Hey hey hey! Long time no see, eh? Sorry 'bout that, guys. Every time I say I'm gonna come back, shit goes down and I'm unable to write, let alone upload.

Anywho, I do intend on finishing this story. I just saw Transformers 4 (holy fuck was it awesome I really do recommend everyone to go see it) and I have big plans for this story.

So on top of planning to write when I can, I'm actually planning on moving! It seems like not a lot of people come onto anymore. So I'm gonna set up an AO3 within the next few days. Not to say that I won't be uploading on here. I'll just be on that site a lot more!

I will post another "chapter" to alert you guys when the big move is happening. Till then, arrivederci and I miss you all! I really am so sorry for the big leave but hey, better late than never, huh? ;b

Much love,