A/N: Hi this is my first fanfiction and I have rough outline for this story already so if you like it please review! Set during NM only a few changes: 1)Laurant hasn't been killed by the wovles 2)Is set before Bella jumps of the cliff and I think thats all for now. Enjoy.

Bella POV

He left me to protect me and yet only months after he left, I was murderd. It wasn't planned it was a fit of rage that drove her decision. She blamed me; with good reason.

I had been walking in the woods around La Push waiting for Jake to finish his shift, thinking about what I was going to cook Charlie for his dinner when she came out no where; Leah Clearwater. Jake had told me only days earlier that she had phased, she wasn't taking it very well.
When she confronted me she hadn't seemed angry. Infact she had this calm about her, but in reality she'd been the exact oppisite, she certainly hid it well. It had seemed like an endless stairng contest. I was only just starting to get wary, when all of a sudden she spoke: "this is all your fault" it was in that moment that I understood. She was holding me responsible for what had happend to her, when in reality it had nothing to do with me and then she pushed me.

I rememberd rolling off the edge of the cliff and hitting my head on the rocks on my way towards the water, the rest is kind of blury. I know I hit the water and I remember the sea water burning in my lungs as I tried to breath but most of all; I remember the heartache I felt knowing that he... knowing that Edward wasn't coming. The prince was never returning to awaken his love. Anything past that, is just darkness the calm before the storm as they say.
Cause after the darkness came the searing burn and then I was lost forever.

Mmmh I wonder who it was that finally did the deed?