My Most Precious Alice

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Act 2: Pieces of Memories

Tsuna was frozen, he couldn't move a single muscle, his eyes wide open as he saw Cheshire's claw few inches away from his neck. He breathed heavily, don't know what to act as he feel a single hand wrapping against his neck. "No Cheshire, you can't kill this child" it spoke as Tsuna felt he was dragged into the mirror. 'what in the world is happening?' Tsuna thought as Cheshire's existence was far away from him. Then he looked behind him, he's Hyper Intuition was right, the one who dragged him was Vongola Primo itself. "Von-Vongola Primo?" Tsuna asked. The men look at him and said "I need your help, Sawada Tsunayoshi" he said before Tsuna's world went black


Vongola Mansion Garden, Italy

"So what are you going to tell us until you ask us to go to the Vongola garden, Reborn san?" Gokudera asked. It's been 2 hours since they had arrived in Vongola Mansion. After they had unpacked their things and put it on a room, Reborn asked them to follow him into the deepest of the Vongola garden. "It's about your boss Gokudera" Reborn simply answered. "Tenth? What about him?" Gokudera asked. "Now now Gokudera kun be patient now, he'll tell us soon right baby?" Yamamoto said as he looked at the Sun Arcobaleno. "Tsuna was kidnapped by a girl name Alice." Reborn said "Alice?" the guardian asked. "hm, if I was not mistaken, Alice suppose to be dead 400 years ago when Vongola Primo was found dead a castle deep in the forest." Reborn explained. "How does that related to boss?" Chrome asked. "I don't know, I've called the other arcobaleno to meet us here but it seems they're late." Reborn said. "who are you calling late hey!" a voice was heard as the rain arcobaleno landed on a tree branch. Following with the other arcobalenos. "What took you so long?" Reborn asked "Skull was delaying us" Mammon simply answered "What? Me? Damn you Mammon!" Skull protested.

"So why would a dead girl would kidnapped Tenth?" Gokudera shouted "I don't know that's why I need your help Gokudera" Reborn said "I'll do anything as long it help to get Tenth back!" Gokudera reassured. Then stretch your arm to that empty spot" Reborn pointed as he jumped into Yamamoto's head. "like this?" Gokudera said. "Good" Reborn smirked and the arcobaleno pacifiers began to glow.

Red flames began to appear and forming a shape of a person. "Do you call me here?" the voice asked. "no way" Gokudera said in disbelieve. "Sorry for calling you Vongola 1st Storm Guardian, G. We need some information from you" Reborn said firmly.


"ne ne Giotto why are you often visit me? I'm kinda lonely without you…" Alice said as she tugged herself into Giotto's vest. "Sorry Alice, I have been busy for a while" He said while placing his hand on the girl shoulder. "but I'm glad, that you come to visit me today." Alice said. Giotto looked at the girl then stood up. "Well then, what should we play today? How about riding a boat at the river?" Giotto said as he pointed at a lake with a small boat at the shore. "okay!" Alice said and walked together with Giotto.

Tsuna blinked. As he tried to get up and he hold his head. 'What was that just now?' he said. "So you're awake?" the voice startled him he look into his right and saw a blonde man sitting on a chair with a table and two cups of glass in the side. "sit there." He said. Tsuna stood up and dragged the chair out of the table and sit. "Have some tea." He said, Tsuna took a sip of the tea, before he could asked the man spoke "I know you would have a lot of question to ask right?" The man said. "Umm… are you really Vongola Primo?" Tsuna asked. " yes, indeed I'm Vongola Primo." Primo answered. "Why am I here?" Tsuna asked. "because I need your help." Primo simply said. "my help?" Tsuna repeated. "yes, I want you to snap Alice out from her dreams." Primo said. 'snap Alice out from her dreams? Wait, Alice in the girl who I saw in some of the flashbacks earlier.' Tsuna thought. "But how?" Tsuna asked. "Easy," Primo trailed off and he continued. "tell her that I was killed while protecting her from Glen" Primo said. 'tell her that Primo was killed by a guy named Glen? How the heck I'm gonna tell her that?' Tsuna sweat dropped. "Can you tell me the whole story? How does it happen, I don't understand a thing, why am I here?" Tsuna asked "Probably she was mistaken you with me, since you resembles a lot like me" Primo smiled. "as you can see, I'm not the real Primo, I'm only a piece of Alice living memory" Primo said. "Living memory?" Tsuna muttered. "yes, I'm gonna explain from the start…" Primo trailed


"tch. What do you need? Hm? Where's Decimo?" G asked. "He was taken by a girl named Alice" Gokudera said "Alice? That Stupid Rabbit who hangs a lot with Primo? "G asked. " you can say that, Vongola 1st Storm Guardian, could you give us information about this girl?" Reborn asked. "tch, fine. Alice is a girl who was imprisoned in a tower in the country side by the Baskerville Family. Baskerville Family is a dark mafia family who was rumored to have a supernatural power." G explained "Super natural power? That's so EXTREME!" Ryohei asked "shut up lawn head!" Gokudera spatted " The Baskerville Family was rumored that they were the cause of the Tragedy of Sablier." G explained "Tragedy of Sablier?" Yamamoto asked. " from what I've heard in some history book, Tragedy of Sablier was caused by a woman who wanted to save her brother from the Abyss, she asked a mafia family to help her. Then this family killed everyone in the whole city and dragged every single person including herself to the Abyss" Gokudera explained. " actually it was no rumor, This woman was Miranda Barma, she wanted to bring his brother ,Glen out of the Abyss so she asked Vincent for help, but Vincent killed every single people in the city and open the gate straight to Abyss." G explained. "How does Vongola Primo met this girl?" Fon asked

"Well, it happen before we formed the Vongola, Primo and I was visiting the country side until we saw a tower located in the middle of a forest. In there, there is a girl trapped inside the castle by the Baskerville family." G trailed off, " Somehow, Primo secretly released her from that tower and play with her. Until we formed the Vongola, Primo become close friends with the leader of the Baskerville family, who is no other than Glen Baskerville." G's voice was suddenly serious. "Glen? The guy who was in the Abyss? But how? Hey!" Colonello asked. "We don't know either. But after we make an ally from the Simon Family, Primo went to visit Alice…." G's face turned into a face full of guilty. "Then?" Gokudera trailed.

"we decided to follow him with the Simon family, when we got there…" G trailed off. All Decimo's guardians and the arcobaleno were curious what would happen next.

"Primo was killed by Glen Baskerville…." G said. Reborn and the others was shocked. How was Vongola Primo was killed? And others. They were speechless. "H-how?" Colonello trailed off as he couldn't swallowed what the first storm guardian was saying. "we don't know either, but from that day, Alice ran away and nobody knows where she could have gone. But 5 years later, the news told us that all of the Baskerville family was killed by someone in one night. And I believe it was Alice who killed them for killing Primo" G said. "Nee first storm guardian, do you know a family besides the Baskerville family that was connected to this?" Mammon asked. "I only know one family who was involved in the Tragedy of Sablier, they are the Pandora family, why don't you try to visit them and ask for help" G said as red flames engulfing him and turned into a small red flame and returned to Gokudera's ring.

"Okay then, we'll asked the Pandora family for help. I'm gonna call the Simon family too." Reborn said. "Let's go back to the mansion." Reborn said and everyone obeyed. The walk was silent as nobody was still shock as Vongola Primo was easily killed by a guy named Glen…


"Sorry Alice, I couldn't catch the boy." A voice said

"It's alright, besides, he'll sure come here…" another voice trailed off

"he'll gonna play with me like he used too." The voice was recognized as Alice said happily as she raised her two arms in the air with dancing around the room, in the corner of the room, there is a boy around the age of 8-10, blood covering the small boy, his eyes was covered by his bangs only the mouth was visible, and a evil smirk was visible in the small boy face….

To Be Continued…

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'Alalala~ if it was the Vongola Family, what brings you here?'

'Don't you remember? How Vongola Primo was killed in front of your eyes?'

'Why are you always so mean to me Vincent?'

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