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Jasper POV

I was almost finished draining my fourth mountain lion when thoughts of my dear Alice filled my head again, he sighed and pushed himself off the dead animal. He brushed himself off and concentrated his hearing to see where the others were, he couldn't let on that Alice was up to something which he knew she was, he'd known her for to long not too. She'd been more animated when they were saying goodbye then she had been since we left Forks, since we left Bella. He had a pretty good idea what it was too, it was either about Edward or Bella but given that Alice had been even refusing to talk to Edward on the phone and any time his name came up in conversation she would feel nothing but resentment and a little bit of hatred towards him, he was guessing it was the latter, which ment he definitly had to keep this from the others. She'd promised Edward three things before we left, after a lot of heated arguments that: )she would't say goodbye, ) she wouldn't look into Bella's future, ) and she wouldn't contact Bella in any way but he knew it was a promise she wouldn't be able keep, not because she didn't want Bella to have this normal life that didn't involve monsters and damning herself to a life in the shadows of the sun but simply because she loved her too much.

He felt it from the first time Bella had come to the house and Alice had hugged her for the first time, he had thought at the time that she was getting ahead of herself but it hadn't changed it had only gotten more intense as time went on, it was the main reason he'd been able stay in such close proxsimity in the Hotel room in Phoenix with her for so long, because he knew that if anything had happened it would of devastated Alice, the other reason was that he sorta liked the idea of having a little sister never having had one before. He was probably the only one apart from Edward that realisedjust how close they were, it was different than Alice's relasionship with Rose. Yes Alice loved her and thought of her as a sister but when you look at they really dont have the closness that Alice and Bella share their relasionship seemed to be on a comletely different level, than the one that Alice had shared with Rose for almost fifty years, infact maybe Rose realised that and that was why she had resented Bella so much, lets face it Bella had given her no reason too resent her as much as she did apart from the fact she was human and the poor girl couldn't exactly help that, as a matter a fact Bella had tried to change that numerous times, Edward just wouldn't allow it.
He looked over to edge of the clearing he was in and saw Carlisle watching him he'd been so preocupied that he hadn't realised how much time had past, the others would be finished now and heading back to the house to clean up. Jasper wasn't looking forward to this, after we'd returned they'ed eventually realise Alice wasn't their, he doubted very much she had left a detailed note explaining her abrute departure and then they'ed all look to him to tell them, not that he would even if he knew for sure what she was doing, which he didn't! Carlisle was still watching him and Jasper knew that he had already realised something was going on with Alice as she hadn't come hunting with us when she needed to but he also knew Carlisle wouldn't ask until it became necessery. Jasper nodded his head at Carlisle to indicate he was ready to leave and they set off towards the jeep were the others eould be waiting for them. As he was running he couldn't help but wonder what exactly was going on in Forks right now, he was hoping the girls had had a happy reunion and were catching up on what had been going on the last few months with Alice apolagizing profuesly and wanting to give Bella a makeover or having a 'sleep over' were Alice woudn't actually sleep or what Alice's excuse for Charlie would be as to why she was in town unaccopinied by an adult. But then there was also part him that wondered if their had been another reason Alice had returned to Forks, if perhaps Bella was in danger or was going to have an accident or something else, he hoped if that was reason she would of told him and he would've gone with her to protect her and Bella or support her but she hadn't. Jasper climbed into the jeep and settled in for the car ride.

It had been exactly forty-nine hours and twenty-seven minutes since Alice had left, twenty-eight hours since the others had realised she had gone and he was starting to worry. She hadn't been in contact with him at all, not even a text saying she was alright, that was unlike her to go so long without contact, infact since they've been together they've never been apart this long. He tried her cell for the hundred and fourtenth time and just as he was about to hang up she answered.

"Alice where the hell have you been, why havent you been answering your phone?"



Jasper? He could here her voice brake when she said his name.

"Alice sweetheart whats wrong ?"


"For gods sake Alice just tell me whats happend? Are you hurt?"

Silence. He sighed he really didn't want to ask this next question.

"Something happened to Bella didn't it, thats why you left? Alice?"

I... she took a breath it wasn't supposed to be... this way...she was full on crying into the phone now and he could tell she was having a difficult time talking.

He never should've left... should've..,come back... sooooner... cant let go... wolves... have to... hel Charlie...

"Alice you need to calm down, your not making sense." Damn right she wasn't making sense, he didn't understand what could've happened, she had been so happy when she left, something must gone wrong he sighed again and started packind a small backpack with the necessities, money, passport, car keys (he would borrow Emmets jeep as he didn't currently have a car of his own, change of clothes all set. No matter how this call ended, whether she would be able to put together sentences that would explain what had happned or not in eight hours he would be in forks.

"Alice are you still there? Listen I'm on my way to Forks right now!"

He looked up and saw that the family had gathered in the doorway to his and Alice's bedroom after having heard his panicked side of the conversation. Rose looked rather livid after realising what Alice had done and she felt nothing but fury, Emmet looked unsure and felt much the same, Esme radiating hope and a smile graced her lips for the first ime in months. Carlisle was the only one who seemed to realise that yes Alice was in Forks with Bella but something was wrong, something had happened and from the sound of Alice's crying on the other end it wasn't good. He watched as Carlisle looked down at his wife who had a beautiful on her face obvisely at the thought of being reunited with her youngest daughter and a look horror crossed his face as the full realisation hit him, he looked up at him and nodded his head and left the room to go pack a bag. He was making his way down to the garage to Carlisle merceades when he realised Alice hadn't answered him.


Jasper... I failed her...more crying.

"listen to me Alice, are you listening?"


"Are you at the house?"


"good stay their Carlisle and I are on our way now. Will sort everything out when we get there okay?"


"good I love you and I'll be their as soon as I can."

Love you too. Bye...

Jasper disconected the call and looked up to see Carlisle enter the garage and hold his hand out for car keys, Jasper threw them to him and got into the passenger seat. He heard Esme tell Carlisle that she was coming but Carlisle shook his head no and told her to stay here incase Edward called, it was a lie Carlisle just didn't want her to come until we had sorted this out. He watched as Esme cocked her head to the side and realisation dawned on her face Carlisle she asked the question catching in her mouth, Carlisle just she shook his head at her kissed on the forehead and told her he'd call her as soon as he spock to Alice. She went to protest but he stopped her by telling her that if their was anything to be done he would. We all knew what he meant, if Bella was still alive he would turn her, Edwards wishes be damned. She nodded her head and told him hurry and call when he could but either way she wanted to know immediatly the fate of her daughter, he nodded got in the drivers seat and off we speed into the night driving faster than ever before, waiting.

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