turned back, and Hedwig's cage was cleaned out with the door open for his owl to reinhabit.

"No Dobby, just Harry…" Harry tried again, but Dobby couldn't grasp the concept of Harry just being Harry; it was always 'Master Harry' or 'Harry, Sir'. Finally Harry just gave up completely and set his trunk down beside the bed, hoping against hope that this month would pass quickly so he could rejoin his best friends in the wizarding world.

Harry had no idea why he was always left at the Dursleys for at least three weeks every summer; it would be so much easier if his friends Ron or Faykan just took him to their homes for the entire holiday. Frankly, Harry was quite curious of where Faykan actually lived, since he had mentioned that he had stopped living with Arabella Figg two years ago. His best friend was both amazing and a puzzle for him at the same time. Sometimes he would behave just like a normal boy, just like Harry, Ron or Draco, their other friend from Hogwarts, but sometimes he would just change and act as if he was far older than any of them. Harry was also concerned about some stranger events that transpired during the last year.

During the Christmas holiday, they had used Polyjuice potion to sneak into the Slytherin common room and question Theodore Nott about the Chamber of Secrets, but they had gathered very little information regarding it from him. Instead, the arrogant boy had mentioned that he and several others had noticed how close Faykan was to Harry, and hinted that it might have been romantic in nature. Harry didn't know what to think of this, as he certainly didn't feel that way for his best friend, but he had noticed that Faykan never seemed to be out of his presence, even for the shortest amount of time. Faykan never tried to engage anything with him, but it was slightly odd to Harry for two people to be that close at almost all times. Harry had wanted to ask Faykan about this several times, but never had a good opportunity with the problems that had plagued the students of Hogwarts last year. 'Hopefully,' thought Harry as he lay down for the night, 'Faykan will come get me in about three weeks, and I can ask him then…'

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