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Chapter 1: Mission?

"Starscream!" The massive robot roared angrily. He tapped an impatient finger on his throne, waiting for the servant to stumble in. The massive doors opened and in came his servant into his throne room. It was a massive space, darkly lit and several chords of cables hung from the ceiling towards the ground. Three massive cables ran the length of the room and plugged into the back of the throne, a recharge station of ultimate power. The servant clumsily made his way up to the throne with the angry bot.

"Y-you called, my Master?" The said robot kneeled before him. Getting up, the original robot circled around his servant who he called Starscream.

"You've failed me, yet again!" Starscream flinched from the pitch of his Master's voice. His Master reached down and pulled his helm up, resulting a cry from emitting his vocal processers.

"Y-yes, Master, b-but I did retrieve the girl!" He tried to think of an excuse to get himself out of this situation. His Master snarled and released his helm, throwing it down towards the ground forcefully.

"The girl doesn't concern me! She is loyal and completes her missions, unlike you!" His Master walked back up towards his throne and sat down, pressing a button on the side, "Harley!"

Starscream still knelt before his master, waiting for the girl to enter. The large doors opened once more and in walked a small fleshling. She was about 5 foot, 7 and tan. Her hair was black and choppy, it was cut assymetrically with chunks of red, blue, and green in it. Today she wore a black tank top and cargo pants with boots on towards the bottom. She walked with a fast pace up to the large bots. Stopping next to Starscream, she bowed once to the bot on the throne and then crossed her arms.

"You called?" Her voice was sharp and she displayed annoyance. The bot on the throne chuckled darkly and let down a hand. Climbing onto it, she waited until he lifted her to his face, "Can I help you, Lord Megatron?"

"I need you to go on another mission," He watched amusedly at the fleshlings reaction. Her arms dropped to her sides and she slumped, groaning and throwing her head back.

"Do I have to? Can't you get Starscrap to do it?" She crossed her arms again, glaring angrily at the bot who was holding her.

"Hey!" Starscream angrily snapped, "My name is Starscream, not Starscrap!"

"Quiet, both of you!" Megatron boomed, both the fleshling and Starscream flinching, "Harley, this is a special mission for you and only you."

The fleshling smirked, liking where this was going, "Who do I get to destroy now?"

The bot chuckled, amused by her eagerness, "In time, my pet, in time."

He eased her down. He may not like fleshlings, but this one was special. He had picked her up nearly four years ago, just before he got destroyed by that wretched boy. Telling Starscream to get her someplace safe, he waited patiently in super-stasis until his recruits brought him back to life. Once he returned, he was happy to see everything went according to plan. Harley was related to someone who now worked for NEST, the same place his wretched brother and the Autobots were placed at, and he figured that he could use her to his advantage. At first, she was just a toy, but she proved useful. She was quick in hand-to-hand combat for humans and learned their language faster than anyone he had met, so she had a strong mental capacity. Her use for weapons was impeccable, able to fire off some of the more powerful weapons only Cybertronians could fire. She had definitely impressed him.

Hopping from his hand, she walked back towards Starscream's side and bowed once more. Then turning on her heel, she left. Starscream lifted his head, "Sire, if it's not to much to ask, what mission do you have in store for her?"

"Oh, Starscream," Megatron chuckled darkly, "Just the falling of my brother and the wretched Autobots of his."

Harley walked down the hallways quickly, sidestepping a few of the Decepticons and narrowly missed Sideways' foot.'

"Hey, watch it, Harley!"

"You watch it, Sideways!"

We both glared at each other for a second before she made her way back down the hallway. Finally coming up on her bedroom door, Harley punched in the key to open it and walked in. The room was large (it was small for a Decepticon but worked for her) and dark. The cables had been removed upon her request and it made the room look even more decrepit (since they didn't even bother to cover up the holes in the wall). Walking up to her bed at the far coner of the room, she sighed and flopped down on it. Staring up at the ceiling, she thought about the Megatron had mentioned. What would he have her do? Assassinate someone? No, she just returned from one of those missions. If there was something Megatron hated, it was repitition. Maybe she had to steal something and she was just small enough to pass under the radar. No, Alice could do just as well as she. Harley was still debating about it when she heard a knock on her door.

"It's open," Sitting up, she was surprised to see Megatron enter. Getting up from her bed, she bowed, "My Lord. You are aware you don't need to knock, right?"

He held up a hand, "Don't even start, my pet."

It didn't even bother her anymore that he called her 'his pet'. He had started that at the beginning and she figured it was something he called her all her life. You see, she couldn't really remember anything up until a few years ago. Megatron had told her that she lived with them all her life but those nasty Autobots had captured her and tortured her, effectively erasing all of her memory. Shivering, she hated the word. Autobot. Megatron walked over to her bed and sat down next to it, seeing as he was almost to tall to fit in the room. Harley got back on her bed and sat cross-legged on it, looking up at her Lord.

"Is there anything you need, Lord Megatron?"

"Yes, there is my pet," He reached out with a finger and took a few strands of her hair between them, gently playing with her hair. Megatron never showed his soft side to anyone but her. Harley had somehow got under his hard exterior and to his Spark. He figured it was because he never had the chance to have a Sparkling of his own, Harley was probably as close as he was ever going to get. His Spark Mate was killed long ago on Cybertron and his Spark hadn't completely healed, "I'm going to send you on a special mission."

"What is it, my Lord?" She looked up into his optics almost innocently.

"As you can tell, you aren't like the rest of us," She nodded slowly, remaining quiet, "You have human relatives here on Earth."

"I don't mean to interrupt, Lord Megatron, but you said any relative of mine was dead."

"I thought so, but we've found one. He works in a place called NEST."

"If I may interrupt again, my Lord," He remained quiet, "What does this have to do with my mission?"

"Patience, my pet. His name is Gregory Pewitt. This place, NEST, is a secret military facility where special humans work with the Autobots."

A gnarly grin spread across his face when he heard the low growl emit from Harley. Drawing back his fingers, he could see the anger bubbling up in her.

"So, are they torturing him like they did me?" Watching in slight amusement, he watched her fists clench and her breathing get a slight bit heavier.

"I do not think so, my pet. I believe he's helping them."

She looked up in horror at him, "He's what?"

"Disgusting, I know. People think that we're the bad guys."

"Those people are idiots. It's the Autobots," She scoffed and crossed her arms, "If they had listened to you in the first place, your race would be thriving."

Megatron nodded thoughtfully, "True, but you wouldn't have met us."

Uncrossing her arms, Harley's forehead creased slightly, "Yeah, but..."


"I don't know," She sighed, defeated. If anyone of the Decepticons were watching the two, they'd be amazed. They have never seen their Lord so quiet and thoughtful nor their strongest fleshling so calm and understanding. They knew the connection they had, knowing Megatron would've treated her as if she were his Sparkling, but the behavior was just unnatural for the two of them! Megatron chuckled and mussed up her hair with a finger.

"Get your things packed, you'll leave within the hour. You will wander around town, purposely running into your uncle. He'll recognize you and want to take you in. You'll tell him a horrible story about how you came to be there and he'll want you to stay with him. You'll be our direct link to NEST, and our direct link to the Autobot's downfall."

Both he and he pet grinned devishly at the plot. Harley began to rub her hands together.

"Do I get to blow anything up?" This made Megatron laugh heartily.

"No, my pet, not yet," Her bottom lip tugged into a pout. He chuckled and stood up (well, half stood, half hunched), walking towards the giant door, "Pack quickly. Starscream will drop you off."

She nodded and hopped to her feet, scuttling to the small dresser she made Starscream retrieve. It was darkwood cherry and had a mirror on top. Grabbing every article of clothing she had (which really wasn't much), she packed it all into her backpack. Running a brush through her hair, she stuffed it into her bag as well. Looking through any compartments, Harley noticed the picture at the bottom of her drawer. It was of her and her parents when she was little. She couldn't remember the people in the picture at all but her Lord told her it was her parents. He told her that they were killed in the midst of battle (he told her that the battle was over her since the Autobots had kidnapped her) and had asked him to take her into their care. Her Lord graciously accepted their dying wish like the good Lord he was. A small smile graced her lips and she carefully packed the picture away. The man in the picture was tall and looked middle aged, his black hair showing signs of gray and the wrinkles on his face showed many years of smiling. His eyes were slightly sharpened at the tips, almond-shaped almost, and she figured that's where her slanted eyes came from. Her mom was pretty, her long blonde hair falling to her shoulders and her pretty blue eyes popping. Harley knew the black-haired baby in the picture was her. Her violet eyes were hard to miss. Megatron said it was an odd genetic thing, but she didn't know. Neither mom or dad had anything remotely close to violet. Shaking her head, Harley looked at her digital watch.

'15 more minutes. Who can I torture?' She thought to herself as she walked out of the room with her backpack on one shoulder. Walking towards the living quarters, she noticed a familiar figure, about her own height.

"Hey Alice," She gave her a nod which Alice returned. Alice was a Decepticon but had the ability to have a human appearance. Since she was going on a mission in a few weeks with her human skin, she decided to use it a lot around base.

"What's up, Harley? What's with the bag?" She tilted her head to the side, her blonde hair falling to the side.

"Lord Megatron is sending me on a mission and I need to kill 1o minutes," Harley shrugged, tossing her bag onto one of the ratty couches.

"I guess we could hang out for 1o minutes," A ghost of a smile played across Alice's features as did Harleys.

"I guess," She shrugged and sat on the couch. Alice walked up and sat down next to her. They talked for the next 1o minutes, not even bothering to notice the time until Starscream came in, obviously annoyed.

"If you two are done talking, I gotta get Harley to her destination before Megatron has my aft on a stick!" Harley snorted. She'd loved to see that. Getting up, she waved to Alice and grabbed her pack. Starscream left the room without another word and Harley silently followed. When they got to the runway, Starscream transformed into an F-22 Raptor and Harley climbed in. He took off and Harley began to chew on her bottom lip. What if the plan didn't work? What if they found her out?

It felt like forever until Starscream began to slow and landed in a forest. Harley hopped out with her pack and looked around.

"You've got to be kidding me!" Harley looked up at the bot angrily, "We're in the middle of nowhere!"

Starscream shook his head and pointed his finger due northwest. She followed the direction his finger pointed in, "If you walk through that patch of trees, you'll come across a street. Then you'll make a left, due west, you'll hit another street. I believe it's called Cherry Tree. Turn right and follow it for a mile. It will take you to the city."

Harley nodded and recorded the information mentally. Starscream began to transform and she stepped back to avoid getting blasted by his turbines. He took off and she sighed, turning to the patch of trees he pointed at just a moment ago, hiking up her pack a little further, and walked towards them.

She had to fight tumbling over her own two feet and the thick underbrush, but she managed to get through the patch. There was a street there, like Starscream said, and she turned left onto it. Walking about half a mile up, Harley found the cross-street 'Cherry Tree' and turned onto it. Her feet began to hurt but she kept trudging until she saw the city limits sign. A relieved smile over came her and she kept hiking. The street had turned into a steep incline and she immediately regretted not asking her Lord if she could get new shoes. These ones were old and ragged, the soles worn and didn't give much to support her feet. Hissing every now and again whenever she stepped on a sharp rock, Harley finally made it to the top of the hill and was looking down at a city.

It was medium sized and looked like it had a few commercial buildings. She could make out a large high school on the far north end and a City Hall towards the center of the city. It looked mainly like a small business kind of city with a lot of residential area. Resetting her bag on her shoulder, Harley carefully picked her way down the road, which not only had a steep incline, it had a steep decline! At the base of the hill there was a kiosk there with a small parking lot next to it. Walking in, Harley heard a bell and walked to the front desk. An elderly woman sat there, with fine graying blonde hair and a plump face.

"Why, hello sweetie, how can I help you?" She had a sweet voice too!

"Uhm..." Harley hadn't anticipated talking to anyone before her uncle. Biting her lip a little, the woman sat there patiently, "C-could I get a map of the city?"

"A map? Certainly, honey!" The woman smiled and reached under her desk to retrieve a rectangular piece of paper that looked like it was folded repeatedly (which it probably was), "You new here?"

All Harley could do was nod and began to unfold the paper. The woman helped her and spent the next 3o minutes circling where everything important was with a red marker. The big supermarkets where in the Downtown district and there were four of them. There were several smaller farmer markets scattered around the city and she seemed to enjoy talking about those. The only major restaurant here was a Denny's and that was also in the Downtown district, but there were a lot of diners around the area. Thinking of food, Harley's stomach growled loudly.

"I'm almost done, Sweetie," The old woman laughed. She hurried along and circled the general large areas: City Hall, the Fire Department, the Police Department, the elementary and high schools, library and the military base. That had caught Harley's attention the most. Quickly folding the map, she gave the woman her thanks and made her way towards the door. When it was half-way open, the old woman called out, "Good luck, honey! Do you have enough money?"

Harley turned to the woman. Megatron had failed to mention the need for money. The old woman saw the distressed look on her face and ran to her office. Closing the door and returning to the desk, Harley wondered where the lady had gone. Returning with a wad of something in her hand, the old woman clasped one of Harley's hands in both of her small ones.

"Please, take this honey. I was in your position once and I wanted to keep the kindness I recieved going," Harley nodded but doubted the nice old lady was ever in her position. The woman removed her hands and Harley looked at the wad, gasping. There was close to $5oo in 2o's in her hand!

"I can't accept this, ma'am!" Harley looked disbelievingly at the old lady, who had reclaimed her spot behind her desk.

"I will not accept it, young lady. No go along, I have work to do," She winked. Harley stood there for a moment before turning slowly and opening the door again.

"Thank you!" She had never thanked anyone in her life, or ever since she had been with the Decepticons. They never said 'please' or 'thank you' so she didn't know where it came from. The old lady smile from behind the desk and Harley nodded. Walking back onto the road, she pulled out the map and looked at it. She thought the only way to start searching for her Uncle was to go for the obvious.

"Denny's, here I come," Her stomach growled loudly as she talked to herself.

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