~When the Heavens Unfold~

Chapter I: Silent Cries

Rating: T

Characters: Bumblebee/Barricade

Summary: "If... If anything were to happen to us, I want you to take care of our Logyn Rose," Sam finished. He felt a light touch on his arm as he noticed Carly's nod. He smiled and looked into his rear view mirror at the lovely sight of his first born sleeping the day away as if there wasn't a worry in the world...

Author's Note: After watching the third Transformers movie, I had so many new story ideas, but this one stuck out the most. Here's the first chapter! Please enjoy and tell me what you think of it! Thank you! Oh! And by the way... some people are saying that I spelled Logan wrong, however, you can spell it the way I have it written in the story. (Look it up lol) Enjoy!

"You did good, baby; you did good."

Sam reached over with his free hand, the other still gripping the steering wheel, and grazed his fingers across his wife's left cheek. Carly leaned her head towards him and smiled weakly. She rested her head against the seat while reaching her hand back to touch her newborn's soft, ruffled hair. It wasn't much of a head of hair, but the soft peach fuzz was enough to tickle her fingertips.

"You know, we were supposed to call your mother," Carly laughed. Sam moved his hand back on the steering wheel and laughed.

"Yeah right. I swear, the first thing we're going to when we get home is move... to a different state," Sam quickly added on.

"We don't live that close to them," Carly smirked. Sam jerked his head towards her in shere surprise.

"Seriously, what kind of drugs did they give you while you were in labor? We live two blocks away for crying out loud," he joked.

"Very funny, Sam," Carly scoffed. She flipped her phone out of her hand back and scanned through her seemingly abundant messages. "I have seventeen new voicemails from the gang back at the base. Check your phone."

"Babe, I'm driving. Here," Sam gave Carly his phone and she scanned through the messages like before. "You have a total of twelve. Mhm... guess they like me better."

Sam just shook his head. He couldn't helpt the smile that was so frequently growing on his face everyday. He flipped the switch for the windshield wipers to scrape across the glass just as a million drops of water began to splatter across the highway. Sam felt a perge of joy envelope in his chest when a soft trill of juggling cries filled the backseat of the car. He turned his rear view mirror to the right and saw the precious face of his first born, Logyn Rose.

"She's beautiful, just like her mother," Sam said. Carly let out a silent laugh when Sam's phone rang all of a sudden. Carly answered it while sticking a pacifire in the small child's mouth, silencing her immediately.

"Hello?" came Carly's voice. She smiled and turned towards her husband, "It's Optimus."

"Hey boss man!" Sam shouted happily, "Hey, put them on speaker."

"Sam, Carly, it is good to hear from you both," Optimus said. There was another small, sweet whimper from the back seat. "And it is certainly a blessing to add an additional lifeform to the family."

"Her name is Logyn Rose Witwicky," Carly chimed in. There were many comments of excitement and approval omitting from the other end of the line.

"What a fitting name!"

"Sounds as crazy as Witwicky..."

"Wait, is she a girl or not? Logyn? Oh wait..."

All of these things made Carly laugh with relief. Hearing the many voices of the Autbots on the other line made Logyn squeal with delight. Sam just shook his head when a staticy voice came online.

"Yes! I've got a real job now!" Bumblebee's static voice was projected almost perfectly.

Sam nodded. His best friend would always be his guardian. He would always be his first car. There was a sickening pang in his stomach; kind of like the butterfly feeling you get when you're nervous. A heart warming appeal clenched his heart as the memories of his best friend, as the memories of their adventures swarmed through his head. He gripped the steering wheel tighter as warm tears threatened to escape.

"Yeah, Bee. You've just been premoted," Sam laughed. He collected his composure and rubbed his hand firmly across the his mustached chin, "I want you to watch over her, Bee. Optimus, Ratchet, Sideswipe, I want you to keep an eye on her too." Sam cut a glance to Carly. She had her baby blue eyes planted firmly on him. Her soft gaze made his heart jump before he finished what he had started to say.

"If-If anything were to happen to us, I want you to take care of our Logyn Rose," Sam finished. He felt a light touch on his arm as he noticed Carly's nod. He smiled and looked into his rear view mirror at the lovely sight of his first born sleeping the day away as if there wasn't a worry in the world.

"You can be sure of it, Sam," Optimus' voice rumbled, "We await your arrival with great anticipation. Optimus out."

The rest of the trip home was silent. The constant rainfall pattered across the windows while the baby slept in the back. Carly had drifted off to sleep as well. Even Sam felt his eyes beginning to droop with sleepiness. The roads were slick with splotches of ice while traffic began to thicken. He would check on his baby girl every chance he got. Her chubby cheeks buldged out from the rest of her face and her long eye lashes laces perfectly around her walnut-shaped eyes.

He saw her face and quickly caught sight of his own reflection in the glass before him. His hair was ruffled and his mustache was unshaved and scraggly. He was a grown man now; a father; a provider for his wife and child. As he remembered all the adventures that he had with the Autobot's, he couldn't help but laugh. When he was kid, those had always been the good days, but now, they seemed unreal.

Everytime he saw the Autobot's, though, it all changed.

He was growing older, while everyone else seemed to freeze. Everything around him was moving at a much faster pace, while he was just trying to keep up. The Autobot's were more respected now than they had ever been before in their long years on Earth. Bumblebee was always gone though, training Special Forces souldiers. Optimus was advicing nation leaders as well as taking care of his own kind. The others, he rarely saw either.

Though they were apart, Sam could always feel the gap in his heart fill with the memories he had created with them. They were his family, but different somehow. His only wish now, was that they would somehow forget about him and protect his dream: his baby girl. Sam let out a low snicker. The best times of his life were always surrounded by the Autobots. He couldn't explain it, but they were something to him that he couldn't express in words.

"Oh s*it!" Sam slammed on breaks while red lights filled his vision. Some idiot had pulled out in front of him while it was pouring rain! He swurved to the right just in time so he wouldn't hit the car in front of him. He calmed down just as traffic began to move steadily again. He smirked when an arroused Carly glared at him.

"Sam, please, we have a new born," she warned. He shrugged his shoulders.

"Tell that to the idiot that just pulled out in front of me," Sam retorted. Carly rubbed her hands together as chill bumps swept across her skinny arms. Sam reached for the heating system controls, but she stopped him.

"No, it's alright, I'm fine. I know how you get cranky when you're hot," she said, shaking her head. Sam rolled his eyes and reached for the buttons again.

"Carly, you just had a baby. I want you to be comfortable. Why do you have to be so stubborn?" Sam asked. She crossed her arms and surrendered.

"Because, Sam, I just had a baby," she snapped.

"You're right, you're right, I'm sorry," Sam said after the car became silent again. Carly unbuckled her seatbelt and leaned across the dashboard to kiss her husband on the cheek, instantly forgiving him.

"Once we get home, I was thinking we should make Optimus the go- WATCH OUT!" screamed Carly as she pointed to her right.

Sam was too late. He pressed his foot against the break, but the vehicle had already rammed into the side of their car. Sam's seatbelt caught him, while the air bag hit him in the face, but just before his vision was completely impared, the last image of his wife filled his sight. She flew through the windshield and rolled across the hood of the car, sending shattered glass in all directions.

"Carly!" Sam shouted, his heart pounding inside his chest.

He fumbled to his side to yank his seatbelt out. He slapped the air bag away from his face when he suddenly reached up to his cheek. His nose was gushing blood. Rain hit the hood of the car, washing away the trails of blood, while bouncing up and hitting him in the face. He strained himself to look over to his wife, lying motionless on the ground.

"Carly!" Sam shouted again, but she still did not move.

Sam quickly looked behind him and placed his bloody and bruised hand on his daughter's cheek, "Everything is going to be alright, I promise. I'm going to get you out of here, alright baby?"

Sam reached for his jammed seatbelt again, yanking and pulling it with all his might. He eyed the pieces of glass shoved violently in his arm, but he gave no immediate response to them. He suddenly looked back at his baby again, but the glass never made it to the back seat. She had a few scratched from her own seatbelt, but nothing he was completely concerned with at the moment.

Sam continued to free himself, getting more frustrated. He reached for his cell phone, but it was in the floor board of the passenger's seat. Sam's eyes filled with burning tears when the swift sounds registered at the last moment. Screeching wheels against the slick, icey pavement, and blistering lights filled his surroundings. He was unable to make a second move just as another car smashed into his side, shattering the glass and crushed his door.

His body ached with horrifying pain when he felt a warm liquid oozing down his leg. One of his eyes were succomed by a red fog, while the other half of his body was completely numb. He choked on his own breath just as the air in his lungs vanished. Sam's lips were busted and as he opened his mouth to speak, nothing but blood poured out from his injured body.

A baby's muffled cry fulfilled his dying ears...